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3-14-20 episode

My husband and I watched your program that aired 3-14-20. I was a bit disappointed in your host Steve Harvey. In past programs, when it
came to the final round, Mr Harvey would put his arm around any female that was good looking and curvy. Tonight, there was a contestant
that was short and plumb (Kate). Mr Harvey did not put his arm around her. Which really gave me the creeps...only those who are good looking
get the "arm hug" as the answers are being read? Mail chauvinistic pig...or he was given instructions NOT to put his arm around Kate.

I feel that the Family Feud should make it mandatory of NO TOUCHING by Steve Harvey. It could be taken the wrong way. Save yourself some grief.Let the contestants be happy and hug and laugh...but Steve needs to stand to the side and show professionalism. Some contestants may not appreciate it either. know I would not...

New policy needs to be issued...NO TOUCHING!!!

Sally Joldersma

Family Feud

Today 3/9/2020, I was watching Family feud with my 7 year old son and during a game, one of the answers was "suckel breasts" because the question was "what do men do that babies also do". This is completely inappropriate to put on a family show. This is unacceptable and very offensive. I'm extremely upset. This used to be my favorite show that I enjoyed watching with my son, but now I'm scared to watch it because I'm afraid I'll hear something else that is inappropriate.

Content of the show

Isn't Family Feud a family show? I get sick of Steve and his comments and how he presents himself. The amount of sexual questions and answers and the way they put the answers up is dumb and at times disgusting. There are so many other questions they could ask those 100 people instead of things involving men and women that bring up sexually related answers, and Steve's rediculous comments and actions. And I am so sick of hearing how he's our man. He is arrogant and his actions and reactions are out of control. I think you need a new host and better, more family oriented content. Until things change I'll just keep flipping the channel and going back to it until the dumb crap has stopped.

Family Feud-not watchable

Over the past year or 2, we see a sad trend toward questions and answers that focus on sex, bowel issues, and other vulgar content. This is not necessary. For example, if the answer is "posterior" or "rear end", why must the answer say "poop factory" or worse? Why must so many questions deal with these inappropriate topics? The show's formula and history have been very successful. Question content and answers were clever, not gross. Why move in this direction?

Before Mr. Harvey took the helm, the show occasionally had a mildly risque element that was tolerable. Now, it's almost entirely risque. No longer is this a family show or even close. Some show participants have followed suit and use language so inappropriate that it's even censored, which is saying a lot given the language used in questions and answers. When that happens, Mr. Harvey seems to laugh and encourage answers of this nature. Nothing is too low-brow or crude enough to be deemed unacceptable.

It's a childish change with adolescent humor that has led this family to eliminate it from our viewing choices. It's not fun, it's embarrassing and occasionally borders on disgusting. With an aging TV audience, why put into syndication something that older viewers might find objectionable?

Mr. Harvey can be entertaining but seems to be comfortable with this disappointing change, despite saying he's a religious and moral man. He could shape this show in a direction that uses clean humor. He chooses not to do so. For that reason, we reject the show and the advertisers.

politics being brought in on the show😡

The Murphy Family's player the little older woman brought up politics, and said that basically if Trump can be President anyone can. She didn't say Trump but that's what I read into it. Especially with black racism as it is. I don't think contestants should be able to bring up politics in a game show unless a question is asked of that nature. Her name is Marilyn Murphy. And this isn't the platform for it unless you want to lose viewers.😡😡😡

family feud game show with steve harvey

To whom it may concern,
I was a fan of family feud for years. I can remember back to Richard Dawson. There was a time my schedule conflicted with the Feud & I did not watch it. I am now back to watching it since I can record it on my cable service. I would like to notify you that I am so disappointed in the crude questions that require crude answers. I do have the game that I can play with my teenage & younger relatives but I don't feel like I could even sit & watch it on tv with them. It's not a clean, fun show anymore. Is there anyway you can refer this to management & clean up this show? Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, & various other shows aren't like this. I am going to have to quit watching this if it doesn't improve.


