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Jackson Hewitt / scam

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This complaint against Jackson Hewitt Tax Service is not new, but ongoing ever since our 2005 and 2006 Federal and State Income Tax was wrongfully prepared. For 2005 I had to pay $1, 273.51 for overpayment of Federal Income Tax. For 2006 I had to pay $1, 609.60 for overpayment of South Carolina State Income Tax. That totals $2883.11 I had to pay out of pocket for ridiculous mistakes made by two incompetent tax preparers employed by Jackson Hewitt.

Ms. Kovolenko has taken some responsibility and reimbursed us for a substantial amount of the tax overpayment, but only several hundred dollars more than I have had to pay. The $1, 609.60 overpayment from the South Carolina State Tax is money I never received. The entire amount ($2, 231.00) was issued to Loris Hospital in South Carolina for billing quite a few years ago for services my wife’s ex-husband failed to pay. I can live with that fact, but to have to pay back money I didn’t receive due to a mistake Jackson Hewitt made is not acceptable. Had the state income tax been prepared correctly I would not have had to pay $1, 609.60 I never had or was supposed to have. Since beginning this letter of complaint I have received another notice from the South Carolina Department of Revenue that I additionally owe $311.00 for the year of 2005.

Obviously Jackson Hewitt Tax Service and/or Ms. Kovolenko has decided that taking 50% responsibility for their mistakes is satisfactory and I should be content with the decision. I am not. If Jackson Hewitt was the reputable company they claim to be this calamity would be totally rectified.

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  • Bi
      29th of Apr, 2010
    Jackson Hewitt - Do not go there
    Jackson Hewitt
    United States

    Our taxes were done incorrectly, to say the very least.We detected the errors ourselves and tried to have the information corrected, at that branch. It turned out we had to go to another office, a good distance away, several times to correct the errors.We never got a refund for the payment to have the taxes done in the first place. I would never, ever tell anyone to use Jackson Hewitt. In fact, I tell people what a nightmare it was .If you want to save yourself alot of grief, never, never waste your money on that service, go anywhere else or do it yourself.

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  • Re
      8th of Aug, 2010

    Immediately after activating Jackson Hewitt ipower card fees are taken out, customer service did not answer why? Attempt to make a purchase was declined although ipower card had more than the adequate balance customer rep said my money was put on hold and could not explain why? It appears even if you load Jackson Hewitt/ipower card you are not entitled to use your money when deemed necessary. Jackson Hewitt spews out lies. Stopping the non-sense a cash refund was requested to close and terminate the account within 5 seconds rep spits out there's a $1o cancellation fee, I guess this fee covers zero tolerance to scams.

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  • El
      30th of Nov, 2010

    I am filing a complaint against the Cortland, N.Y. office at 11 N. Main Street. I have been in the real estate profession for over 30 years. I have had some pretty tough years these last two. In those 30 plus years, I have never failed to file my income taxes on time! Even if I could not pay up front fees. I have been a customer of this particular office for the last three years. I had an office move, a grandson die unnecessarily in a hit-and-run accident! I kept waiting to receive my State refund all summer. Finally, I tried calling the office in September, no answer, just a fax machine ringing over and over! I just called on November 29, 2010 to finally get someone on the phone. It happened to be the agent I dealt with and asked her how come I have not received my State refund. She said she Never Filed It!! I cannot believe the incompetence, the inferior integrity, and non-consideration of this office manager! Granted I did not pay the bill, however, if I got my State refund, I certainly would have paid Jackson Hewitt. I had no idea. No one called! No one sent a bill! Of course, they never completed the job!! Elaine M. Olson [protected]

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  • Vi
      3rd of Feb, 2011
    Jackson Hewitt - Employee all he cared about was getting my money
    Jackson Hewitt
    United States

    Never go there ever again seems like they lied just to get money jackson hewitt *** lies screwed me dry [censored] jackson hewitt h&r block from now on eat poo jackson hew.

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  • Ka
      4th of Feb, 2011

    My son went to have his taxes done professionally for the first time so he could get the rapid refund. They told him that he did not qualify since he was getting back less than $2000.00. then proceeded to charge him $200.00 for electronically file his taxes to get it back in 14 days. They seen a young man come thru the door unsure of what or how it was done and took advantage of him. I will share this with everyone I know and discourage as many people as I can from ever using their service.

