Indian Railways84 year old senior citizen given side upper berth!!! absolutely wrong practice by railways

Dear Madam Banerjee,

I would like to bring forth the nuisance that the Railways employees have created in Mumbai. I have booked my tickets with my wife, mother and 84 years old grandmother. Despite requesting several times at the station counter for issuing lower berth tickets for senior citizen, the railways ticket issuing officer refused to issue lower berth and resultantly has issued a side upper berth for my grandmother.

I would request your kind attention on this, and understand how is it possible for an 84 year old lady to access her side upper berth as well as access toilets throughout the journey... It is shameful that such a ticket was issued by shameless ticket issuing officers in Mumbai.

Ticket information:
PNR No: [protected]
Ticket No: [protected]
Date of Journey: 24-11-2010
Journey: Train 2952 (New Delhi to Mumbai Central)
Ticket Issued on 26-08-2010 at 15:13 hours
Berth Type: 2nd AC

Thank You,
Anuj Jain, grandson of Smt. Kamladevi Jain

Indian Railways

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