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Jackson Hewitt filed my taxes on Jan 3rd 2016 I qualified for the loan the preparer made a mistake and the card did not activate. I waited 48 hours and still nothing. preparer called and asked had I received money next day, I told her no. she apologized and I asked how can I get the money expediently, she made a call and called me back and said they were sending a flip check in three to five days. Then I called today and was told 7 to ten days. There was some problem of identifying me or something but when I left the office I was told everything was fine. I signed the papers and was approved. Now a week later no check and this put me in a precarious situation because I would not have filed for the loan except under dire circumstances. I called the corporate office and customer service, one rep. put me on the survey without a word and never came back to the phone. I tried to speak to a manager and so far have spoke to Shenita, Robin, paula and a
guy, I did'nt get his name. I also spoke to Kim in Client care. Bottom line is I refuse to pay this fee for this kind of service. I am requesting my fee be
re-imbursed as I have been out of even more money by not meeting obligations I promised with the loan. To make matters worse I received a paper stating a 50. dollar coupon from walmart that was papers mixed up from last year. took it back to the tax office only to find out the papers were mixed up from 2015 filing. I was told by the people at Blue Bird I should have been given a Jackson Hewitt card . However I want to settle this matter fairly and expediently as I stated I think a waiver of this fee is only fair.
Mary Brooks [protected]

Jan 11, 2017

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