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Jackson Hewitt / don't use them

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After filing taxes with Jackson Hewitt in 2005 at a busy office, on 95 & South Western ave in Chicago, One of tax prep guys tried to bribe me saying he could get me out faster if I gave him some money $50.00 under the table. I declined, when I got called to him to do my taxes I heard him whispering to the lady next to him "she didn't give me ***, I'm gonna make her pay anyway". After he was done doing my taxes, Thank GOD that I decide to take the gold guarantee (much to his dismay). Long story short, the next year I was audited (taxes snatched) by the IRS because of a mistake he knowingly made. I made nearly 300 calls to JH corporate and local offices to have them make good on the gold guarantee. Because it was off tax season and the original filing office was closed permanently, I was sent from office to office. NO ONE at JH wanted to touch my claim saying I had a problem because the original filing office was now permanently closed and they did not want their office charged for the mistake, since it wasn't their offices mistake. Meanwhile, I moved out of state. I talked to several people in my new state and I threatened legal action against JH. Finally 1 lady in the whole of the JH company filed my gold guarantee claim. Finally, 2 months later, JH's insurance company decided to came through. I would finally receive over $4, 000 almost 2 years to the day the guy jacked up my taxes. DO NOT USE Jackson Hewitt the gold guarantee means nothing and they have too many shyster's working for them WITHOUT any accountability. If there is ANY TYPE OF A PROBLEM, they will shuffle you around and pass you from office to office until you decide to leave them alone! RUN AWAY FAST from any JACKDON HEWITT OFFICE. Let my and others experiences on this site be a warning to you!

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  • Fu
      23rd of Aug, 2010
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    My taxes were screwed up royally by Jackson Hewitt (JH)! I got a letter from the IRS saying I owed them another $600. The rep that did my taxes had no idea what he was doing. He fat fingered the numbers and entered the wrong information in the wrong boxes. They hire random people and train them on the fly. No tax experience at all! I filed a complaint with JH's corporate office twice and got the run around BIG TIME. The local office was closed, so no one was available to help me. I do not recommend this company to anyone! I will never use JH again! I still have not heard back from the corporate office. They originally gave me a letter that says "JH will reimburse you for penalties and interest charged by a taxing authority if a JH tax preparer makes a mistake - it's a crock of ***!

  • Ju
      2nd of Jul, 2015
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    I filed my taxes with Jackson Hewitt 2014 and I will NEVER use them again, nor will I recommend anyone to them. I was at the Peachtree Pkwy location in Norcross, GA. Vivian Dollard was the person who took my information and entered my SS# wrong therefore causing me not to be able to receive the $500 up front and caused me not to get my taxes back in a timely manner. She and everyone else who worked at that location were all incompetent and didn't have a clue as to what they were doing. I called several times to straighten out situation out, but did not get a response from her for several days and she said she saw me and her co-workers calling but did not respond because she had a personal family matter. After speaking to several different people in regards to this matter I was promised by the area manager Shonda Cleveland and it was notated in their system that because of my troubles I would not be charged the full tax preparation fee of $394.00. I would only be charged $12 that they had to charge me. I was told I would be issued a check for the remainder of the money cause they had to take it out and corporate would refund me $333.00. After looking at my prep papers, the $50 they say they give you as a gift for using their services were also taken out my return, so it really was NOT a gift cause I paid for it! I filed my taxes at the end of January and it is now July and have yet to receive the $333.00 that I was told would be retuned to me. I have gotten the run around and everyone I have spoken to blames someone else. No one will return my calls and today spoke with customer services and the rep told me my issue was resolved by this Shonda Cleveland, who I have not spoken to since the early part of the year and that I would NOT get that money back! How can you notate in your system and make a promise to a customer who can and will go elsewhere that you are not going to do what you all said you were going to do. I will never recommend anyone to Jackson Hewitt again! Customer service is poor. I hope by reading all of these bad reviews you all will take your business elsewhere! You are the WORST, JACKSON-HEWITT AND IF I WERE OWNER OF THIS COMPANY I WOULD BE ASHAMED TO HAVE THESE SORTS OF PEOPLE IN HEAD POSITIONS. CUSTOMER SERVICE SHOULD BE PRIORITY AND THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!!

  • Fu
      28th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    My wife worked as a tax technician for Jackson Hewitt for 4 months.They promised her hourly pay, commission, and bonuses. What they didn't tell her that she was paid $8.50 per hour while the other technicians was paid $25 per hour. Over a period of time she noticed that JH was doing illegal activities and they started skimming her hours. My wife filed more taxes than anyone in her area. She never had a single rejected return. One day after she noticed her manager stealing clients by changing information about the preparer. Her manager was taking credit for the preparation of their clients return and taking that employees commission. My wife was fired after an allegation that she had filed someone's taxes outside of JH. They never investigated into the allegation. Multiple complaints was filed to the IRS about the illegal activity but nothing happened. I have recently learned that my wife's manager filed only a few returns but she recently took a cruise out of Florida. Must be nice to steal from people and having no remorse for your actions. My wife lost close to $5, 000 or better between her bonus and commission. JH told us that they knew they was wrong but they never righted their wrong. She tried contacting the owner of the franchise but he never responded back. In closing stay away from JH in and around Fayetteville, NC area.

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