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I have tried to get 2 webhosting accounts migrated to IPage from Go Daddy. IPage has mesdsed it up for over1 month > I paid $300 to have the two webhosting moved to I Page.
I Page destroyed one of the eebhosting accounts and erased what I just spent over $1, 000 to update. A month later and still can't correct it. Next stop is Yelp and any place I can advertise how incompetent I page is.

  • Updated by Overpaid Payabales Recovery, Inc., Nov 30, 2018

    2 months and I page has still not migrated two webhosting accounts from Go Daddy. Charged $300 over a month ago. Destroyed my web account from Go Daddy.
    Completely incompetent. Worst service ever.

    Can't get through to anyone that knows what they are doing.

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