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ITV X Factorvoting

When my daughters friend voted for lloyd daniels on saturday nights show of x factor when she got through the automated service said that her vote had been counted for john and edward and thank you for her vote, i find it absolutely appalling that they are still in the show for a start but have since heard on the radio that they recieved the most votes on saturday, this is not surprising if this is what is happening when everybody votes. I think this needs investagating immediately as people are spending money voting for these people to have their choice disregarded but still at their expense.


  • Ju
    julie69williams Nov 08, 2009

    This show is not the x factor its the joke factor, whats wrong with everyone, john and edward should be on Britain's as got the laugh talent, beyond the joke now all the talent is getting voted off and it shouldnt be happening, evenally people are going to get bored of watching it soon in a few more weeks, and i certainly be one of them. enough is enough ! Lets get the x factor back on itv

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  • Oc
    ocramleeds Nov 08, 2009

    having just watched watched the results show and watched LucieJones up against John and Edward - once again it came down to Simons vote and obviously he wouldnt want the good singer up against his boys, i find it an absolute disgrace - this should be a fair competition. Lucie put in a brilliant performance and once again john & edward were shocking but as they are not seen as a threat they get to go through to the next round! what an absolute shambles this program is - FIX FACTOR.

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  • Xx
    xxlouisexx Nov 08, 2009


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  • Xx
    x xfactor fan Nov 08, 2009

    most people i know cant believe that john and edward got through the first week never mind up until now, i think people should change tv channels for 5 mins when they come on

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  • Ka
    karen 31 Nov 08, 2009

    After what Simon Cowell did tonight, I will not be watching x factor again! Myself and many many others are livid, simon knew what he was doing when he let the public vote decide between Lucie and those two - and he also knows the voting system is lets just say - 'NOT QUITE RIGHT'!!! i AM SWITCHING OFF AND WILL NOT BE WATCHING AGAIN AND I WILL DO MY DAMN BEST TO MAKE SURE RATINGS ARE WAY DOWN NEXT WEEK CAMPAIGNING TO STOP OTHERS WATCHING!!! not that i think that will be hard to do, the public are sick of this happening and will be switching off in droves, SHAME ON YOU SIMON COWELL AND WHOEVER COUNTS THE VOTES!!! OH AND JUST ONE LAST THING, I THOUGHT IT WAS A SINGING COMPETITION????

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  • Sa
    sammie and chris Nov 08, 2009

    i agree i think the show is a sham i CAN NOT BELIEVE they went through simon has said all along he didnt want the boy in the comp but he didnt vote them out i will never watch the show again now as it is a sham shame on you simon

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  • Ew
    e wilkin Nov 08, 2009

    just watched the x factor and i totally agree it is a fix 100% FIX, lucy should not have gone off tonight, simon cowel is 2 faced only the other day i read that if the twin got threw he would quit the show and move away now he had chance to get the twins off the show and he didnt its a totally fix and i for 1 will not be watching it again.

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  • Di
    disgusted777 Nov 08, 2009

    John and Edward are a joke. Simon had his chance to get rid of them but chose to chicken out and let the public vote. I think age has affected his judgement and I for one will not be watching the x factor in future. This is supposed to be a talent competition and the judges are failing to recognise that.

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  • Si
    SidJames Nov 08, 2009

    Booooo! – Simon Cowell cowardly voted off the stronger singer to protect is own singers. There could be a hidden agenda here as he appears to get free publicity from Jedward every single day. - He said he wouldn’t take anything else in consideration and the judges would vote on the performance tonight – what a liar. – but maybe a good businessman.

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  • Pr
    princess40 Nov 08, 2009

    The whole programme has gone to the dogs its not at all about the contestants is about which judge wins, jedward are absolutely rubbish with no talent and for simon to let the public decide when he knew she was the better singer (well there really was no competition as far as i'm concerned) lucie is up there with the likes of leona only to have it all taken away from her because simon new she could easily beat his boys. I certainly will not be watching x factor again i will enjoy an evening with BBC.

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  • Pg
    P Goldup Nov 08, 2009

    What is wrong with x factor Simon cowell and the producers of the show, why aren't they listening to the people and the reaction of some of the audience. Lucie Jones should have stayed and john and edward should have gone home, they are making a mockery of the show, they can not sing nor dance. As many people have said and other celeb's that i have read that they should go. I used to like watching the x factor but after tonight show it's the last, we the public are paying to watch a television show and we are not being taken serious, as it looks like this year's show is fixed once more. It's time for the show to finaly end, for good.

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  • An
    anne and tammy Nov 08, 2009

    I had thought that Simon was a man but it turns out that he is a mouse.He has been making it plain for weeks that he wanted rid of the twins.But when he had the chance he did not want to take the blame and he revered it to the public vote .Shame on him. I watch this every week but it is a sham.

