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ITV - advertisment for audi people have phobias of clowns so not suitable

I have a phobia of clowns and started shaking when i saw this as i was just watching tv and this popped up with no signs at all to say that clowns were on this ad and i think it should be edited or removed until 12pm when sutible or maybe not at all shown thank you and please can you do something about this as there might be others like this thank you again if needed to get intouch with me email me at: [protected] it was shown at wednesday 4th of October 2017 20:46pm.

ITV - itv news at 10.00

Story about Students with mental health issues and the awareness campaign
To support them at a University. Students were seen with white boards highlighting their mental health conditions and stating their troubles on video. One female had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at the top of her board along with some mental health issues. For anyone unfamiliar with CFS, this may lead them to believe that CFS is a mental health condition and not a Neurological one as categorised by the World Health Organisation and as lobbied around the World by many patient groups.

It is a wrong and unfair categorisation which does not help any of the 250, 000 suffers of this disabling disease.

ITV - coronation street

I would like to form a complaint about Samia ghadie who plays Maria Connor in coronation street! why is her story line or character so nosey it is highly frustrating that whenever a good story line goes down in the street the first person there or involved is Maria! she has actually nothing better to do on the street than give a bad perm or get involved in other people's business and lives! I realy don't like her she's a terrible actress she would play a better role on nightmare neighbours because she is a menace sticking her nose where it's not wanted.

ITV - good morning britain

I was watching the show this morning as I do every morning and find myself frustrated. The root cause of my frustraitions come from the bully Piers Morgan. I personally feel that for someone to be a host on your show, they need to ask the questions and then listen to the replies. Mr Morgan does not do this, he asks the questions in an agressive manner and cuts off the interviewy every time. Just this morning, Piers told a preacher to shut up on several ocassions because he didn't like their opinion. If Piers can have an opinion, then so can everyone. We are supposed to live in a democratic soceity, where we have a freedom of speech. Perhaps Good Morning Britain should be retitled The Piers Morgan breakfast show? I call for the pompose, arrogant bully, Piers Morgan to be removed from the morning shows, instead bring back Kate and Ben or Ranveah as they are more professional in their work. Asking questions and listening to the replies without offending. After all, whether or not you disagree with someones opinion, they are still entitled to have one.

Regards Craig McArthur

I thoroughly agree that you should not have a show host who is unable to listen to his guest. I have never seen such an arrogance and bullying tactics on any of your other programmes and found it really offensive.

ITV - illegal scanning of me by your sister radio station

they have been scanning me since 94october for my genes and also for my processor design. i am going public tomorrow. could u kindlyforward me details of nicholas(irish) computer science...

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ITV - about getting shown on tv

Hello I'm writing to you about the day xfactor was recording in Thorpe park me and my girl friend was in the facility and I wasn't to sure if you was in the armed forces there for my face can't go on tv due to being exposed there fore I'd like you to remove me and her from the clips and not to be shown on tv if need to be I will take this higher and the M.O.D will get involved therefore I have attached to photos of us so you know who to take out . If you need to contact me number :[protected] email : [protected]

ITV - kfc advert

Hi I'm not one for complaining but the advert screened tonight for KFC in my opinion was totally inappropriate.
I watched this during a commercial break and could not believe what I was watching, I said to my wife re wind this and watch it too, she was gob smacked to this appalling advert, I cannot believe someone at ITV has allowed this to be screened.
I hope this gets banned from TVs and shame on ITV And KFC for thinking this was ok to be aired.

A Dalziel

ITV - emmerdale

We strongly object to the recent scenes portraying the sexual encounter between cain dingle and the lady vicar that took place in the church. This was deeply offensive to those of the christian faith. This would not have been allowed to be portrayed in the place of worship of other faiths, otherwise there could have been serious consequences.

Your comments would be appreciated.

ITV - love island

I Connor massam of St. Helens am not very happy that love island is on 56 days a year and we only get to watch 48 days of it as we miss out on Saturdays. No one wants to watch the highlights as we watch the show all week.
So this means that the show is pointless on a Saturday and you need to get rid of Johnny and you need to up your game next year and it needs to be in twice a year because I am sick of waiting till June.
I am starting a petition about saturdays highlights because people only watch it because they can't be ataed watching it Sunday to Friday. So you need to be a bit more proactive about viewers feelings and sort your [censor] out
Connor Massam

ITV - complaint

The main story on the ITV news on Sunday evening was about Teresa May and her "Fight" for her position. The whole story was based an speculation
and alleged information from "sources".

