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Good morning Britain

This was my complaint to ITV after I had complained to Good Morning Britain, I still have not received confirmation or response.

I wish to make a formal complaint please

I have requested / or asked a few times in the other forms of contacting GMB twitter primarily a question. However the employees who in charge of media / marketing have not answered my queries which is some what disappointing.

My complaint is really regarding Piers Morgan

As a brand and a professional broadcast your programme has become shameful and appears to be gaining momentum for a bad reputation.

People and I are disgusted at how rude Piers Morgan is.

You have had England Goverment refuse to make any appearances on your programme specifically because of Piers Morgan.

You only need to see the 1, 000's of comments on twitter on his posts how unhappy people really are.

I have y been able to watch GMB for years whilst he has been on the show I loved Ben and Eammon they were fantastic.

I think you're ratings will drop you really need to start listening to the public, it maybe only a couple of formal complaints directly however if you just had an insight to the thousands of comments that are truly unhappy with the show at the moment you would realise.

So my formal complaint are two things

One I have asked several times queries on the other form of communication but have received no response.

Second of all I think it's an unprofessional approach and manor in which your presenter Piers Morgan is conducting his work. He is essentially make myself feel very unhappy and puts me in such a horrid mood if he is on, as I'm sure which I can not assume thousands of others.

It has been specifically stated that the government are not appearing on yoir show again because of him ?!!

With all of the comments, the complaints what are you going to do to resolve the unhappiness of your ex views / viewers please ?

Van Der valk

I watched Van Der valk when I was a child remembering the dramatic theme tune was great we would hum along to the tune and still do when the new revamped Van Der valk came on I got ready to hum the tune and I was disappointed that they changed it ? why have they done this ?when it was such a pivotal part of the show..
Kind regards Linda Jones.

Piers Morgan’s negativity

During the COVID 19 crisis, all Pierce Morgan seems to be doing it trying to trip the government up with every new thing they try to put into place for COVID 19. These are very unsettling, frightening times for everyone. The first thing a lot of people do when they wake up is to put the TV on only to be faced with three hours of Pierce's rants and HIS opinions. Come on ITV, I think we need some positivity during these negative times, especially with more of us being asked to stay at home. If this carries on I for one will tune out and just listen to radio! If I wanted a political debate every morning I would tune into question time!


I am writing to complain about the P & O Ferries advert on Saturday 21st March during Ant & Decs Saturday Night Takeaway. Disgusted that ITV approved this advert during the coronavirus pandemic. Lives were lost on cruises, passengers and crew still self isolating and being quarantined from cruises. More lives are being lost because theses floating petri dishes are still operating. Disrespectful to the families who have lost loved ones, and families still not reunited with families who maybe thousands of miles away in quarantine. Bad timing ITV. You must consider dropping all cruise adverts.

Constant wind up about c-19

In relation to School Closures, News at Ten is not saying that all pupils will be provided with daily lessons and info to work at home or with their carers. This is because the main slant of ITV News, from day 1, has been to harp on possible negative consequences, no matter how bizarre or unlikely and to wind the public's fears up about covid-19 ... not to provide positive information about it.

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Dancing on Ice 2020.

I would like to register a complaint over the decision to award Joe Swash as this years Dancing on Ice winner. Especially when Perri Kiely has been the far superior dancer from day one of entering the competition.
Where as Joe Swash has stumbled and made errors through every weekly programme by laughing and joking to the judging panel about his performance.

This programme is meant to be based on the dancing ability of the competitors and not a populator contest. I/e I am a celebrity get me out of here and EastEnders. -When one is recognised more from there TV appearances, You automatically become noticed. One fears that this result was based on his merit in other TV work and not his ability to skate.

We have watched and enjoyed the series of Dancing on Ice since its very first showing. Sadly if this programme is to carry on with voting on the person and not the ability to skate why bother. K&J.

Skating on Ice Final Result

I don't know what I must have been watching? Certainly Joe had improved but Peri was a different league and class of skater and in my opinion he most deserved to win. I can only guess that Eastender's fans voted Joe in?

I'm gutted Peri didn't win.

Maybe the public should be excluded from voting leaving the decision up to the judges to make it fairer.