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  • Ha
    harl Nov 08, 2009

    Well I agree with everyone, I think Simon has kept them in purely for the publicity they bring. They are front page news and everyone is talking about Jedwood. But as X Factor is a talent contest, it is a disgrace that Louis put them through in the first place.

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  • Li
    liueez Nov 08, 2009

    I am so very cross at tonight's decision, Simon Cowell stated that the best performer would get his vote, and he lied, i have always been a fan of his ability to be honest without caring but, he showed this evening that he is an absolute fool, no doubt he will state that it was up to the public, but as he fully knows some numptys are voting for the twins to stay just to annoy everyone else, which was fairly amusing until someone with a great deal of talent was forced to go.
    I have always loved the X factor and enjoy the talent it has given the British public, but i will no longer be watching as it is a sham and i hope that there will be no more series to follow.

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  • Al
    allybennett Nov 08, 2009

    Bring back Lucy!!! Im so angry, Lucy was up there with the great singers!!! I cant believe this its so stupid. Simon said this was a singing competiton well he has just made his show look like a joke!! The only way he can sort this out is to BRING BACK LUCY!! Bring her back and give the public a second chance to vote. People probably thought she was safe because she is such a good singer, thats why she didnt get the votes not because they wanted her to go!! I will not be watching it again!! xx

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  • Bi
    Big Roj Nov 08, 2009

    After the hypocritical way the programme ended tonight that we will never watch it again. This programme has just reached rock bottom and is now on course to repeat the Michell McManus Pop Idol debacle that ended that particular show format.

    I hope today's papers are right and Simon is going to fek off to America and stay there, he has deeply offended the British public and done irrepairable damage to the show.

    He has slagged off these two idiots for weeks but yet when put up against real talent he ran away and hid behind a public vote which is an anti-show protest vote anyway.

    Never again will we watch this show.

    X factor is dead in the water after this.

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  • Co
    ColletteEller Nov 08, 2009

    I am absolutely furious with tonight's farce on X Factor!! Simon Cowell said he would base his opinion on the second performance!!! What a joke, Lucy was by far the better singer . Simon has done this for his own gains in my eyes, as Lucy an Steph are top competition for Jamie, Olly and Danyl, and not based it on singing ability.
    I expect Simon will like the Mr Nasty publicity he's getting, because that is arrogance.
    It makes an absolute mockery of past winners like Leona and Alexandra, who are fabulous singers and the nation would of missed out on such talent if it hadn't been for the show, but to put John an Edward in the same league is disgraceful.
    I shall not be watching farce factor again . I hope if they win they lose Simon thousands!!


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  • Yu
    yummy mummy Nov 08, 2009

    i have been votin for weeks now to make sure they poofbuster get booted but look wot happen tonite. simon had the the chance to get thm off all he has done for weeks is slaged them off wot was it he said a few weeks bk if they win im not doing the xfactor again ...hmmm well simon c for wot u did tonite im going to be watchin STRICTLY COME DANCIN xfactor is a fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx waistin money on a fone call tht could be going to children in need

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  • Ex
    explode009 Nov 08, 2009

    absolutely fuming with tonights out come. it"s one huge fix how could a pair of talentless idiots get this far in the first place is beyond me...ive watched x factor for years but now its just become one huge JOKE, it will not appear on my telly anymore.Simon is one big ###. the show has now run its course.WHAT A FIXXXXXXXXXXX.

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  • Ly
    lynda price Nov 08, 2009

    what a farce X factor has become I for one wont watch it anymore .Simon Coward should be ashamed of himself Lucie was far in front of those rubbish twins and he said before hand that he would judge it on tonights performance .I hope people switch off in droves, , , , it will serve them right

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  • Ju
    judew90 Nov 08, 2009


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  • Ma
    mazda Nov 08, 2009

    I have never ever wrote a complaint about a programme - but I was so annoyed at what happened tonight i felt I had to express - what I think the nation must be feeling. Mr cowell it is a very slippery game you are playing - never forget that you need the British Public to help you. So many people are going to see the insincerety of what has gone on tonight.
    Previously simon has complained that john and edward had no talent - he had the perfect opportunity to vote them out - and didn't.
    Which only leaves us to believe that he is more interested in the hype that surround these twins than real talent.
    Shame on you simon - I for one will never watch your programme again - it is false - and misleading. If it was about talent then you would have done the right thing.
    the word FIX comes very heavily to mind. - very disappointed viewer!!!

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  • Rm
    RMD* Nov 08, 2009

    Im very annoyed with Simons tactics in sending Lucie home. Why bother voting if Simon 'Coward' is only going to twist it to his advantage anyway!! I will not be bothering to watch x factor again, and after looking at the comments on the x factor website i think itv will be loosing alot of viewers for this programme. Nobody wants to watch a talent show that isnt about the talent - its just a fix.

