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KY, United States Review updated:

I worked for Jackson Hewitt for one season as a tax preparer. The training consisted about 30 hours of classroom training doing returns by hand, we never saw a computer during the entire class nor had any explanation of how the software worked.
My first day in the office the manager stated you better start practicing doing returns on the computer and then she left. No instructions or guides on how to use the software. No state return software was loaded in the system for more than a week.
Because I was part-time I was not always present when a return was not accepted by the IRS and no one else in the office would touch it because we were paid a commission. Several of my customers applied for the RAL and had problems with their return not being accepted and all the office did was leave a note on my desk for me to find a few days later (I only worked two days a week). By the time I got the message the customer was steaming mad because the refund they paid hundreds of dollars for never arrived and no one would assist them.

I will never pay for tax preparation because they just hire people off the streets and give them minimal training.

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  • Ab
      Mar 09, 2011

    Or no training at all as I see in our area. Supervisors hiring people out of the street and let them serve clients on very next day.
    New "tax preparers" constantly calling to other offices to complete simple return. Supervisors of Jackson Hewitt take requiered tests for new hirees. It is so outrageous!
    Save money and go online. At least it is cheaper to make a mistake. Even if you made a mistake you can always go do qualified and degreed professionals to amend a return. Learn to bargain. Price is always adjustable an amended return always cost less than original.

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  • Sh
      Mar 09, 2011

    That is the very reason that I quit working for them. I was there for 5 years & couldn't take it any longer. Kudos to you for getting out after only a short time there.

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  • Ta
      Apr 10, 2011

    I have always heard JH training is minimal, but the stories here
    are outrageous. Maybe this explains why JH stock is under a buck!

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  • An
      Feb 04, 2014

    They still do it that way in 2014. I am a first year tax preparer and I am appalled and what I see going on. So much shady stuff no accountability where it counts. It's all about the number of returns and revenue generated. They reward bad behavior and punish those that stand up for what is right. Worst company ever! Lots of favoritism and bad organization.

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  • Se
      Feb 07, 2014

    Worked for them from 1998-2009 was used to making 5, 000 bonus' then new owner bought out and hence quality took a dive. They had a girl in the Leavenworth KS store named Debbie who was a welfare queen. She spent all day trying to sue a doctor and screwing up returns then when I came in at night and on weekends I was expected to clean up her messes free of charge because they paid me more. Consequently my bonus dived. They talked me into teaching tax school but the big joke of that was the idiots they hired could not pass the final. Therefore I was told to give back points for effort so they could get their certificate. I couldn't take anymore and I quit.

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