Well done Peri you did brilliantly and you were a star 🌟

Disappointed Viewer

Coronation street

I am disgusted how far you have taken this Jeff and yasmine storyline now you have got him killing chickens. Too far way too far. I am sick and disgusted with you doing this, I had to turn off and I will not be turning on again till Jeff has gone. You have no regard for your viewers or there views this really made me sick especially as kids watch at this time of night.

Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (22/02/2020)

I have sent the following complaint to Ofcom...The performance by the Pussycat Dolls on the the above programme was nothing short of pornographic...this is on a show that prides itself on always stating it's a Family Show!! I actually rang up the ITV station this morning to make my concerns known about tonight's show. I mentioned that I would have my 10 year old Grandson staying this weekend and he was very excited as he loves the Ant & Dec show. I said I was very concerned when I heard the Pussycat Dolls were going to be closing the show. The man In spoke to said he would pass on my concerns...really! I am not a prude by any means, but I know what type of dance routines they always do and this made me very nervous!! When they appeared on the show earlier I was just completely shocked! Throughout the show, Ant & Dec made quite a few remarks about them not wearing anything too revealing. I was a little reassured with this...well how wrong could I be!!! The performance was not toned down one bit and they were just as raunchy as they usually are!! I and my husband are furious...What on earth were ITV thinking?? It was like they stuck two fingers up to the viewers! What happened to the Section One of the "Ofcom Guidance protecting the under 18's -Observing the 9pm watershed on television and music videos"????? It specifically mentions Family Shows and Programs!
I am so disgusted with ITV and also Ant & Dec (who I usually love) and also the Pussycat Dolls themselves. They all knew what program they were appearing on!!!
I will not be watching this program ever family and some friends who also saw it feel exactly the same.
I really hope that ITV will be severely reprimanded and if appropriate, fined heavily for allowing this to happen. I am stunned but also fuming!
Something has to be done!!
Mrs Rita Murray

The Chase

I am contacting you to complain about the number of times that Margaret Thatcher mentioned on The Chase.
She is either the question, the answer or one of the options of the answer on what seems like every episode.
While I understand that certain subjects such as politics and the Royal Family will come up regularly, it seems that there is some kind of agenda with this person.
If a question on the Royal Family is asked then it can range from the Normans to the present day, a question on Music can be from any genre but this is too much and surely no coincidence.
Clearly someone that compiles the questions has an obsession with Thatcher that I find very offensive, you do realise the devastation she brought to communities in this country?
I look forward to hearing an explanation for this
Gary Cooper

itv news

what is the world coming to. You've allowed a much loved newsreader, Alistair Stewart to be bullied into leaving ITV because of a quote he made from Shadespeare. The man who compained has himself made anti white comments (which he has conveniently removed today!!!). This is taking the PC culture that has developed in this country to a ridiculas
/pathetic level. But to even consider to allow Alistair to step down because of this, unless of course you have a hiden agenda, shame on you all!!! I'm not a compainer generally but this has really really pushed my buttons, with the way things are going in this country its about time 'the man in the street' (and I'm not being anti feminist quoting this!) stands up to organisations like you who make stupid, ill informed decisions. I bet Shakespeare will be whizzing round in his grave - are schools and theatres going to be asked not to use his plays because they might offend people like Martin Shapland. I say shame again ITV -- I will not watch your channel, or associated channels, ever again.

go compare with the deer

Hello could you tell me why the silver saab that crashes in to a barrier on the near side i.e /passengers side it scrapes all down the side, But when it goes skidding past the gentleman there is no damage to the car what so ever silly mistake im sure but i do notice such mistakes and i wouldnt want a advert that was made for me to have such silly mistakes made

Love island

Watching love island from the 24th of jan 2020 and I have been upset by how connor has been with sophie being so possesive and comes across as mental abuse. Sophie seems to not be able to speak her mind or thoughts someone with those sorts of issues should not be on a program where he is put in predicaments where other people feelings are on the line. Connor is toooooooo much

coronation street, monday 20th episode 1

I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about the last few moments of tonight's episode ending at 8pm when it was shown a person putting a cloth through the letterbox of a front door, with a baby in the room, and lighting the cloth that was obviously covered in an inflammable liquid.
This is TOTALLY unacceptable ! There are far too many crimes in England without ITV showing youngsters in particular how to start a house fire that would cause serious harm or death.
ITV is just not considering young viewers in broadcasting things like this.

