Infinity Auto Ins. Co.refused to honor claims


I was driving in a funeral procession and a man cut into the procession in front of me. I was only a Car length behind the other car and we were going about 55 miles an hour. The other car had to see the flashing lights and sticker on the rear view mirrow with about 25 cars with a cop leading the procession on I85 north. The man stopped in the middle of the traffic in front of me. I hit my brakes but skidded into him. He tried to get away but I was following him. He was able to get a moment to cut in front of another car in the HOV lane and pulled off the expressway. He got out of his car and looked to access the damage. He saw none. He jumped back into his car and pulled off saying. "My car is not damage, see you." I was trying to get information on his car but was too far from him to see the Tag. I called the police and was told since the accident was caused by the other driver. The police called a Toll truck and had my car tolled to a dealer's shop. When I called Infinity Ins. Co. they said an ajuster would call me back. It took 5 days to hear from her (Britt Stewart. Immediatly she said they would not pay for damage for my car because it was a collison and I did not have collison. I was shocked because I had just gotten the insurance 4 months before and asked for full coverage. I had not recieved my policy and had no idea I did not have that coverage. Yet the auto repair shop said it was under Unisured Motorist claims. I did have that coverage, but they refused before seeing the police report or talking to my passagener who saw what happened. I called the supervisor. I got a recording and did not hear from her for 5 days. she left a recorded statement that the claim would not be paid under unisured Motorist. She stated she did not have the accident report yet, but would call me when she did. 7 days late I got a call asking for the phone number for the passanger. I got another call 4 days later saying she talked to the person in my car and lied on him. When he called her back to straghten out her lie, she lied on me. At present my car is still in the shop, I was never offered a rental car. I filed a claim with the Insurance Commissioner and waiting. It is now a month I have been without a car, which I depends on for my living. If I had know this company had a reputation like this and so many complaints about them, I would never have gotten insurance with them. I did not know this company. I was placed with them by Dollar Insurance co. When I went to Dollar and asked why they did not give me what I asked for, which was full coverage on this PT Crusiser, the woman got mad at me and said. "contack to Infinity, they are the who make the decisions. She gave me a copy of the front page of the declaration page of the policy and that is all. This company needs to be investigated and I am the one to make sure they do. I will not give up on getting what is due me as getting my car fixed by them. If not, a lawsuit is coming.
Babs Phillips in Atlanta, GA.

Infinity Auto Ins. Co.
Infinity Auto Ins. Co.

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