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Apr 30, 2021

ITV - View Point

I am complaining because the final episode is not being shown as scheduled. On the basis of published information the lead actor has not been found guilty, charged with an offence, or been interviewed by the Police.
I firmly believe that allegations of misconduct should be properly investigated by the appropriate authorities before action is taken which could potentially influence a future juror. Suspending the programme makes it look as if ITV has found him guilty without the tedious process of justice taking place.

Desired outcome: Show the programme


ITV - Final episode of "viewpoint"

I am appalled at the decision taken by ITV Board to not show the final episode of this gripping drama .
ITV have climbed on the back of non proven allegations that Noel Clarke has not conducted himself appropriately . I repeat, these are not proven !
Unless your are able to produce compelling evidence to the contrary ITV have followed the febrile, weak tree hugging, namby pamby viewers that have formally complained .
They are completely in the minority and yet ITV tamely follow this group of people and not the greater majority who believe that Noel is innocent, until proved guilty !
Shame on the Media stations and shame on ITV !

Desired outcome: Reinstate the final episode and buck the trend , show some backbone .

Apr 30, 2021

I have to agree with the above summation of what seems to be, 'trial by media'.
He who is without sin, shall cast the first stone. Be careful ITV, we live in glass houses.
My wife and I are angry that you have 'pulled the last View Point''. I'm sure you were
happy to commission the programme to begin with. Noel Clarke is a fine actor, who's
career seems in tatters. Just think of his family, they must be distraught at a son's
exposure. The hypocrites that awarded him a Bafta, are no doubt scurrying away.
I was innocently unaware that 'ITV Hub, is something that is paid for. I signed in,
believing it was an i Player. Once I realised I'd be charged for the disservice of your
Hub, I immediately cancelled by managing 'my account'. If you charge me for it,
I'll be complaining about it, to all I meet. You must forgive me, but I don't watch your usual
awful array of silly soaps. That is why I was surprised at the gripping clips of View Point.
Surely the allegations, must have been known before your screening of for once, a worthwhile
drama. Instead, you put on an emergency parachuted 'It'll be alright' sadly an insipid apology
for Dennis Norden masterpieces. Why can't you put View Point, FREE on an i Player. Making
people pay for your inconsistency. I guess it's a way to cynically squeeze money out of angry
viewers. Oh yes, Why when we telephone you, do you have a message saying basically, we're
not here, due to Covid. Then going on to ask if we know a persons contact details. If II had, I'd have
given them, my choice thoughts, Why do we have to add or subtract coded numbers, before complaining ? It looks like you're making it hard to complain. In this sick society, we can all be tarred with the same brush. Before putting out any further dramas, question all the cast, crew and caterers, in case they, alike us all, have skeletons in closets. This way, we can turn the channel to BBC 4.

Noel Clarke, has not been proved in a UK court of law, but has been judged guilty by media and social media, where is the UK law that says you are innocent until proved guilty, .
We are seeing here the anonymous minority ruling the majority

ITV - This morning

I have always watched This Morning. I am 73 and found it excellent to keep me company during the lockdowns. I am writing to inform you that over the last month or so since Eammon and Ruth have been replaced with Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary the programme is going downhill. Alison is always getting things wrong. This morning the Vet had to apologise on her behalf for something she said about getting another cat when the lady ringing in was worried about her cat being ill. She gets people's name wrong on a regular basis. She is also very annoying as she is so loud and messes about before the breaks which we don't want to see. She talks over people all the time which is very rude. She is so bigheaded and makes a dreadful presenter. Bring back Eammon and Ruth!

Desired outcome: I would like someone to inform me that something is being done about this!!!


ITV - The way Alex beresford is treated

I find it very offensive that every time ITV have a discussion on race Alex is put out there . I find it offensive especially for him he's more than that ! You need to do better ! You've put him out there knows it wouldn't end well with Piers ! So then he has people writing disgusting comments all over social media . You need to look at what your doing because your part of the problem .

ITV - Good Morning Britain

I am waiting regarding Piers Morgan's view on Megan Markle and the way he has been treated. He may be outspoken but very few people in the UK believed a word of what she said. It was all about attention seeking.

It's very sad but I think most people could write pages of reasons why this is so. She appears to be estranged from her family, few real friends and had she so she might not have been so lonely. Plus where was Harry through all of this - he is blaming everyone as well and he is the one who decided to bring Megan into the firm. Sad to say but I am sure they have lost what little support they had in letting the queen and royal family down and most of us want them to just go away. Plus she is an experienced actress and it looked very contrived.

In summary this complaint is the support of Piers Morgan and a complaint against his treatment even in this very sensitive Pc world we live in.

