Infinity Insuranceclaims

I had bought a 2005 malibu in august of 2006. By october of 2006 the car had flooded due to a storm in houston. It was right at my 90 day probation period. The very next day being it was so late at night i called the insurance company to file a claim. Finally after 3 day of waiting they had a tow truck come pick it up because it would not start. They told me they were taking it to salvage because they were just going to total it. After not hearing nothing from them for 8 months i called to see what they were doing. She proceed to tell me they were not going to total it they were going to tow it to a shop to have it fixed.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Houston, TXWhich i had to take it to one of there mechanics. Let me remind you the car sat with water for 8 months. They said they did repairs and gave me new seats and carpet. About 3 months into the car and i was now pregnant mildew started growing in the seats. We called them they had it fixed again. Through out that time the car would still stall. To make a long story short it is now july of 2009 and they finally decided to total the car. What stupid heads. I told them now that my son is here and with the car acting up im not taking no chances and if something happens to my family they will be held reliable. So basically do not get infiniti. They are a rip off and do not care about there customers.


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