Peggy Wade

annoying episodes with matkin family

Please stop showing repeats of the shows of Family Feud with the Matkin family from Arkansas—in particular, the loud-mouthed, obnoxious blonde who is constantly yelling "It's up there!" I just happened to turn the show on and, lo and behold, there she is again (S21/Ep58)! This makes the 4th time I've seen her on. The last time when she was on I turned the channel to something else. She really is disgusting and just seems to want to grab all the attention.

Just my opinion. But I will turn the show off again if I see her yet again. Four times is a bit much. Once was too much!

family feud shows

Hay why don't we as Americans not get to view Family Feud Canada and even have our own states family feud. I like family feud but I want to see Canada family feud to but I can't. I want to see Family Feud Canada in the USA and even have our own states family feud. For example you could have family feud Alaska, family feud Idaho, family feud Montana, and family feud Washington and ext. You guys could show the American version of family feud the Family Feud Canada and family feud of what ever state we live in. I think if you guys did this mor people would like it and mane view the show family feud. So I hope you get the chance to view this and take for granted of this.


I have started tuning in to Family Feud again. I like the show. I am impressed with how well everyone dresses to be on television. What I don't like about the show. Is the tacky answers on the board. I know you can't exactly stop the contestants. In the heat of the moment, it is amusing when they say something of a mature nature. I also find Steve Harvey's eye rolls, and exasperated expressions offensive. The show has lost it moral character. It is just such a contrast, to see people dressed nicely, but acting in a way that should be discouraged. I will continue to watch of course. I would love to see a likable host, who doesn't constantly say snarky comments or make faces. Steve Harvey needs to be replaced. How about Collin Mochirie? Wayne Brady? Someone adorable and funny, without acting superior.

a family won $20000.00 with a completely wrong answer!

The Hatcher Family (aired on 1/12/20) on Family Feud gave an answer that was completely wrong!! The question was, "name a word that rhymes with pickle" and Chad said "Mickle" and he giggled and shook his head knowing it was a bad answer ... the audience laughed too... but Family Feud said he said "Nickle" and they won $20000. We had five people watching the show and couldn't believe it!! Disappointing!!

steve harvey

I have watched Family Feud for a very long time. The show is getting more and more vulgar and less and less family like.

As the world is getting worse every day, this show is doing the same thing. It's content has sexual innuendos constantly and it's no boundary questions have seemed to get out of hand. It is no longer a family after dinner show as it was in the past.

On the show today, November 26, Steve Harvey took the Lords name in vain. This is something that I take personal offense to. As a Christian I believe that using Gods name in a joke is a sin. Swearing should never be allowed on a TV show, especially at a time when families watch YV together.

I feel that Steve Harvey crossed a line today when he swore by using the Lords name in vain.

I sincerely hope that he is talked to about the way his bad language influences young people and not in a good way.


Faith Terenzi

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    TellMeAboutIt82 Nov 27, 2019

    Jesus Christ, calm down!

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    Dejavuct Jan 01, 2020

    I agree. Tonight one question, "Name something a female stripper does better then the average woman"? I am watching this with my family. How is this a family friendly show?

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    Dejavuct Jan 01, 2020

    Jan 1, 2020
    I agree. Tonight one question, "Name something a female stripper does better then the average woman"? I am watching this with my family. How is this a family friendly show?

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Steve Harvey is probably the best Family Feud host of all time. However the sexual contents in survey questions are too explicit, vulgar and sexually disgusting, proving the show...

steve harvey

This show... I use to love this show..until I started watching it every night. This is what is wrong with this country. I believe this show is rigged. Everyone wants to throw the racism card around, well THIS show is a prime example. Even my 7 year old caught on. It sickens me that this show is still airing, that ABC3 is still allowing it to be aired. I'm going to have to contact someone because as a nation he is the one separating it and implying that blacks are better. Which don't mix up my words, I'm not racist at all, I have family with all different ethnic backgrounds, I love all people, and I am fair to all people. Unlike Steve Harvey. And please if you have not watched it continuously like I have, do NOT comment on this. This needs to be addressed. Let me give you an example on tonight's episode and I will be using ‘white' and ‘black' family so you can understand what I'm talking about... During the last set of questions the ‘white' family's answer was hair change, which was wrong and resulted in an X. But then the ‘black' family answers, gray hair and bald, which if I'm not mistaken is a HAIR CHANGE!!! And then when they went into sudden death, the guy from the ‘black' family answered the question after the red X buzzer went off because he took too long and Steve Harvey STILL HONORED IT and they won. THAT IS [censored]! Excuse my language, just know if it was the other way around I would still address the issue because it's wrong!!! It's NOT the name of the game. You side with the colored people no matter if they are right or wrong and you are what's wrong with America! Treat everyone the same, isn't it against the law to discriminate against race, color, origin, religion, and whatever else they deem against the law? But yet, Steve does it every night. Something has to be done about this!! I won't let this go, because now my son is being affected by it. I will leave a review every night until something is don't about it.

