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JC Penney / sales man caught in lie

1 FL, United States Review updated:

My Partner and I have been searching high and low for that special diamond engagement ring..a friend of ours received a flyer in the mail from JC Penney in it was a advert for a huge jewelry of the rings offered in the sale was gorgeous..she called me and we rushed over to look at the was perfect..we had decided not to go with a traditional engagement ring..the prices are sky high on them $3000 and $4000..yet a diamond fashion ring can be bought for as little as $1500..this ring was originally $1500 on sale for $549.. a 1 carat ring (a one carat diamond engagement ring would sell for about $2000 depending on where you shop) with a unique shape to it. 21 round diamonds and a bunch of small banguettes..we fell in on May 26th of this year we stopped by JC Penney armed with a never used Penneys charge card..and asked about the ring..and that's where the dance began..

I told the Sales guy we wanted that ring sized down to a 5 and a 2 year warranty..he told us he could size it down for a extra fee (bs the first ring sizing also the 1st cleaning are free)but for him to do that we would have to be charged an additional $25 fee which would be a seperate sale from the ring sale..and we would have to buy the lifetime warranty for $75 for us to get that offer, the $75 would also be a seperate charge (it wasn't a seperate charge when the Manager took over the sale)...when I began to argue he said the sizing would be free, but we would have to pay $100 for the warranty..I began poking holes in his statements then said "you mean to tell me you can't sell me this ring unless I pay $25 for the sizing and $75 for the warranty, even if I don't want the warranty", he outright refused to do the sale without the warranty he acted as if it was his choice not mine, when he saw I was getting angry he got flustered and got the Manager..she immediately told us the 1st sizing and cleaning was free which we knew, I had planned on getting the warranty, but not for $100 they usually charge $45 for a two year waranty, but he made me so mad I was about to walk out without the ring and the warranty..after talking with the Manager I agreed to buy the ring with free sizing she offered me the warranty for $30 it was suppose to be $45..then she said she would give me another 40% discount.. we had caught that Guy in a lie and they both knew it.. so I ended up paying $478.61 for a $549 which had been originally $1500..also she told us it would take 3 weeks to get the ring back since it wouldn't go out until Wed. the 28th..exactly one week later my Partner now wears that ring on her finger..The funny thing is once I started talking to the manager the sales Man disappeared.. he tried to scam us out of another $100 and he got caught, we know it, he knows it and so did his Manager! The sad thing is the Manager gave that thief the commission!

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  • La
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    I've never had those kinds of problems from my JC Penney Jeweler. Sounds like a disgruntled employee. But I love their discounts. I bought a 1 carat diamond wedding ring, 14K gold for $400. It was originally $3, 000. My mother in law got an extra discount though because she works there and it was associate shopping day. But still a great deal!

    First sizing and cleaning are supposed to be free, so right on for getting the manager!

  • Re
      9th of Jan, 2010
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    I worked at a JCPenney until yesterday 01-08-2010 and what the customers do not know is the pressure the company puts on its commission employees. If an employee misses their prodocutivity they will and can be fired. The productivity scale the company goes by is set to high in some cases and these poor fools that work there are
    in fear of lossing their jobs every day..all managment upper and lower hasthe additude that we and employees are a disposiable resource. We are not allowed to transfere out of the commission area. If we can notmake productivity you have no value in any other part of the store...this I learned after working at the JCP in Conroe Texas I was one of the people hauling boxes and freight to get the store open, I sold over $128000.00 of commission merchandise in one year and I was told I have no value. This comes strightfrom the top all the down to the lowest manager...and their company creed is

  • Sa
      7th of Apr, 2010
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    first of all, i do and have worked at JCPenney for a number of years. I do not think that being flustered is the same as scamming you. I understand that he may have been confused and dealing with something of this value to you probably made you a bit resistant to his ignorance. There is no blame there. My blame is in saying that he was trying to scam you and that everyone, even the manager knew it. Ok, if he was trying to scam you, I guarantee his manager would NOT have given him ANY commission - but rather got into contact with Loss Preventions and had another associate handle you IMMEDIATELY rather than herself. Generally, we only get managers to do transactions for those hassling customers. That way, if anything else is said, it's directly to a manager and other associates can get to selling. Now, the goals for commissioned sales associates (they're not all commissioned, by the way) are pretty intense and I'm sure that the pressure alongside knowing that his job makes a big difference to customers doesn't help. I do think it was his fault for not knowing exactly how much he's supposed to charge or if you get a free this or that, but before you put down an entire company based on one experience (which they seemed to have made up for by your bragging about the price -which, by the way, just about everything is always on sale anyway), you said it yourself that he was "flustered". I think it is definitely an unfortunate situation, but it was handled and quite frankly it sounds like you're one of those customers who just likes to nag and complain. Congrats?

  • As
      12th of May, 2010
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    I read the first line of your statement and had to stop. You wanted a ring and a 2 year warranty. The 2 year DOES NOT cover the first ring sizing. It covers the second, yes it is a way to get you to buy the lifetime. The sales associate was more than likely newer to the department and it can be stressful. Calling him a scammer and saying he was trying to cheat you out of money is ignorant. You're lucky the manager took such good care of you and didn't tell you to leave. I've been around jewelry when people come in and complain and push until the employee is too flustered to do their job. Be thankful you got such a good deal.

  • Li
      25th of Nov, 2010
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    I work in the jewelry department as a part time holiday employee and have found that their training is woefully lacking. The focus is selling the product, care plans and credit cards. They have no training on a register, type of transactions, repairs, how to change watch batteries, take links out, etc. It's embarrassing to be in front of a customer and can't figure out how to ring a return, a repair or anything! In addition, because it is a commission area, the full time employees are not happy to have part time people on staff and don't want to help. When you do ask for assistance on a transaction you have never done before they take the sale from you. I will complete my commitment for this seasonal jub, but will never return. The poeple you have to work with are difficult to deal with and do not want assist in a team environment as I was told in the interview process.

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