Desired outcome: Collate all the for and against complaints and publish

I and my family find Piers Morgan loud mouthed and offensive. He is extreme in his opinions and rarely listens to any other opinion over powering the speaker and dominating air time. His endless attack on Meghan Markle is deranged and as long as he is on the screen we will not watch. I found Meghan's presentation to be calm and honest, and it is about time that Harry & Meghan had the courage to speak out about the Royal establishment, that also isolated Diona and tried to silence her as they have tried with Meghan. They at no time attacked the Queen and there are huge numbers who support her and Harry. Many may like his unpleasant manner but many do not. please do not have him back on air.
Lizzi Walters

May 28, 2021

Funny it's all come out was a typical Megan lie guess your one of them who wants freedom of speech taken away nazi state

ITV - Morning Show with Piers Morgan

The appalling treatment of the weather man prior and after storming off the show !
Preceded by the sexist demand to showing off of female presenter.
I know Mr Morgan was friends with Harvey Weinstein but is there any need for ITV to allow him to copy that behaviour.
The man is turning into a TV bully and anyone who disagrees with him is simply shouted down.
Because he couldn't brow beat Alex he simply storms out ?
Shocking behaviour today on all counts

agree thank you for above

ITV - Good Morning Britain

There is so much rubbish on Good Morning Britain.

Piers Morgan never allows anyone to speak and shouts above them.

Susannah Reid is not knowledgeable on may political and historical issues.

The Thomas Merkle interview was so biased with a person who has made money out of his daughter and continues to do so. Not one word can be believed. He actually appeared drunk.

Can we stop having such rubbish interviews.

Desired outcome: Stop broadcasting rubbish interviews

ITV - Conduct of piers morgan

Piers Morgan needs sacking, what an offensive rude liar he is.He was sacked from daily mirror for publishing fake doctored pictures he should receive the same in this instance.How he speaks to other presenters like he just has this morning is atrocious.How he can call out papers when he was part of the problem previously.It's all about having respect for others opinions

Desired outcome: Get him sacked.doubt itl happen

ITV - GMB Piers Morgan

I was seriously offended by Piers Morgan on GMB on the 8 of March . Your company really need to remove this offensive man. I know you want debate on the issue of Meghan Markle but he is on the wrong side of this. He comes across as a pompous white [censored] who has a chip on his shoulder about her. I was pleasantly surprised by Trisha Goddard putting him in his place. The way he interrupts his co worker and shouts above everybody is just nasty. I'm never watching GMB again, he is too racist for words.

Desired outcome: Sack Piers Morgan

Dear ITV,
thank you for creating your Get Britain Talking campaign to encourage people to talk to their friends/family/neighbours about their mental well-being and to be open surrounding any concerns they have about it declining.
Please can you simultaneously encourage listening? It’s counter intuitive to actively engage discussion and then have somebody, like Piers Morgan who immediately switches to the offensive the moment that somebody discusses poor mental health.
Yesterday morning when discussing Meghan and her claims about being suicidal you needed somebody with compassion, somebody to listen and to be objective.
Instead we were treated to Piers Morgan who entirely rejected her claims and decided it was just an elaborate play against the Royal Family.
This is really quite alarming and actually it’s invalidating to anybody who is currently feeling suicidal or has lived experience of what it feels like.

If you want to run a campaign to try and prevent suicide then please, make sure you cover all the bases. Talking and listening is a two way thing and you should be treating it as such.

Mar 08, 2021

ITV - Piers Morgan

I am absolutely disgusted that ITV continue to employ this man. It is clear that ITV do not care about the mental health of people so do everyone a favour and stop preaching about it. Please stop advertising "Britain get talking" whilst you continue to employ a bully, a man that hacked a dead girls phone, a man that claims a woman is lying when she says she is suicidal. Please remove all mental health support from your websites and adverts because whilst that man is still on the air, you are part of the reason.

Desired outcome: Remove Piers Morgan or remove your so called “mental health support” as it is contradicting to have both.

ITV - Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

Why are these programmes continuing with story lines that make out every thing is normal like using the pub and cafe when every where is closed also the story line on Bartons farm Moria Barton must be a super woman looking after cattle producing meat delivering have a supermarket contract to supply meat. talk about utter rubbish unbelievable. the story in Coronation Street about that horrible drug dealer should not be glamorised.

Desired outcome: Explanation why the they are transmitting such utter tripe.

ITV - Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan's daily rants about the conservative
government & in particular Boris Johnson is unprofessional & poor journalism. It sounds like he has a personal vendetta.
He is nothing more than a shouty aggressive bully. No other industry or company would let this continue. He would of been sacked. How do you condone this?
Yes hold the government & MP's to task but not in this manner. Do it calmly, seriously & professionally.
I know longer watch this show & wont til he is replaced.
And worst of all Susanna Reid is turning into the same!


