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ITV - who wants to be a millionaire

Why is Jeremy ckarkson the new presenter of who wants to be a millionaire its a joke after what he has done I want u to reconsider on getting a different presenter to go the show of thousands off...

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ITV - advertising during the voice

Given that 8.15pm is still early evening and well before the 9pm watershed, and given that ITV had already welcomed family viewing of The Voice by starting the programme as early as 7pm, why would they run a movie trailer about coming of age, using the lines "having sex" and "losing her virginity" during an advertisement break so early in the show? My seven year old daughter was watching. Surely it could have been advertised after 9pm? There is an understanding in this country that during shows where bad language is restricted, younger children are protected from advertising containing such content. You wouldn't play the Love-Honey advert during the breaks on The Voice, so why show an advert which is including equally inappropriate sexual language. Totally unacceptable.
Yours disappointedly,
Nerys Kendrick

ITV - marmite advertising

I settled down to watch the friendly match between netherlands and England. at 7.30pm on March 23rd.

A advertisent came on with a young girl shouting and screaming at her mother, totally uncalled for and I found it very very offensive. What gave this schoolgirl the right to talk to her mother like that - it was because it was over Marmite - You either love it or hate it...

No wonder the young children talk to their parents like they do - they mimic the children in advertisments and think that it is perfectly normal and acceptable, Well! it isin't not to me anyway.

ITV - coronation street

I am sick in general of being force fed one depressing storyline after another! Every damn episode consists of someone crying, or drug abuse, or sinister characters murdering, raping, & long term consequences that seem to go on forever. This world is horrific enough for us viewers without having these shoved down our throats again and again. TV should be a place where you should be able to escape from all the every day turmoils of reality. We are no longer living in an age of innocence. We are well aware of all the nasty things that are happening out there! As a family we have decided to stop watching all programmes that contain these depressing storylines. Did it ever occur to you that this type of content can also paint a very negative view of the world in both Children and adults? It is all about the ratings war, all the social awareness obligation twaddle is just hype!

ITV - dancing on ice

Judging appears to be fixed in favour of chem and Ali. Charms 1st dance was surely bottom and no way was his second dance as good as the marks particularly as the dance after his had so much flawless content.
No longer watching, I've been sickened by this fix since the first week.
Hope the advertisers get to hear about this, apart from losing high spending viewers they shouldn't want be associated with this form of fake competition.

ITV - the sound changes during advertising breaks

Could you please justify the reason for the volume increasing to unexpected level during advertising breaks.

The increased levels only makes me change channels to avoid the irritation and possible hearing damage please advise.

As a major broadcasting organisation I would except you would have a duty off care for the customs you serve.

As a concerned customer I look forward to your early response

Regards Tom Shockley

ITV - darts coverage

Hi, you recently decided to axe the walk on girls at the recent Unibet darts tournament. you have grossly underestimated the affect this will have upon the viewing public! Just visit '' if you require proof. I hope you listen to public opinion and overturn this decision. Once again you are caving in to the minority, this needs to stop and stop right now!

ITV - tom bradby condescending

Please ask Tom Bradby to stop being so condescending in his delivery of the News at Ten.
On Monday 29th January 2018 he presented the decision of the 27 EU members had been made in 2minutes, does he really think we are all naive enough to believe this & they hadn't considered this in previous discussions.
Does he really think that with 14, 500 first responders the public in general will not have heard of them.

ITV - jeremy kyle show

I have watched this show quite a few times.
Jeremy Kyle seemingly is a show that resolves issues through "conflict resolution", (pseudo, counselling terminology that is basically meaningless).
I believe this a thin veil to allow him to parody vulnerable people for others' amusement.
I particularly object to his repeated behaviour when "a guest" mentions anything of a sexual nature in passing, when Jeremy Kyle can only be described as "a dog with a bone", reiterating the persons words, just in case viewers did not hear it originally.
Even when this remark has sufficiently been milked to his perception of his audience's satisfaction, he will still humiliate "guest(s)" further by referring to it later.
This show is odious, deliberate and shameful.
These people are treated as fodder, most are unaware of how badly they are used and abused by this creepy man and his show.
Carol Watson.

ITV - purplebricks

I would like to complain about the recent Purple Bricks advertisement.
This is a man with a puppet with many children present, the language is offensive, the strangling of the puppet is offensive in fact the whole advertisement is offensive! How does this teach children to respect one another? it teaches children it's ok to shout and squabble and hurt someone. I do not want children see that this type of behaviour is acceptable in life... teach respect, to love, to care NOT the type of behaviour this advertisement portrays.