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  • Uk
      4th of Feb, 2011

    I totally agree. We normally do our own taxes, but this year had opened a new business and was unsure how to do it. So we went to them and it was a total mistake. We had a lot of receipts and the lady was very aggravated with us. I kept apologizing. I do not believe our return was done correct. She wouldn't let us use more than half of our receipts. We did over 10, 000 worth of repairs and equipment that we had to buy. She said we couldn't use any of them. We ended up getting about 600.00 combined back from state and federal. They charged us over 300.00 to do our taxes. We had it directly deposited with no rush. We won't make that mistake again. Does anyone know if I can go back in and refile our taxes or something?

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  • Da
      11th of Feb, 2011

    I went to jackson hewitt because they state they are cheaper but it is not true. I went to the one in Belpre ohio. They told me I was not allowed to claim someone as a dependent that I have claimed for years thru h&r block. This was not true, I had to go to h&r block and get an amended return, jackson hewitt would not even reimburse me the $40.00 that i had to spend to get my return amended and couldn't even tell me why they would not let me claim this person. In the end, h&r block ended up giving me over $500.00 more with state and federal put together. do not use the jackson hewitt in belpre ohio. They do not know what they are doing. when I told the preparer they were no more cheaper than h&r block she stated to me "It's all just a scam anyway to get you to come in". These tax preparers are silly and ridiculous and I would strongly recommend that no one uses the Jackson hewitt in Belpre ohio.

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  • So
      14th of Feb, 2011

    If you would like you can take your tax info to the nearest H&R Block and they are nationally running a special for a FREE SECOND LOOK. They will comb over your taxes and see if there are anychanges you need to have made and you then chose wether or not you want them to file the amendments. I would atleatst have them look over it and see if anything can be done about what J&H did.

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  • Ne
      15th of Feb, 2011

    I went and got my taxes done at Jackson Hewitt. They did not offer the service that I wanted at the location I was at so they sent me to another one. Upon leaving, they gave me a card that should have made me wait no longer than 15 minutes. I waited in the lobby for an hour!! After I finally got back there, the lady was very nice and she explained everything to me. When I left I was under the impression that I was getting my money in 24-48 hours like promised. I was approved for the RAL loan and everything. So I go home and I wait. When I didn't get my refund I started to get mad. I called the status number and they said the same thing, 24-48 hours. But I had no money!! So I called the main office. The lady I spoke to there was rude and didn't listen to a word I said. She kept on cutting me off and telling me to calm down and I wasn't even upset!! She told me I was accepted and it was all up to my bank now. So, I call my bank and they say, no, we haven't got anything to approve! Jackson Hewitt is a scam!! I paid over $500 to get my taxes done. I drove all over and they weren't right!! I will never go through this terrible company again!!

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  • Ab
      9th of Mar, 2011

    BEcause management of the company insists to charge more. Otherwise the management will not have fat bonuses. One of supervisors told to an employee that he should care about her bonus but not about people whom he serves.

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  • St
      28th of Jun, 2011

    I have a ipower card and recently went online to pay for my daughters summer school. There card was declined for the first attempt because of a an address error. On my second attempt it went through. Upon checking my balance it was discoved that I had been double charged. Customer service at Jackson Hewitt are very rude and eager to point the finger at someone else:. From numerous blogs and consumer reports it has came to light that this kind of activity has been going on for years;. They can't tell me where my money is and will not return return it|. If you have one of these cards get all your money out close the account(they charge you a monthly fee even with a zero balance) and cut it up?. This card is a scam and the company is criminal;. A person should not be charged $2/.00 for every phone call to customer service to report an error or to try to recover thier own money, . Spread the word lets shut these crooks down!

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  • Ba
      28th of Jan, 2013

    I went to Jackson Hewitt inside the wal mart in New Castle pa, for pre filing. They did our taxes and told us we would receive $8, 880 back on federal and I would receive $459 back on state. We came back to do the complete filing about a week later and the lady goes on to tell me oh I'm sorry I had a bad week last week your only getting$4, 200 on federal and $ 3 on state return... That's a $4, 000 bad week, and seriously if you don't know what your doing with people money and taxes.. Don't do them! Anyhow went to H&R block needless to say I am receiving my full taxes back!! And my state too! This women is foolish I suggest to everyone do not go there!!