  • Gr
    graybuffalo Nov 04, 2019

    This show is the most racist show on TV. With the Black population being 13%, the show depicts a ratio of 50:50 - statistically, only one in roughly 12 families appearing on the show should be Black - not counting Steve Harvey of course. I used to watch this show until the disparity became very, very, obvious and also the content becoming more and more objectionable. No more. If this show comes up on my TV, I can't hit the remote fast enough to change it.

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family feud questions

This show used to have morals. Every other question pertains to sex in some way. I pray every night that the country will become God Faring again. It seems that many of the families claim to be church goers. I would think the constant reference to sex would offend these families and the viewers. I will not let my kids watch this program. Please help the morals in the country by editing the content of your questions.

steve harvey

I will never watch your show ever again! While Steve Harvey is the host. Since he made the [censored] comment about our President Trump that he wants to bring back slavery. What an idiotic comment that's 100% a lie. You know good and well if a white Family Feud host made a outrageous statement about Obama. He or she would be fired immediately which they should. Person hosting Family Feud represents your show and consequences should happen when they do something so stupid

siding with one type of family type on show!

Why does S Harvey play so much with Black Americans. He does his when they miss the buzzer and he takes their answers anyway, which winds up being on the board. If the buzzer counts that's it! He also does when a family gives and answer tries to assist with changing to a possible one on the board! He starting to make family feud not fun! I like having a comedian, but only if both sides are treated equally!

the contestants

I will not watch your show anymore, as long as you show race mixing among the contestants. You did this before long ago. It must not have turned out too well, because you stopped for a while. You must have thought you could get away with it this time. With me you can't. Until you stop the race mixing we won't be watching your show anymore!

Kevin Blankenship

  • SubSquirrel Sep 13, 2019

    What a prejudicial turd you are. The world isn’t black or white but black and white. If mixed races offend you, stay home, turn off the television, throw out all reading materials and hide under the covers.

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steven harvey

Steve Harvey association with publishers clearing house says a lot of bad things about him and his obvious lack of integrity. Anyone that is associated with the publisher...

a way to get more views and help a family in need.

Let me first start by saying I am a 23 African American Female. I love family fued. It is the only game show I watch, I just wish we switch the type of families up. Like why some episodes it can be a family that really needs the money it's always a family that we all know for a fact already has some type of money. Like let's choose a family that really needs it wants to send their kid to to school wants to buy a house needs a car. You guys always choose a family that ones a doctor one owns a business all the kids are in college. Let's switch it up some and really bless people. I bet it would help with the viewings as well. Imagine this " Family Fued helps send 2 teens go to college and get out of a homeless shelter." I hope to see a change my email is [protected] if you have any questions.

answer on one of the tiles

Recently watched this show and the question was. Not exact What would you want to find at a party ? One of the answers that was not guessed was "pot/cocaine"
Seriously both families on the show were shocked.
Why does this need to be put as an answer!!!
With the growing problems in USA I'm sure this answer could of been avoided.
Yes reality I understand but come on this use to be a family show. My 10 and 13 year old were watching.
Signed Disappointed

steve harvey

Is Steve Harvey racist? I find myself asking throughout the show. I find that he is extremely rude to any constant that is not African American, rolling his eyes rude comments towards the guest. Why show the world this type of hate? They say that hate is taught. So he is teaching hate! What a shame. I loved this show growing up. I just find this sad. We are suppose to love one another. Want love teach love be love!! May god bless him. Mr Harvey money won't get you into heaven. I'm just saying.