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  • Na
    NaomiAllison Nov 08, 2009

    Simon Cowell is a hypocrit, tonights sh0ws was FIXED, he said he would judge tonights show on their performance, and he didn't deliver. in the past i would've usually agreed with his harsh but true comments its all due to money.

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  • Ha
    HayleyM Nov 08, 2009

    I agree with most of the comments that have been posted here. simon cowell thinks he knows talent obviously not when he put through what seems to me like two 3 year olds on a karaoke machine what a joke.and how can louis Walsh the manager of two successful Irish bands be supporting these two ###. I myself will not be watching or voting for this farce any more simon cowell should not be allowed to take on and sign any new artists when he obviously doesn't know what he is doing

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  • Br
    braggy Nov 08, 2009

    It just proves Cowell is only interested in ratings and ultimately the £, rather than promoting genuine talent, regardless of whether he thinks they will win or not.

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  • Sl
    SlipperySquid Nov 09, 2009

    Well Well Well,
    I think we all know it's nothing to do with talent may as well be called the "Cash Factor" because that's what it's all about. More votes make more money...also how many people have tried to vote only to have the automated reply "Thanks for voting for John and Edward?".
    None of us know how many votes where given to each side as it's never revealed, it's a farce without a doubt...but it's about how much money can be made...not about talent...not about the's all about the money.
    How many X-factor winners are still making succsesful albums? Cowell only has to get one album to make a couple of million then the act can be kicked to the kirb.
    But that's how the music bizz talks and when you stop making's goodbye.
    I won't be watching X factor anymore and I really think it's a shame.
    I hope Lucy get's noticed from this and snapped up!

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  • Di
    disguntledfan Nov 09, 2009

    what a shambles this show is no wonder they keep getting through when you place a vote for one act the automated system thamks you for casting your vote for john and edward its a farce i have never voted for those two but have been caught out twice now i am considering further action to get my money refunded and put a stop to this farce and as for mr cowell he should be placed in front of a firing squad for his actions last night i for one will be boycotting the show from now on

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  • Ed
    Edward Davies Nov 09, 2009

    I trusted Simon Cowell what a fool i was. What is the point of a sing off if it is refered to the voters when the voting as been closed before the sing off. I thought Gordon Brown couldn't make a deceision i was wrong Simon Cowell can't either. What a fix and joe public are taken for fools once again. This is a good bye to X Factor from me and my family and friends. For those who still want to watch and vote teach him a lesson and don't vote for any of he's acts. Fix

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  • Li
    Lilmarshi Nov 09, 2009

    X-Facter is a disgrace this year John and Edward are totally talentless they need to go !!! Lucy was my fave singer and watching last nights x-factor was a shock and Siman should have spotted the talent but instead he sent it too the public and yet again the talentless freaks are still on the show !!! Alot of people are unhappy bwt the talent slipping away and the so called judges just let that happen ! ;( Well Dissapointed was a good show but after this years x-factor needs sorting out BIG TIME !!!

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  • Ri
    risingfog Nov 10, 2009

    It may sound ridiculous but the farce played out with Lucy and Jedward deserve a public boycott of X-Factor. I for one would rather watch QVC or Bid TV than any show with Simon in it again.

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  • Pg
    PGAV Nov 12, 2009

    Those two talentless gimboids will make simon coward a huge amount of money via the communications industry- look at what he did with the telly tubbies and that was small potatoes. When it comes to low brow entertainment the twins have it in spades.It's about time the public woke up to this.

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  • Ch
    Cheated2 Nov 12, 2009

    The X factor voting system is just another scam . Those idiots John and Edward should not be in the show, someone is paying for them to be there. I had a lot of respect for Simon cowell and his success, but not now. Greed has got the better of him. dont forget Simon you lost it all once and you can lose it all again. It is the public who buy your records and support your TV programmes, and you are beginning to alienate the very people you earn your money from. We didnt watch the X faxtor last week because of John and Edward, now lucy is out and they are still in we definitely wont be watching it again.

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  • Da
    dave26 Dec 05, 2009

    I am totally fed up with louis!!! He is petty and very sour he has no one left in the competition. Not to mention he is a crap manager, i feel he never has anything constructive to say and more bothered about arguing with simon. GET RID OF LOUIS

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  • Ea
    E. Anderson Dec 06, 2009

    Why are we told by the host of the show the voting lines are still open between 7.30pm-8pm on sunday 6th December when in fact the lines were closed for voting

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  • Br
    bright sparks Nov 21, 2010

    What a total joke this is - what on earth is VARGNER or whatever his name is doing there again. Neither Cher nor Paige should have left over him...its so obviously one massive fix. Its a pathetic joke. Ridiculous. Im sick of it now - dont think I will bother anymore.

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