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Intuit Turbotax / Identity Theft

PA, United States Review updated:
I used Turbo Tax on-line for the first time, at the very time in April 2007 to do my 2006 taxes... And now as I just approached the deadline yesterday (April 15, 2008) to do my 2007 income taxes the same way on-line through Turbo Tax, I came to find someone had stolen my identity and filed my taxes for me back in January of this year. To top it off at the twelfth hour yesterday, I was dealing with the WORST Turbo tax customer service, on the phone for three hours straight (the majority of the time on hold), and then they finally told me to go mail my taxes, after I paid, after it was already past five o'clock to make a local mailbox. I had to drive 60 miles, and I told the rep a million times if we wasted all this time to get no where, and they then tell me to go mail my taxes when it is already too late, that I would be even more upset. The guy assured me it wouldn't happen, that the outcome they were seeking was solely in my favor, and they'd be able to get my taxes electronically to the IRS. It was all BS, they were just trying to find ways to not look responsible for the situation. Worst experience ever. What I have ahead of me now is even more daunting. I'd never use Turbo Tax again, and even more so because of the way their rep, Marshall Anderson, very rudely handled the situation. Someone has all my personal info because of their security problem. And their security department was supposed to contact me first thing this morning and never did...


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  11th of Apr, 2009
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Last week I was checking my emails on g-mail and there was an ad serves ad stating Receive a GUARANTEED $2, 642 on your next Federal Tax Refund!I used Turbo Tax last year so I thought why not check it out knowing that it was probably untrue. It was just a link to Turbo Tax.

After thinking about it I got really mad knowing that I was not the only person that was duped. This is not a fair practice and companies that use this type of marketing should Be fined the maximum. The economy is bad enough without big companies scamming people during tax season. This is wrong and I think the people should know a bout Turbo Tax and the scams the Try to get away.
  16th of Apr, 2009
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Let me give you all a piece of advice: Don't use TurboTax. Do yourselves a favor and file your taxes some other way. I used them for the first time this year and it was a nightmare. I owed some money to the state and followed their online prompts to set up a monthly payment schedule. When I looked in on my checking account two days later, the state had taken the whole lump sum causing me to have a $52 overdraft fee. If you have a problem don't waste your time calling TurboTax or Intuit. They don't care and won't help you if it looks like they might have made a mistake.
  6th of May, 2009
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It could have been one of Intuit's affiliates abusing the affiliate program. Unfortunately, Intuit has no control over the operations of other companies. Perhaps you could forward the email you received to Intuit directlyand they can determine if it was actually sent from them or not.

By the way, I do not work for Intuit mor do have a relation to them.

I wish you the best and a prosperous future.

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