Watching GMB this morning, I was appalled by the personal comment made by Piers Morgan on Government Minister P Patel. When speaking to Lorraine he said that she was Ms P Patel but with brains. This personal attack was biased and uncalled for. Not good journalism. If he was talking about race or sexuality he would be severally rapped. This man is definitely not a good journalist and has shown extreme bias in his comments on the Government that are often childish personal remarks rather than based on fact. All he is interested in is name dropping who he knows or has met. He asks questions but NEVER allows the interviewee to answer and constantly talks over them to put his own view point forward as being the correct opinion.

Desired outcome: Needs to apologise on air for his comments

ITV - Piers Morgan

On holiday in Antigua with family over christmas after c onstantly identifying and shaming other celebrities for doing the same thing, with the excuse he was tired and needed a break.
Lets have him hung out to dry like he does to others.This would wipe the smug look off his face, especially if he was made to appear on a programme to justify his actions

Desired outcome: A decisive action that reflects itvs position on such things.Not a whitewash.


ITV - Emmerdale

Am offended by the latest storyline about racism in emmerdale. Its offensive to me. Why are you bringing a story about racism into a soap. Why are you ramming it down my throat when I only want to watch half an hour of my favourite soap. I am 66 so don't need to have it thrown in my face. So now I have switched off Emmerdale. Just disgusted. That black son of the minister is really a nasty racist and is bringing out racism in the rest of the black actors which was never there before. The minister and his son are poor actors with serious race issues. Goodbye emmerdale.

ITV - Annoyed as hell at masked singer

So watched the recent season 2 ep 2 of masked singer I felt that the seahorse was not the worst singer but got thrown out anyway because why? Explain this to me itv come on I'm waiting the fact that she prob was the best one if the night and got thrown out proves this show isn't really about the bounce now doesn't it didn't take long for this to happen did it itv? Another fake reality TV show with the host so damn ham god could this get any worse so you get rid of Sophie elise bexter which also was good and now Mel b is this a singing competition or not? Again about looks or the outfit and again missing what the competition is all about again itv it's why I will never watch the x factor again ever there goes itv again wrecking another perfectly good show by making it into something it isn't ffs I'm tired if this itv hate the host and very close to gating the whole entire channel thing ice itv thin ice

Desired outcome: Either stop voting Good singers or remove the show pick the best singer not the best dressed

ITV - ITv news

On todays ITV news you reported how the COVID level of expenditure for PPE was out of control, mentioned by some random reporter that has zero experience of decisive decisions intended to save lives. You mentioned that open contracting could have saved money... regardless of lives lost.
That is why you are media, chao headline driven and not involved in any real decisions that governments take to save lives.

I am sure that after the 2nd world war you would have reported how much money could have been saved instead of direct contracts to build Hurricanes, Spitfires, Tanks, Landing craft and Ammunition could have been saved if we had open contracted verses going with trusted companies. your 100% right, we could have saved millions and lost the war ... congratulations on putting zero value on life

How do you defend your want to upstage a government that is trying to do the best it can under these circumstance's. Your massive team of desk jockey's obviously believe saving a few million is more important than saving lives.

Thanks for clearly showing the ITV value of life verses saving some pubic expenditure made by teams of people who are trying to save lives over money as apposed to the ITV view of saving money is more important than lives

How do you support that approach

I look forward to the Graduate trainee that you wild get to produce a very poor explanation of why what you reported is in the public interest...

ITV - let's save, money and let people die of COVID - think of the savings


ITV - Celebrity jungle

on the jungle why is the camera always focusing on jordan north, it is becoming the jordan north show, some of the celebrities are hardly being shown, getting fed up with hearing and seeing him, itv please dont be biased include all celebrities, it is staring to become boring and irritating, he is obviously putting on a clever act, he was frightened at the beginning now you cant stop him so confident

Oct 18, 2020

ITV - Enjoy your week end program

Sunday 18/10/20
Brilliant show, but absolutly ruined by the directors camera work...
Every 30 seconds panning in and out, close up and and out again... This continued all through the show, made my wife and I dizzy...
Everty time when filming outside and a dog and a cockerell came into veiw
He cut it out of the shot by switching cameras
On bbc gardeners world the dog nigel passed away and there where over 200
Thousands viewers writing in, and monty dons book about nigel is a top 5 book
I really think the directors lost the concept of the show, even though its set in a barn and is in the country side... Maybe the saying less is more could be wispered in his or hers ear...
Watch the camera work when they where talking about the goats ane especialy when the were wine tasting... P. Jones

Oct 18, 2020

ITV - ITV News at Ten on Saturday, 17th October 2020

Herewith I complain about the way in which you reported about the beheading of Samuel Paty. You did not say that he was beheaded. You did not say that he showed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed to...

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