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ITV Complaints & Reviews

ITV / piers morgan morning programme interview with ross greer msp

Fiona Forbes on Jan 30, 2019

Morgan, during his nasty and combative interview with Ross Greer MSP, was allowed to criticise Greer's appearance and demeanour in what I think was unprecedented even by the smug Morgan, who also hogged the interview and ignore his co- presenters. Ross Greer MSP provided facts which should of...

ITV / good morning britain

Tamas Barbour on Jan 29, 2019

Tuesday the 29th of January Today on good morning Britain or should it be good morning Piers Morgan, But Morgan was interviewing Ross Greer a Scottish MSP about comments made on Twitter about Churchill, the point is Morgan as normal doesn't let him answer without butting in this is not fair...

ITV / jeremy kyle show

Chrispare on Jan 18, 2019

Please please take this program off air or change the people on it I turned in this morning and yet again it's the bloody Julie king show this family have been on the show numerous times and still the same horrid shouting vile family also over the past few weeks it seems that the same...

ITV / you’ve been frames

Emily.c.Wood on Jan 13, 2019

I'm upset that most of the people on these videos are getting seriously hurt. I don't want to see children, adults and the elderly getting smacked in the face with a blunt object, or falling over onto or into rails or concrete floors and seeing their bodies bent in half from the force or...

ITV / good morning breakfast

Barkit on Dec 18, 2018

It's not Piers Morgan it's Suzanna who constantly interrupts! I know Piers is like Marmite, you love or hate him, but at least he talks sense, until she butts in the whole time! The other Lady just sits there and is obvious eye candy. This team needs reassessing and requires people that will...

ITV / the chase

Alan Tyrrell on Nov 27, 2018

The Chase 27th November 2018. Once again Bradley Walsh has helped the chaser win in the final round, the speed he delivers the questions to the chaser is beyond believe in relationship to the contestants. At the start of the final round Bradley Walsh informs the contestants that the...

ITV / coronation street

Eew5521 on Nov 19, 2018

The stories are all gloom, doom and misery lately and generally outlandish. The worst has to be the whole GP Ali and family story, so ridiculous, depressing and the crazy stories just keep getting piled on. It was just so bad tonight that I turned over. Romans mother turning up and...

iTV News / national news (nov. 12th and 13th.)

Leonard Thompson on Nov 14, 2018

The recent "exposures" on the 6-30pm. news involving journalist entrapment by secret filming of applications for help in wrestling with Homosexuality issues when contacting Churches. Firstly it has been a long tradition that UK National News should be even handed and factual and not...

iTV News / news casters not wearing a poppy

Susan Cluderay on Nov 10, 2018

Why do the itv news allow two female newscasters not wearing a poppy give the news, I feel this is an insult too all the men women and children who lost their lives during both world wars, maybe in future itv can take this into account how upsetting and disrespectful their actions have... / x factor nov 3 2018

Tellyaddict on Nov 4, 2018

The sound issues throughout this badly edited and contrived series have been awful but tonight's was the worst denying two contestants the equality of opportunity where the outcome depends on viewers live Danny tetleys case this has occurred on more than one occasion and i...

ITV / xfactor

Farebro on Nov 3, 2018

X factor sound interface is not acceptable. A singing competition ruined by poor management. Saturday night I look forward to hearing all the different singers ! All week when the sound would not matter it's fine! During a competition the sound is horrendous! This is serious incompetence!...

ITV / this morning - facebook page

Chloe Barrett on Oct 30, 2018

On the 29/10/2018 on the This Morning Facebook page, a post was written slamming the Ambulance Service stating that an employee had to wait so long for an Ambulance they made their own way to Hospital. The post I believe has been removed as I can no longer view it, but This Morning name...

ITV / the chase

LisaDW on Oct 29, 2018

I am disgusted once again watching the chase on 28/10/2018 the timer had gone and the chaser had not finished answering the question but the team lost again, I'm sure you will get lots of complaints about this because it happens a lot, if you state its the independent adjudicator that...

ITV / xfactor

Distressed Dave on Oct 28, 2018

Please explain why tonight's x factor results were done in catorgries and not singulary ? Personally I'm not bothered but my wife Nicolette has basically just had a meltdown, guess what it's all my fault! I work 13 hour shifts days/ nights and I really don't need to come home to a big...

ITV / programme credits

gus10 on Oct 22, 2018

Havìng just watched Strangers we found that we could not read the credits as a forthcoming programme over wrote those credits. I know this has been going on for some years but will ITV please consider stopping this advertising. We like to be able to view the cast list and consider the constriction...

ITV / no service in the east anglia region

JDelaney on Oct 21, 2018

ITV not available across the East Anglia region last night from at least 5pm. We had to resort to watching Netflix all night.. I had a look at the outage map where it confirmed there was virtually no service in most of England. What is going on? I see that this serious outage hasn't made...

ITV / itv racist job applications

Ricky Miles on Oct 19, 2018

I've seen this job advert for your self stating The traineeship is open for blacks Asians any one non-white this is xenophobia you need to remove this advert before I repot it further it's 2018 and racism of any for sould not be tolerated I'm discussed with ITV I will wait for you reply I'll...

ITV / "butterfly"

Martin Dufresne on Oct 14, 2018

The writers of this series seem to have chosen to ignore the Media Guidelines recommended dy the Samaritans organization. I am thinking especially of these: Steer clear of portraying a suicide attempt as something that can quickly be recovered from. Don't show the character returning to normal...

ITV / butterfly

EnoughAlready5891 on Oct 14, 2018

The itv show Butterfly takes a very sensitive subject and misquotes all actual suicide stats, which is not only completely insensitive but also extremely irresponsible given the current government consultation re trans rights. Absolute propaganda that had no place aired on TV. The...

ITV / butterfly

Robert Garvey on Oct 14, 2018

The programme you are broadcasting involves skewed statistics and misinformation on suicide statistics. In fact, they are simply lies and have been inflated. The claim that 48% of trans children (a claim made by Mermaids), the organisation that advised the makers of the show) is wrong and...