iTechDeals.comsent wrong power cord & refused to make the purchase right

If something looks too good to be true - it usually is - at least in this case: We ordered a refurbished Samsung Chromebook in October for our 5 year olds birthday in December. Last week we decided to power it up so that it would be ready to use when we gave it to him - only to find that the power cord did not fit! So we contacted them - only to be asked why we had not opened the box prior to this date. We explained to them why - & they told us that because we are past the 30 day warranty - there is nothing they can do about it! PLUS we bought a 2 year warranty! DO NOT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS BOGUS COMPANY!!! In contrast - anticipating as such - we ordered a replacement cord from another company which also did not fit - but instead of acting like iTechDeals - this other company immediately refunded my money without my even asking them to - because they did not have another cord option for me. Unfortunately - I already paid the credit card that I made the chromebook purchase with - so it will be a bit more difficult than if I had not already paid it - but I will still work toward getting my money back!

Dec 07, 2018

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