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ITV / viewer complaint

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I have been watching the "now that's what i call 1983" programme on ITV1 and all the acts seem to be singing live I was disgusted to see Paul Young miming. Not even from a recent pre-recording but the original single. I mean, are we supposed to be stupid or something? these people are paid a small fortune (presumably because all their royalties have been spent on their champagne lifestyle or going up their noses) to appear and perform live and he turns up and mimes BADLY to the original recording.

This was a ridiculous charade and would like him to know as much.


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  2nd of Dec, 2008
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your bias towards the tory party on your coverage of the damian green is a disgrace with tom bradby view of how he sees the story the anti labour views on this channel should be investigated and the tory producers kicked out of the company what a shambolic broadcaster
  2nd of Dec, 2008
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I phoned to vote for Nicola McLean and the line was constantly engaged so how can she be out. I voted Joe as well and got through first time.

The line being constantly engaged makes you think everyone was trying to vote for her so I was shocked when she had the lowest vote.

I think this should be looked into.
  3rd of Dec, 2008
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what a tory shower this bias news channel is there report on the green affair with what is edited and shown shows how tory they are who is going to take this broadcaster to account the whole news is anti labour who ever bankrolls this shower should withdraw there advertizing untill there is somesort of fairness
  5th of Oct, 2015
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I am furious that this episode shows Doc Martin about to kill a dog himself for no good reason. There is enough cruelty in this world. There are susceptible weirdo's out there who will simulate this. They also talk to the dog like its a piece of muck. SHAME ON YOUR WRITERS and ITV for broadcasting it disgusting. And when killings and cruelty increase as a result of this show I hope you feel proud of yourselves.
  6th of Oct, 2015
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I know Martin Clunes is an avid animal lover so it's hard to see how he went along with this episode. I found it distasteful to portray the lovely Buddy as being potentially so disposable ie how easy it was going to be to just kill him. I actually turned the TV off & I love Doc Martin! I love dogs more & just can't see any humour in having their value and preciousness demeaned in this way. It's not good enough & dogs deserve more respect. Why not drag his annoying mother into the surgery & go about giving her a lethal injection; it's as funny as that ie not funny at all.
  13th of Oct, 2015
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I found this scene in Doc Martin very upsetting and turned the programme off. The way he was shown with a syringe in his hand about to kill a beautiful healthy dog in an emotionless way was deeply disturbing.
  27th of Jun, 2016
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I watch the soaps every week, I look forward to the end of the day sit down to the soaps but since the football we as views we have been let down its not fare we have nothing to watch why can, t you put our soaps on itv 2 or better still make an extra Chanel itv sports and put all sports on there we watch this Chanel week in week out its out of order
  27th of Jun, 2016
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I and my family watch all soaps week in week out and it's not fair that the football has taken priority why can you make. An other Chanel just for sport itv sports but why have we got to watch nothing why could, not you put the soaps on itv 2 the soaps has been on for years

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