  • Updated by Bill Winward · Jan 20, 2020

    I think you are totally out of order with your American views. You have made 2916 comments and 6 complaints, surely you need to get a life rather than monitor life across the pond.

    GET A LIFE ' Um is not an answer! ; You don't even have the guts to display your name, chicken heart.
    You are talking about Yank programmes which fortunately we don't subscribe to in The Emerald Isle.

this morning... piers morgan

This morning on This Morning Piers Morgan was even more obnoxious than normal. His stance, comments and demeanour about Prince Harry and his wife and child are frankly disgraceful. I was impressed with Susanna for calling him out on his comments. He speaks with such venom and has crossed the line from common decency. I think you should reprimand him about this and "rein him in" as he's coming across as an obsessed weirdo.

coronation street

I am not happy that when the lawyer ?? Was talking to Tracey on tonight's program that she mentioned that she was an x criminal with Borderline personality disorder !!!
Not everyone with a criminal record has BPD .
I think this is very discriminating. I want itv to to acknowledge this and to apologize !!!
I have BPD and it's hard enough to deal with without it being undermined by a program that is not fully aware of what living with the disorder is like !!!

  • En
    English Ian here Jan 03, 2020

    Bloody hell... Coronation street??? Get a life. Biggest load of shite on British tv and I hope they don’t show it in the US

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  • Bi
    Bill Winward Jan 20, 2020

    Well I have an answer to your cross 'the pond' programmes you keep yours and we won't complain.

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the news

i want to know why there were no reports of the protests that were going on last night around the Country about Boris Johnson winning the election, there were several protests going on and not one of them was broadcast, Why is that ? Surely people are entitled to know the full news, and just selected parts, Protests were happening in London, so no excuse for them not to be broadcast

accusations about greta thunberg

I watched today's Loose Women and was totally shocked to hear Jane Moore and Carol McGiffin(?)'s inappropriate comments about Greta Thunberg, saying "she should be in school", "she was being coerced into being an activist" . Thank goodness for Nadia who stood up for Greta and taking seriously the issues for which Greta has chosen to make a stand.

We must take climate change seriously, and politicians and global companies are not. We need more intelligent and articulate young people like Greta to put pressure on governments to make the necessary changes in society.

Jane and Carol's comments do not help!

Alison Morrison

gmb 11th december 2019

I watched this morning GMB. I have never seen anything like this. I refer to the open harassment of the Prime minister Boris Johnson. They had a journalist literally shouting at him with encouragement for PIERS MORGAN to go get him and it resulted in the prime ministers security getting frim with them using choice language that of course delighted Morgan back in the studio with false offence. I know that this complaint will probably fall on deaf ears or you may even misinterpret what I say here, but I simply wanted to add my protest.
at the heart of this is Morgans hideous ego rant that Boris is to scared to speak to him. I am talking about what passes as an interview which in reality is a target practice for Morgan to expand his ego. It has now got out of hand and what are you doing about this ? the so called journalist broadcasters are now the story !...I am furious at what happened . Watch it and imagine if that was a rival party activist doing this the very day before we go to the polls and you are happy with this ? an absolute disgrace and upsetting, symptomatic of what passes for journalism. Please don send a vacuos reoly deliberately misinterpreting what I say, i really cannot be bother with that. I want you to do two things add my complaint about that monster Morgan and review what happened how can we have a democracy when a broadcaster is effectively insulting and openly mocking ( complete with bad impersonation) 24hrs before millions go to the polls possibly to vote for this man. My guess along with most media you will find that my complaint is pitiful and even laughable but frankly I care less and in the end it will rebound on those who condone this media arrogance in the future when things deterriorate further. It is simply not the place of a so called news broadcaster to do this harassment. I simply want to register this now and only add to anyone else's outrage.

this morning

I'm appalled at the way Phil and Hollys interviews with Corbyn and Johnson were so different. The selfie with Johnson was just disgraceful, showed bias and is being used for political gain by Conservatives. I hope Phil and Holly are happy to be associated with the party that has caused child poverty, homelessness, deaths due to their policies and cuts to police, fire and NHS. Utterly disgraceful.

You have lost a viewer.

this morning