JCPenney / jewelry armoire

I ordered the Katy Ireland San Mateo Mirrored Standing Jewellery Cabinet online in plenty of time to come in for a gift that I needed by 3/11. When it passed the date of arrival (3/7) I contacted the online customer service department. I was told I should be at the stored, when I contacted the store (Willowbrook Mall) I was informed it had not arrived and I should check back the next day. I called the store the next and after being on an extended hold was told to check back the following day. When I called the third day I was placed on hold approximately 10 minutes and then transferred to the online department without any warning. The online department told me it should be at the store. I decided to patient so I gave it to Saturday 3/11. When I called the store I was placed on hold approximated 15 minutes and then transfer to the online department. I was then told by a representative that the item was shipped to the store and I needed to contact them. At that point I became furious of being transferred back and forth and no one knew where the item was. I requested to speak with a supervisor. I explained what was going on to the supervisor, she contacted the store; we were on the phone approximately 45 minutes with no resolution and no one knowing where the item was. The supervisor then requested to speak with a supervisor at the store location. She did not know where the item was either and told us the item should have been delivered by 3/7 but it wasn't at the store. I become so irate at that point I just ask for a refund. They were really good and quick to offer a refund and get me off the phone.
At the end of it all I had to rearrange my whole day in order to go out and find another gift, not what I wanted but it had to do.

order number: [protected]
order date: 02/24/2017

Mar 13, 2017

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