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Phone: 1-877-472-4399

I began web hosting with this company last year (2010), since then I have had nothing but problems . One of which was when I attempted to purchase a new domain through their online interface. Something was wrong with their system and it said there was an error and that the purchase of the domain did not go through, and to try again. Well, I contacted support to make sure what their system was telling me was in fact the case. The lady I spoke with told me that there had been no new domain name purchased and that I would not be charged.
I took her word for it, and kept a record of our conversation. I took my business elsewhere and had no problems. The next day iPage charged me for the exact domain I attempted to buy, that their system told me did not go through AND that their support rep ALSO told me didn't go through. So I contacted them again, thinking they will see I took measures to prevent this, and look at the records, and refund my money. THEY DIDN'T. They said they couldn't refund the money for a domain I bought. I explained and explained until I was blue in the face that there was an error when I tried to purchase it and that I contacted support as soon as it occurred to avoid this very thing. I even showed them the records of exactly what occurred- BUT THEY STILL WOULDN'T REFUND MY MONEY. Not only that but they were horribly rude. I spoke to several reps and they all said the same thing- "sorry. you bought it. there is nothing we can do." I contacted my back and submitted proof of all of the above. They refunded my money.

Next, I learn that iPage suspended my hosting account. I contacted them again. They said that since the bank issued a chargeback for the domain name I tried to buy (that they wouldn't refund my money for) they suspended my hosting account which was paid in full until September 2011. I contacted them again, and got the exact same response as every other dealing with them. "sorry can't help you". They could not explain how my whole hosting account was shut down over that incident of attempting to buy a domain name... all they would say was sorry too bad nothing we can do. The made it to where I could not use any of the domains I had paid them to host. Visiting those pages showed the sited were shut down. I have no idea how long it had been this was. I contacted them again, and told them I moved my domains and that I was no longer doing business with them. They quickly told me that there were 4 months left on ly hosting account and that I would not receive a refund for the remaining months- even though I never asked for a refund. At that point I just wanted to be done with them, and stop having to waste hours of my life trying to get things straightened out. I told them they no longer had permission to use my credit card and that our relationship was over.

Today, they have charged me another $166 for another year of hosting... for an account they suspended???? and yes I contacted them and they said they need a few days to look into it.

This is BY FAR the worst company I have ever dealt with. They don't just have BAD customer service, it is down right horrible. I cannot help but think the only way they get customer is to steal money from them. I am shocked that any company would treat their customers the way they do. Without customers- there is no business. I am very mad about this.

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  • Al
      10th of Jan, 2013
    +2 Votes

    They are the worst forms of business institutions. Their policy is rather simple. They will lure you into buying their services of unlimited resources (we all understand there is nothing like unlimited, but hey, 5 gigabytes of data on a hosting account aint much if its all pdf files, wordpress blog and html/php webpages, not scripts.).

    They have stopped my account on the pretext that my pdf files were utilizing too many server/network resources.

    Here's a sample of the communication.


    The following file(s) in your account are creating too many requests to the server and utilizing heavy network/server resources, which are resulting in critical issues with the server pool.

    398 /wp-content/uploads/files/solutions.docx
    405 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/aluminiumalloys.pdf
    405 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/industrial.pdf
    405 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/production.pdf
    406 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/phosphogypsum.pdf
    406 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/whatisgypsum.pdf
    407 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/gypsumbased.pdf
    407 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/gypsumcement.pdf
    407 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/gypsumwolkowski.pdf
    407 /wp-content/uploads/bestfiles/plasterofparis.pdf

    As a result, we have been forced to suspend your site, to protect services to our other customers.

    Also, we have found malicious content on your account. We recommend you delete all files and upload a known good backup of the site. We also recommend updating all applications, scripts, plugins, themes, or any add-ons to the latest version available from the developer.

    The contents of our virus scan is below:

    /home/users/web/b2430/ipg.cyberestatestk/indiamines/wp-content/themes/Chameleon/timthumb.php: EIG.PHP.TimThumb-119.UNOFFICIAL FOUND
    /home/users/web/b2430/ipg.cyberestatestk/cyber-secure/wp-content/themes/WebHosting/thumb.php: EIG.PHP.TimThumb-108.UNOFFICIAL FOUND
    /home/users/web/b2430/ipg.cyberestatestk/avsindia/wp-content/themes/Rejuvenate/thumb.php: EIG.PHP.TimThumb-108.UNOFFICIAL FOUND

    In order to unsuspend it, you need to agree to take immediate action to reduce the CGI load resulting from your content. If you are not able to do so, you should seek an alternative hosting provider, as it appears your site needs are no longer compatible with the environment which we can provide. I am sorry for any resulting inconvenience.

    Andy T.
    Technical Support

    Here is my response to their notices:

    Dear Tech Support,

    Those files are simple small sized pdf documents which are most necessary for the site. Nowhere in your TOS is it mentioned that pdf files cannot be hosted or displayed.

    Timthumb is a very well known thumbnailing php script that is used to thumbnail images inside popular cms systems like wordpress. There were issues with timthumb, but they were resolved in april 2012.

    It clearly smells of a malafide intention on part of iPage and Endurance International Group in misrepresenting their products and services to illegally lure innocent customers into buying your services, and then screw the consumers over.

    Or is it the way your company likes treating people from a country like India?

  • Ni
      21st of Sep, 2013
    +2 Votes

    ipage does this to all the users. They intently inject malicious virus into your files and asks you to buy some type of virus protection plan from their partner Also, they recommend you to DELETE ALL FILES FROM THE ACCOUNT otherwise will keep suspending your account.

  • An
      4th of Apr, 2018
    +1 Votes

    My C/C was charged mutiple times, all of these charges being "unauthorized" by Me!
    I set my acct. to manually renew however, I was stilled charged for a new year of hosting along with being charged $16.99 for each domain name I registered with i-page. I not once, not twice, but three times called and requested that my card be taken off of file, but it was never done! After my request being ignored numerous times, I called to have these unauthorised charges reversed, which all i-page kept saying was "Sorry there is nothing we can do." At this point in time am in the process of seeking legal advice. I have recorded the conversations I had w the customer service reps. where after requesting that my c/c be taken off of file, they clearly stated that my credit card has now been taken off of file, when in fact it "was not" taken off of file, but rather was kept on file and charged again and again with out my authorization.
    What I say, is not out of anger, but rather just the plain truth of what happened to me. I may have to pay more for a lawyer/legal fees, than the few hundred dollars that i-page has charged my c/c without my authorization, but justice must be served! If someone robs You for Your money then that person is considered a theef and a criminal, and if caught are sent to jail, but when co.'s such as i-page debits money from Your bank account after specifying numerous times that Your c/c be taken off of file and not charged without prior authorization, and that You want Your acct. set on manual renewal and not automatic renewal, , , then what happens to them? Are they sent to jail? Are they a criminal? Or do they get to steal Your money, and then turn around and say; "Sorry, unfortunately there is nothing we can do!"????

  • Wa
      17th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    After a couple of years of being customer of iPage, they blocked the access to my control panel arguing that I have to pay them 286 US Dls, a "magical" charge that I don't recognize and fortunately they couldn't make it because the credit card expired. I cannot access to my domain registry anymore to make the transfer and get the EPP. In short, I losted my domain. After contact them they say "Pay or you'll don't have any access to your control panel". After reading the previous posts I guess I was lucky guy.

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