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I was excited walking into JCP Northgate store shoe section to find they had a label saying 25% Nike Sale, I found a sneaker I really liked but it had a miss mate sticker on it and felt disheartened, I looked in all the boxes in the same row it was in and managed to find the pair, I was excited. I tried them on, they fit perfect. An associate walked by and complimented it and said it was the only pair left. I figured since they were cute and on sale, why not (sticker on shoe was $55). I walked up to the very front to the cashier and she punched in the $55, total being $60 after tax. I asked her to make sure they were on sale as the label said 25% Nike sale, she checked and said they weren't on sale. If they aren't on sale, why is that sign up there? So misleading! I was mad but remained calm, declined to pay that much and left the store. I hope this isn't what is going to happen to others who are wanting to purchase Nike women's shoes.

JC Penney Company

  • Updated by LepoloC, Jun 09, 2018

    Look what I just found on their website, the discounted price, pissed!

Jun 09, 2018

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