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On 18th Jan 2010, at this petrol pump "Kapoor Auto Service Station Patpargang Society Area, I.P. Extension, Delhi-92", I asked the attendant to fill Rs. 500/- Diesel in my Indigo. I was monitoring the meter but suddenly when the meter was reading around 300 another attendant appeared from another direction and asked me to pay money and sign on the bill which I never asked for. Within a fraction of a second as my attention was diverted the attendant who was filling diesel abruptly pressed some key on the meter and diesel stopped. On hearing the diesel stop sound I immediately turned towards the meter and it showed zero for some seconds and then 500. I got cheated. The attendant had reset the meter. At the rate at which the diesel was being filled into the tank I think I lost around 150 rupees or more. This type of cheating must be stopped...
The details of this Petrol Pump are as below.
Indian Oil Petrol Pump.
"Kapoor Auto Service Station Patpargang Society Area, I.P. Extension, Delhi-92".

Indian Oil Petrol Pump

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  • To
      Jul 31, 2010


    Your kind attenion is drawn to the following facts

    1) That Mr Vikas Randev is working with MS
    Water Heath India Pvt Ltd and earning high salary .His wife Rashmi is
    also working with Ramgarhia Instituation earning good salary. They are
    therefore unable to attend the regular working of the Retail Outlet.

    2)That the land on which the
    RO is alloted does not belong to the appilicants family as 1-3 of it
    owned by Amritsaria Mall who died almost ten years ago.Therefore there
    is no legal standddi of the appilicant on the land owned by
    Amristsaria Mall.
    look in to the matter urgently and take suitable action according to

    Your faithfully

    Toni Duggal

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  • Sa
      Aug 14, 2010
    Indian Oil Petrol Pump - Malpractice at Laxmi Nagar Petrol Pump
    Indian Oil Laxmi Nagar Petrol Pump

    I was cheated at Laxmi Nagar Petrol Pump. The two attendants diverted my attention from the meter reading and the third suddenly stopped the pump and broght it to zero saying that the filling was complete.

    I could observe that the petrol reading in the car did not move at all. Why Is Indian Oil Company allowing such malpractices ?

    Waiting for response.

    Sanjay Srivastava
    New Delhi

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  • In
      Oct 04, 2010


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  • Sa
      Dec 11, 2010

    If D.G.petrol pump(bsk 3rd stage bangalore) had a bad rapo before shutting down, then i am really sorry to say that they have been continuing doing the they cheated me for rs50 when i had asked them to fill for of them came to me asking to pay him the money and when i turned towards the meter, it showed 50 already and then he asked me again if that was okay...i repeated to him that i wanted petrol for rs100, then he filled again for rs50...i had a doubt, i was waiting there to check and that made those guys worry...they asked me to move as a huge truck was coming in the i really want those ppl to learn a lesson so that ppl like you should not be effected and a renowned petrol pump shouldnt lose its dignity coz of some thieves...if you can help me, lemme know the way to complain against them...
    thanking you

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  • Ja
      Apr 28, 2011

    Dear Sir,
    The petrol bunk in thiruninravur "SREE SAPTHAGIRI ENTERPRISES" adulterates the petrol and also the amount they pour is very less for a litre. I request to take necessary action against them and also suggest people to not go there.

    1, mth road nadukothagai village, Tamil Nadu 602024

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  • Lc
      Dec 09, 2011

    Got cheated TWICE at Indian Oil Petrol Pump at Saket, next to Sheraton Hotel...beware!

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  • An
      Dec 10, 2014

    I also feel like that.

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  • Sa
      Jan 26, 2017

    Vasavi Kisan Sewa Kendra (219059)
    Jaora - Kalukheda Road KALUKHEDA
    Dist.-RATLAM Teh.-Piploda (M.P.)

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