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On sat Jan 28, 2017 I went to my local Walmart to Jackson Hewitt tonhave my taxes done first meeting with the lady she first said oh to do your taxes it would be 250 dollars I said ok then we started I then stated several times did you get me everything im entitled to such as head of household two children etc she at first said um yeah but Im not sure why your refund is so low .See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Altoona, AL In my past ive done my own taxes for 30 bucks I will never ever go through this company due to the fact there people are not knowledgeable to know if they got me everything im entitled to as well as saying it is 250 then change it to 400 .At this point I will be letting ebryone know please jut do them yourself at least you will get what's yours and you pay a lot less I feel if your company is going to higher people to do taxes they need to makesure there people know what there doing and they need to make the customer feel comfortable in there decision I am very very disappointed

Feb 02, 2017
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  •   Feb 02, 2017

    You about knowledge and you can't even spell. You cana do your own taxes and give yourself a huge refund. It doesn't mean you did it right. Did you make more money than last year? How many deductions are you taking? Many things decide your refund.

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