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Instacart / pricing /delivery of august 29, 2018

1 San Francisco, CA, United States
Contact information:

I've sent several emails, at least two more detailed emails, to your HELP or Customer Service on the InstaCart menu. At first 3 different reps sent me replies partially responding and addressing my issues. The last two detailed emails have gone unanswered. Allow me to publish below the last one sent on 8/31 and also a copy sent to the individual reps. I am still awaiting a reply. To say this 'service' has been unpleasant and aggravating is at the least. Initially, I gave the suggested tip to the shopper but when I first found the issues, I mistakenly believed it was all the shopper's fault and withdrew the tip. Hindsight is 20/20, as they say, and I came to realize it is all on the company for the issues I seek remediation and reimbursement. If I could correct this I would and provide "Michael" with his tip for services that day.

Now, I do expect not only the courtesy of a reply but in keeping with your reputation, a professional response addressing each of my issues.

Sent 8/31 to Customer Support and the 3 reps awaiting response:

"I sent you a HELP request in detail on 8/29. I have received three replies. One by Carlito C. who addressed my issue with the Service Fee and addressed the substitute item issue. Firstly, I had no issue with the replacement but the fact that I originally ordered 3 lbs of ribs. That particular rib type not being available was substituted by another, a little higher priced and that was all fine. My issue is that I wanted 3lbs but received ribs totaling slightly over 2lbs. Not acceptable.

The other item addressed was the Service Fee. His explanation was inadequate. Where in your website is the Service Fee explained up front? It is a consideration just like the delivery fee and tip as to whether a prospective customer will place and order...or not. Appropriate and legal posture is to make customers well aware of all charges associated with utilizing your service BEFORE they order. Your present standard procedure is very misleading. I understand that you are a relatively new business and there may be wrinkles still to be ironed out but this is a biggie. You really need to fix this immediately. And since this 'fee' was not offered as a consideration up front I believe I am owed a refund of $9.04.

Also on 8/29 I received a reply from John D. He only addressed the early delivery. That was not an issue for me. I only mentioned it as I received an email the day of delivery that delivery was going to be an hour late. So, imagine my surprise when I received delivery even before the promised time. It was welcome!

The 3rd and final reply is from James S. on 8/30. He reexplained the service fee being for services rendered and that it was recently reduced to 5% from 10% and yada yada. I still maintain your silence and not explaining upfront this charge is misleading and illegal.

He replied to my question of Food4Less no longer on your available stores menu. It is disappointing to me. And, I probably wont be utilizing your services in the future unless they are added back as it is the only retailer on the list I was interested in.

I think James missed my effort in attempting to point out the inconsistencies in pricing items I detailed and the charges to me on the receipt. He replied with what appears a scripted response on pricing. I think I thoroughly understand the pricing policies per store. My issue was that I was charged in the cases itemized, more than the package or more lbs than on the package adding up to more than I should have been charged. Please revisit my email of 8/29 to respond to those items."

Eugenie (Janie) Higgins

Sep 6, 2018

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