the actual show

I was watching an episode of Family Fued on Saturday 7/20 (the 9:30pm) on channel 9. Steve Harvey asked a contestant a questions. When she answered, the judges needed more clarification. She than responded, "He got game!" The audience laughed and the judges still needed clarification. Steve Harvey responded by saying, "The producers are white!" I find this to be highly insulting and racist. If it were the other way around activists would be calling for the host to be fired. This is unacceptable. Talk about reverse racism at its best!!!

show format

The show is becoming more racist and "fixed".. Often, depending on which family won, the questions are so obvious they cant lose and rarely do.. It is important to make the questions tougher.. rather than the answers be rather obvious...
Also, if they take too much time and the buzzer rings... don't give "some" families another chance.. If they missed it they are out... Be fair to all..
Lastly Steve does not have to constantly remind people what happens when they have two strikes and if they miss the next answer the other family wins etc. It is pretty obvious to viewers and constantly repeating it is unnecessary.
Hope the feed back is helpful.

  • Ki
    kimberly01 Jul 18, 2019

    I am not even a republican but I was offended he brought Donald Trump's hair into the show tonight. I am so sick of politics and wanted to watch something that I could just sit back and have a good time with. Question, Donald Trump's hair. Not only does that bother me but Mr. Harvey really shows by his reaction how much he likes a woman's anatomy and the sex she could provide. I will tell you I am pretty young and not a prude but I am not going to watch this show anymore. You don't like Trump, Obama, whoever, just try to entertain and not add politics into the equation. BYE!

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  • Th
    Thimblinda Jul 19, 2019

    @kimberly01 I completely agree I was disgusted with the Donald Trump question!! Leave politics OUT!!

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inappropriate questions

Why is it called FAMILY fued when none of the questions are family friendly???? Todays question was: if you were to make a snowman anatomically correct what food would you use for its naughty parts? Okay so you just turned an innocent snowman into a sex object and now all the contestants and audience has to think of a penis and what foods look like a penis...yes I said penis, why not? Ur show is sex based and if penis is too far then so is making a snowman with a penis!!! I dont understand. Next question on the board: my man is like a puppy dog because of the way he?? The female contestants answer: the way he licks me...this is all truth, I'm watching the show right now and I want to vomit, and this is how it is EVERY episode and this is why I'm complaining and why I'm changing the channel. Family fued producer's are sickly perverted. Grow up!

  • Ry
    RyanPeterson78 Jul 31, 2019

    TOTALLYYYYYY AGREE! When "Strip Club" is on the board for every other question...Guess what!!?? You've turned in to a sleazebag show. Congratulations, Family Feud!!!

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the game board sounds

Every episode and every time the amount of possible answers is revealed(I.E. it begins to show that there are 6 out of 8 total answers possible to answer) on the board, it'll do the flash animation and play a very high pitched sound. I don't know if other people can hear it but I can definitely hear it. It's a very subtle high pitched sound but it's there. The sound causes me discomfort and I can't really watch the show for too long because of it. Would it be possible to remove that part of the sound bit, or is it a trademark?

Thanks for reading.

changes to show

I don't like seeing black families
every time I turn on Family Feud. Nothing personal but whites out number blacks probably 50/1
But it seems like they are invited like it's a 50/50 population 1 black on 1 white on. It should be a 50 white families to 1 black family to be fair and equal to the population.
Blue birds like to fly with blue birds, robins like to fly with robins, we like to see white people represented fairly to the population.

  • An
    Anita Bawnghit Jun 22, 2019

    Alright Adolph calm down. I am sure Duck Dynasty is on.

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  • Is
    Isabel Gray Jul 07, 2019

    Big money tournament did not provide equal opportunity to all families. The last 2 families were the only ones to have a shot at the jackpot of 160k. What about the other families that won 20k each going in the pot?
    They won 20k for someone else!! This is WRONG!!!
    Isabel Gray, Conroe Texas

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complaining about a show

I want to complain about a particular show. Between the Sanders vs The Allens family. The triple bonus round question was 'What kind of animal can kill you with one bite. The Sanders said Stinray. Which was is all fairness it was wrong it was wrong. But the final answer was arsenic/rat poison. Which is ingested or swallowed, not a bite! The Sanders should be allowed back because of technical difficulties.