This is not news it is story writing, just like fairy tales. Is this what ITV news reporters do now, make it up as they go.

We do not wish to hear the opinions of your news reporters we want to hear facts. If there is genuine factual evidence then tell us about it. If there is not, please let us know that, and not concoct some story which you think we might wish to hear.

It is called the News for a reason.

ITV - ads

I'm asking that u do not play the Pam pers ad tomorrow or next day the one that says im coming home as little baby charlie is haveing his life support machine turn off and so so so many people have...

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ITV - confederation football

Why the hell in the close season are ITV putting on a non event of a football tournament in peak hours. I am a big football fan but we need a break. TV will eventually with the over exposure kill football. The stick I get from my wife and mother over the removing of the soaps is unbearable, I have to go out. Please in the close season let's have a break from football we need it. Also why have these so called pundits, ex players who failed or are not clever enough to be managers going on about it stating 90% of the time the obvious. Boring.

ITV - royal ascot

I think somebody should be held to account for the crass presentation of Royal Ascot this year. Dumbing down was putting it mildly - it seems that it was aimed at viewers who would enjoy a rowdy...

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ITV - itv news at

I'm disgusted that ITV News has chosen to run an extremely positive piece on China (robot technology) on this week of all weeks when the most disgusting atrocity is taking place in China - the Yulin dog eating 'festival' when thousands and thousands of dogs are stolen, tortured, skinned alive, boiled alive and eaten. Is ITV in cahoots with China to run a positive piece on China to offset the international outcry going on this week????? See video please and highlight this terrible 'habit' in China instead of applauding the Chinese.

ITV - adverts

I think your channel is very sexist i have seen alot of adverts regarding fathers day but when it come to mothers you dont see any adverts regarding it. I think you should take into consideration the people that dont have fathers and how this could affect them. You have really disheartend me as i have been looking for my dad for the past 10 years and seeing all them adverts has made me very depressed!

ITV - coronation street

It was highly inappropriate to show the graphic detail of Daniel's experiences before 8pm on Friday, especially when younger family members are watching. The Bethany storyline has been handled without need for any graphic detail.
Friday's happenings came out of the blue and were literally shocking. The methods used for filming the scenes were totally out of keeping with the usual format of the programme.

i did not like the woman who is inciteing homaphobia to the vicar who is gay she said he poluted his mind and turned her son gay has a gay man my self i find it very very insulting i am contemplayting not watching youre programme i have had homaphobic abuse in my life and it really scares you will only unterstand it if you have experinced it and i dont want reminding of vile homaphobic abuse as its made me really nervous

ITV - coronation street

I would like to say how wrong it was of the producers of Coronation Street to show the scenes showing Daniel taking drugs in such graphic detail. I am very well aware of the drug problems in our society but was it really necessary to show so much detail - it could easily have been shown in a much more sensitive way as there may be young children watching and there was absolutely no need to show him actually snorting drugs in such a full on scene. Coronation Street usually handles difficult subjects in a pretty sensitive way but this is surely a step too far. Particularly as the time the show went out was 7.30pm and do we really want our children to see this (in fact possibly be influenced by it) I think this was a big mistake on the part of the producers (even though I thought the acting was superb) and one for which they need to apologise to the viewing public and hope to goodness that no one has been influence in any bad way by showing it at such an early evening time slot.

ITV - coronation street

How can you be aloud to show what has just been shown on Corination Street this even so early considering families have kids watching the show,
It's an absolute disgrace to be showing a young lad getting drunk and taking drunks before 20:00 on a Friday night on national TV,
Surely this sort of programme should of been shown after the watershed time and not before 20:00,

ITV - advert for direct line on itv 2

From the unbelievable events in London from the fire at one of the towers, where many people where trapped, lost their lives, I feel that after seeing an Advert for Direct Line on ITV2 approx 6.35pm from You've Been Framed.

The advert showed a woman from a fire, where the guy asks where are the others and the woman replies, 'They have gone to a better place'.

Completely insensitive in respect to the tragedy in London. Was not hard for ITV 2 to pull the advert in respect for those suffered.

Though, what can you expect from a channel like ITV... Poor show and disgusted. Don't apologies, just pay a little more attention to detail and think before you air...

ITV - good morning britain. piers morgan

We are writing to tell you that we can no longer watch or support Good Morning Britain when Piers Morgan is presenting. He appears insensitive, breaks in on conversations without seeming to listen to...

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