ITV - coronation street

guys just watched your scene of the lady crawling up the stairs after accidentally taking magic mushrooms it come across funny school boy era my best friends brother through hes self out of a six...

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ITV - evening news

Robert Moore is so biased that he never reports the good that comes out of the President's objectives. This new US tax law is a case in point. It actually helps anyone who pays taxes. The huge internet giants who are based offshore and who therefore do not pay US taxes, are now going to. But to hear and see the way it's presented on ITV, one would think he was taxing the homeless!

My family and friends discuss how the News is presented and what is actually happening. We are not amused!

Update by Valerie Henderson
Dec 20, 2017

This Reporter is so biased that he never reports the good that comes out of the President's objectives. This new US tax law is a case in point. It actually helps anyone who pays taxes. The huge internet giants who are based offshore and who therefore do not pay US taxes, are now going to. But to hear and see the way it's presented on ITV, one would think he was taxing the homeless!

My family and friends discuss how the News is presented and what is actually happening. We are not amused!

ITV - i'm a celebrity

Stopped watching Im A Celebrity because I cannot bear to see the BOYS bully Iain anymore. Unfair, childish and cruel. So uncomfortable to watch, would not be tolerated in the workplace (which is, after all what this is for these Celebrities), would not be tolerated in the playground, so they should be shamed and removed. Horrible pathetic excuses for men. Ruined an otherwise enjoyable show.

ITV - i'm a celebrity get me outta here!

I would like to leave a complaint about the show "I'm a celebrity get me out of here!" I'm sick of ITV thinking it's okay to broadcast and show a poor vulnerable man getting bullied by his camp...

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ITV - waspicoverage

I am writing to complain about the complete lack of coverage over the plight of the WASPI women, although there has been many demonstrations throughout the country and countless debates in the house of commons I have yet to hear anything about it, it is time that the news channels start to give it the coverage it deserves and highlight the financial suffering this has caused to many women throughout the United Kingdom, even when it was suggested by a conservative m.p that women aged 65 could apply for an apprenticeship no coverage was given to this outrage.

ITV - football games

Why does the I T V show English Football Matches on Scottish Television .
This beggars belief and is also appalling .In the past when Scotland have
been playing at the same time as a English Match the English match is
shown on S T V . Surely this can be rectified don't tell me it is to do with
contracts if so these can be terminated . Scottish Football Fans don't want to watch English games . Lets see you do something about this . Early reply appreciated

ITV - the one o'clock news 06/11/2017.

I have just witness the worst and most bias coverage of a subject in my life.
It was about the elderly gentleman who had reversed into 2 ladies and killed them. I am sorry for the ladies and their family's.
But the way that the gentleman's age was kept being mentioned was utterly bias and disgusting.
Every day I witness those young about 20 year old women dashing here and there like the world was coming to an end, and just avoiding crashes by inches.
Is it a case of lets get at the elderly, that is how it appeared to me.

ITV - the sacking of todd grimshaw on coronation street

I would like to complain about what I see as unfair sacking of bruno (Todd grimshaw) in coronation street. (Sexual assault)
What happened to inocent until proven guilty???
Why is he been sacked yet kevin webster who faced sexual accusations involving children remained an employee. His contract remained open. He still works on the show.
Unles you know something us viewers do not about the accusation??? News reports say todd has been sacked due to accusations of sexual assault!!
Please during times like this your employess should be supported until proven or disproven of their guilt.
If bruno is guilty then fair enough he needs to go but oy when he is proven guilty!!

ITV - tv show - coronation street

I will not be watching coronation street anymore. It was the only soap I watched but now I won't be watching any and will spend my half an hour doing something much more worth while. If I wanted to watch a psycho thriller I would put one on, however, when I put corrie on I'm expecting to watch a soap opera at 7.30pm NOT an over the top late at night psycho thriller! I thought Eastenders was bad enough and I stopped watching that 10 years ago! I am absolutely sick of seeing phelans fat, ugly head on the tv, I feel like vomiting everytime I see him and now that there is no light at the end of the tunnel for Andy I don't see the point in watching this boring load of rubbish anymore. I don't care what Phelan's planning next and no punishment would be enough so corrie you've lost another viewer! Spokesperson for corrie, stop trying to justify what you have shown and listen to your ex fans - it is too violent and gruesome, it is NOT entertainment!!!

ITV - advert of man vomiting in the sink having cancer

Please could you not show the advert of a Gentlman vomiting in the sink having Cancer Every. Other advert it seems is thrown at us Cancer, Cancer Cancer I lost my Husband to bowel Cancer. In...

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