  • Updated by Diane Sterritt · Jun 18, 2019

    I want to complain about a particular show. Between the Sanders vs The Allens family. The triple bonus round question was 'What kind of animal can kill you with one bite. The Sanders said Stinray. Which was is all fairness it was wrong it was wrong. But the final answer was arsenic/rat poison. Which is ingested or swallowed, not a bite! The Sanders should be allowed back because of technical difficulties.

  • Sh
    Sherry Nuss Jul 19, 2019

    I don't want to complain, I LOVE FAMILY FEUD!! What I don't understand is why the buzzer sounds for some when they open their mouths to speak. While others, go on and on, either saying, "well Steve I want to say..." etc. Others are buzzed so quickly. It seems to me that it should be a timed buzzer. That's all, I just think it should be fair!!

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host replacement

I have heard that Steve Harvey will be leaving. If so me and my family will no longer be watching. I will pass the word and get as many people possibly to stop watching. I thought no one could replace Richard Dawson, I was wrong
Steve brings everything to the party. Sorry to see him and my family and friends go.😥😥😥

  • Updated by Yplay · May 29, 2019

    I have heard that Steve Harvey is leaving the show once his contract expires. If so I will no longer be watching. I thought no one could replace Richard Dawson, I was wrong. Steve brings us so much joy and laughter, something we need when watching the show. If he's leaving so is my family and friends. It's said you can not work out the differences. So when the party shutdown on Steve Harvey, my channel at this time will also change. Life time watcher.😥😥

  • SubSquirrel May 30, 2019

    He was fired. Poor ratings and crude comments is what I read.

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family feud tv show

Steve Harvey is a wonderful entertainer, and I would love to watch him on Family Feud; however, the questions are scripted in such a way that they are very suggestive and seductive, or just plain disgustingly crude. This elicits answers that are definitely not family friendly! This show began as family friendly entertainment, but I would be embarrassed to watch this show with my children (young or adult) watch this show. Please, writers of these questions, remember the time of day your show is on and present appropriate questions. Steve Harvey is talented enough he can entertain without the "off-color" inuendos!

ruined family feud show

I think Mark Goodson would be disappointed with the current version of the show that he created to be enjoyed by families spending time together watching television. It is so inappropiate and disgusting now that I change the channel as quickly as possible when I hear the current host introduced. I still watch and enjoy the reruns with Richard Dawson, Ray Combs, Richard Karn, John O'Hurley, and Louie Anderson whenever I can. But what a shame that a great show has been reduced to such a low level of quality in order to attract higher ratings from a totally different viewing audience than it was created for!

  • Ad
    Adam Nugraha Nov 05, 2019

    I agree, Steve Harvey has to be replaced by a white woman on Family Feud, she could make it family friendly game show again.

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suggestion not a complaint

I Love Family Feud and Steve Harvey is the best and funniest host EVER. I watch every day and the show brings me joy.
I would like to make a suggestion that relates to the fast money round. When it comes to the number 1 answer most times there is only one. I would like to suggest that when the second contestant gives a number 1 and only answer, that you allow the answer again and give the second contestant 5 points in order to add to their chances of winning instead of disregarding the answer. And since there's no better answer. To be fair only when there is 1 answer should this be allowed.
I hope you all will take my suggestion into consideration.

  • Je
    Jerry Allanach Nov 01, 2019

    I frequently watch your show and have a suggestion. During the final round, you always stop as soon as the family hits the 200 points. I'm sure I'm not alone in being very curious how well the 2nd family did with the remaining answers. You could even add a new layer of excitement by giving some sort of bonus for a new high total score. It would definitely add an additional level of excitement for both views and participants.
    Thank you in advance for considering my suggestion.

    Jerry Allanach

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family feud app

I recently downloaded the app for Family Fued classics and enjoy playing the game but
Several times Now I have purchased tickets to play the game but did not receive them. I've spent money on them to play and do not want to continue playing if I do not receive what I've purchased. It's very upsetting. Please resolve this issue or Please reimburse my money or my tickets. Thank you. Karen Medford [protected].

