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I recently ordered two pairs of glasses from JC Penney Optical, my sunglasses and reading glasses. When I was selecting my frames, I even got the opinion of another customer in the store, as well as my hairdresser and a client she was working on at the time. The sales person, who was a very nice woman, also agreed that they were the ones that looked the best on me. I really like them also, so I was greatly anticipating picking them up. When I went to do so, however, and the employee handed them to me, I immediately told her, "These are not the frames I ordered." These frames are way too large to be attractive and enhance my face and my eyes; they look like men's frames, honestly. She assured me they were the right ones. I got them home, none of my family thought they looked good on me, and when I went out that night, not a single friend of mine did either. I know for a fact that these are not the frames I purchased; I am an artist, so the attention I pay to detail is not of small proportion. I paid three hundred dollars for glasses that were lovely, and wound up with these huge, ugly frames that I am literally ashamed to even be seen wearing. I don't know how to get this issue resolved, and would appreciate any help or advice that anyone could give me. Thank you sincerely, A. Sikorski

May 31, 2015

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