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  • Ma
      8th of Mar, 2013
    Jackson Hewitt - Low tax refund for the past few years
    Saint Augustine
    United States

    Jackson Hewitt has been doing my husband and my taxes for years. We have always filed jointly. I wondered why we were only getting less then $400.00 back each year? This year we had ours prepaired free at the local Library, and got $1, 400, although I had to pay taxes this year because I am concidered a contractor. although I only work 2 days a week. I did not mind paying in, we still have a $788.00 refund coming. I think last year and the previous years as well, somewhere along the line, Jackson Hewitt make major mistakes with out taxes! I have all my old tax papers, what should I do? where do I go to find more info? does the irs or jackson hewitt owe us money?

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  • Je
      22nd of Jan, 2014

    My complaint is that Jackson Hewitt takes more monies as far as fee's out from your state or federal which ever one that you recieve first.Example : My state taxes alone was $600.00 & I was told that they were only taking out $300. to prepare my taxes and when I recieved my state check I had only $182.00.I have another complaint my mother was working a job that paid $5.less then what I was making and I am a nurse and she was a daycare provider in which daycare's do not pay much anyway, however when Jackson Hewitt did our taxes they only took out $ far as fee's from myself in which I made more and $300.from my mom in which her taxes was way less then my taxes and we each filed head of our household and one during the year and then ourself and child because we both had one child under age the same everything, however jackson Hewitt make up fee's as they go along.One last recent thing was I had financed a car in June 2011 and I wanted to get a tax write off in 2012 on my tax return, I recieved a calander from Jackson Hewitt like every customer and on the last page were things that can be a tax write off and car was one of them and I went to Jackson Hewitt to get my taxes prepared from one of the ladies who is there every year and she told me that I couldn't write off my car and that the government did not do that anymore.I believed her at first and I proceeded with what I had.I will not be going to Jackson Hewitt this year and I will be going else where, I will be getting a tax write off for my car that is paid off now and this is my last year as far as my car.

    2011 & I wanted to get a tax write off on 2012 tax return I had the Jackson Hewitt calander & on the back was stating what type of things/items that you can include as a tax write off and a car was one of them, however in 2012 I went to Jackson Hewitt and the lady that was preparing my taxes

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  • Si
      21st of May, 2015

    My sister went to them and they did her taxes wrong last year and now she owes the irs 3000 dollars and even though they admit is was their mistake they are not going to take care of it because she didn't pay the higher price so they will only refund what she paid on thier obvious mistake and because they are a franchise store which most are the main company won't get involved Don't use them.

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  • Vi
      28th of Jan, 2016

    the preparer put the wrong Social security number while doing my taxes and i was sent to get all these papers from social security when in fact we found out that he didn't even put the right numbers in

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  • Ro
      14th of Jul, 2016
    Jackson Hewitt - Uninformed & over charged me!
    Jackson Hewitt
    United States

    They didn't tell me everything I needed to know about my return. And then when I called in to asked why I wasn't told this info- they simply told me it was fault for not knowing the right info. Since when am I suppose to know all the tax rules. Aren't they the 'professionals'? Thats a joke.

    When I told them I wanted my money back the refused & said there was nothing they could do. I will never being going back to Jackson Hewitt they are a joke of a company & have a bunch of ###s working for them.

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  • Ta
      14th of Jul, 2016

    "Since when am I suppose to know all the tax rules."

    You are joking right? Since when are YOU supposed to know the rules of the country
    you live in? How about since you were born here or became a citizen.

    My advice: First you need to wake up and stop blaming everyone else and the next time
    you hire someone to do YOUR tax return, hire an Enrolled Agent.

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  • Mo
      20th of Aug, 2018
    Jackson Hewitt - Kimberly Wade
    United States

    I did my takes with Kimberly Wade last year and I only received my Federal Taxes I never received my state taxes. Like where in the HELL did my money go to?

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  • Be
      5th of Nov, 2018
    Jackson Hewitt - tax service
    Grove City
    United States

    Although the fee was reasonable I was disappointed I was not offered the 100$ switch deal. She did not give me the opportunity to prove I switched from another tax service and then she changed the subject. I did not qualify for the Walmart gift certificate either. No reason given. I get tired of false promotions. Not sure I will use them again.

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