  • Updated by karen medford smith · May 17, 2019

    I recently downloaded the family fued app and really enjoy playing the game but several times now I have purchased tickets to play the game but did not receive what I purchased. It’s very upsetting. Please reimburse my money or the tickets I have purchased. Thank you. Karen Medford

inappropriate questions and answers

We have watched Family Feud for years nightly. We love Steve Harvey. He's the best. However, for the past while almost every question has several sexually oriented questions which lead to sexually oriented answers. If you are targeting a family audience, you're definitely headed down the wrong path. We have just been changing the channel and tonight, May 7, we just turned it off. Unless something changes quickly, we'll just have to stop watching.

We hope you can return to your family oriented shows and avoid all the sexual innuendos so families of all sizes and ages can watch without it being offensive. If you wish to contact me my email is lainieadams1


Lainie Adams

racist show

I've watched family feud for a very long time and I mean a long time. Steve harvey is a racist piece of crap. I've watched 31 episodes where there was a black family versus a white family and all 31 times not once did the white family win. I'm not racist I have black friends but what is going on? I'm not the only one that has noticed this I have a petition of 63 people so far that has noticed this. I will make it to 500 signatures and when I do I will make it public. Someone there needs to take notice of this and find out what is going on.

again with the sexist comments against women...

As you can see from the other complaints listed here, Family Feud has a huge problem with respect towards women. And yet again I noticed it on an episode 4/26/2019. The question was "Name something a friend has and you think to yourself 'that's the ugliest what?" And the contestant said "girlfriend" and Steve got so passionate and excited about this answer while saying "YES YES YES!! GIRLFRIEND" What the heck is this.
I'm appalled at the disrespect for women here. We should not be judged this way and the show should show some maturity in these matters. It's utterly disgusting and clearly, there are mainly men running this show who have little regard for females.

question regarding contestants conduct

On April 25, 2019 I noticed what appeared to be a contestant displaying a possible gang sign. Photo included below. Also, on the same day but second game, a member of the Ho Family sticking her tongue out at the other family. Both of these incidents are not illegal (to my limited knowledge); but disturbing. I really enjoy watching the show, especially since Steve Harvey became the host. I don't want anything or anyone to taint his success. I just wondered if among the list of Do's and Don'ts the contestants are provided, if this behavior was specifically spelled out. If not, possibly it should be added, as some people have no common sense filters.
Concerned dedicated viewer.

question regarding contestants conduct


Im 31 and have been a fan if the show since i was a kid. I appalled in the content you are providing for FAMILY entertainment.

One of the questions was "If you were to meet the Wizard of Oz, what would you wish for?"

I was disgusted by one of the "Survey Says" answers to say NUDE DOROTHY when Dorothy Gale the character is an 11 year old girl...

Also Judy Garland was 16 years old when she portrayed Dorothy.

Do your research, some feeding filth to the masses, and get back to wholesome, family entertainment!!!

minority representation of contestants

Simply put, why are there so many "Black" families on practically every show, but very few Asian, Hispanic, Indian (both American and Ethnic), Puerto Rican, etc.? These people are all American citizens, probably for generations, but don't get the "preferential" treatment that Steve Harvey most certainly gets for his KIND!!! It's certainly obvious to everyone I know who watches the show that these "people of color" also get the easiest questions possible if they do happen to make it to the FAST MONEY round. Example from tonight's show - name a political party! Pretty hard not to get almost all 100 points out of the 200 needed on just that one alone. Why don't the producers give them the money and skip the charade?!?

questions on family feud that appeared on the 7pm show on wednesday, march 27, 2019

One of the questions Steve Harvey asked was "Her booty was so sweet she must have sat in a bowl of _____" and the contestant had to fill in the blanks. Suppose we turn thi...

topics of categories

I watch this show with my 10 year old son as a way to relax and spend time together. Tonight one of the categories was top cities where strip clubs are!!! My son looked at me and asked what that was !! This is supposed to be a family friendly show. In the same episode another question was what do people hide under at a nude beach! Is there not enough topics that are more family friendly?!
I am very upset about this,

  • SubSquirrel Mar 11, 2019

    Use it as s teaching moment. Explain to your son what a nude beach is and why people go and don’t go there. Censorship is bad because you don’t learn. Explain to your kids or they’ll ask friends and get wrong answers. Teach him, don’t hide from him.

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