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IMVU / imvu

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I think that imvu is a waste of time.I think the game is completley unfair.They dont give you any credits.They lie about what you can do to get them.And I think the people on there are disrespectful.They are always cuesing.And alot of people on there are stuck up.And they dont know how to act respectful.I think that the people who created this game are stupid.There whole company should shut down.This imvu game sucks.It is the worst online game that I have ever played.I will not suggest this game to my friends.And I will never play this game again!

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  • Te
      17th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    hey i wanted to know somethig if when u buy credits it takes a few days to recibe them??

  • Te
      17th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    hey i would like to know if when you by credits it takes a few days to recibe them??

  • De
      9th of Apr, 2010
    -1 Votes

    ok this is my complaint is i bought a bundle called Northern Light paradise by pretty kitty i acidently hit the snow fall botton and its snowing in three of my houses and i cant stop it plz help me. debb 444.

  • Aa
      22nd of Apr, 2010
    +3 Votes

    People, gees. I do agree that some people on there are jerks, and I have reported people because of the things they were saying. It was awful Dx BUT there is no reason to diss everyone on the site, because I really highly doubt that anyone of you know over 10, 000 people and thats just a small amount of the people on there.
    I also do agree that imvu needs to help its users more. I am a Vip but they never gave me my 5, 000 credits for the months december and jan. But, because of this, I got a refund for those two months soon after I reported the problem. That though is the only help I've ever gotten from them, and I have reported several problems.
    I also have one more thing to say: WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE WASTEING YOUR TIME DISSING PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW?? To me, that makes you the dumb ###, the mother ###er, the what-ever-cuss-word-that-makes-you-seem-low-lifed-which-you-probably-are, because thats judging people without knowing them first. Which is s t u p i d.

  • Ex
      7th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Imvu can ruin your life. It has made me very mean to people who were disrespectful to me. It is not good and not healthy. I quit using imvu and don't recommend that anyone tries it. I hope that the people who caused me harm and I caused them harm back are going to be okay because I didn't want to make anyone upset in real life. These people are disrespectful and rude and should find other things to do besides harass people onine.

  • Im
      1st of Jun, 2010
    -2 Votes

    ugh i was vip last 4 days i been here since 2009 and i waisted everything on my [censor]ing avatar and it got disabled and pst they didnt even send a [censor]ing notification to me that they where going to disabled it i lost everything i had on imvu.imvu sucks:(

  • Gu
      21st of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Imvu sucks people living in certain places don't have the same credit cards they want you to use, and it's almost impossible to get free credits. They updating the game but i see no updates, it's still slow and long loading. Only updating there is, is higher price to pay for things. Imvu you need to update your BRAINS cause you SUCK!!!1

  • Im
      22nd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    i agree too, well im 14 and i been on imvu since i was 11. My imvu person is iMeMexForver, imvu can make you do silly things like lie and say your 18 to get with sum cute virtual dude [ i did that ] . then i realize this is all knoe what am i doing this is not me in real life so why act this way. But anyway, imvu is such an [censor], i had invited a friend to imvu and they said i wil get 1, 150 credits i never did. Nd I THINK WE SHOULD TRY AS A GROUP TO TAKE IMVU DOWN. EVERYONE FORWARD PEOPLE IN YAHOO, GMAIL ECT..

  • Ar
      25th of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Yeah I bought 30.oo dollars worth of credits just the other day, and I didn't receive any i also got 500.00 Dollars fee on my phone bill, and i didn't even receive any credits. VIP (I might get) really should have other options on getting it, Acess pass (Which i have) is too filthy... >, < and there are allot of rude people, so i stick with the Christian groups. My Avatar name is Araiknee add me ^.^

  • Mr
      1st of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    What happend to me was I bought something I looked in my wardrobe and it was there so I checked today in shirts and It wasen't there so I had to save it as an outfit just to wear the shirt it was not in shirts when I clicked "Dress up" So when I went to imvu today my avi was still wearing it...yet! It was no in my wardrobe which I HAD Purchesed it. Wasted creadits probibly l:

  • Ju
      4th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Even the so-called "civil" groups like "Brains Required" have since been taken over by control-hungry moderators who boot anyone who disagrees with them. There's no where left to go on IMVU where people will treat you like a human being.

  • Lu
      11th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    hi ... ok 1st i invited somenone to imvu and they made one the thing is i only sent it because i wanted to to get 1000 credits but i go check and didnt get any.

    p.s i dont like anwsering those stupid survey asking for personal info why wont u put games like zwinky still using imvu i really like it but what i dont like is the way we have to get credits and the pet thing its is ok but i only get paid 15 the only problem i have with imvu is the credits CREDITS CREDITS CREDITS!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Sn
      1st of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Ohkk luk ..imvu is geekin ohkaa...! But if u cn buy me ap ill buy u 25.555 credzz I promise but add me at jj23465 thnxx u plzz sumbdy buy me sum dam ap I need it dam or. Sumtin but tawq twe meh at imvu¤ ndd I kno I dnt like speelin ryte I type ghetto srry ha. thnnxx plzz get mee ap ndd ill get u credzz plzzz thnxx ! Ndd I'm very rich on imvu . Tew let u kno

  • To
      2nd of Aug, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I, personally, love IMVU. I have created a fairly successful business creating and selling virtual products, and so far have made a profit of about $200 over the past few months ("Credits" used to create the products and used to buy stuff for my avatar deducted).
    However, IMVU is TERRIBLE at answering complaints, as usually it takes 3-4 weeks for my questions to be answered, but usually they set it straight in the end, and I rarely have problems with the site.
    It does cost money. I won't deny that. And "noobs" are heckled in some chatrooms, but I found that if you stick around for a month or so, people get more respectful and you are able to weed out the bad chatrooms where swearing and sexual comments are common, and stick with chatrooms that you prefer. I've made quite a few good friends and penpals on IMVU... you just have to stick around and find the good people :]

  • Lo
      9th of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Now I have a few complaints about IMVU to be honest.

    I only started playing IMVU like, a couple of weeks ago and I haven't bought any real credits, gone to VIP or whatever. I haven't spent any real money for the online community. So I'm basically stuck with the promo credits.
    What annoys me about this is it is near to impossible to earn a decent amount of these promo credits; once I've done everything that's possible and simple to do on IMVU's "Earn Credits" page, I'm still left with only a small amount of promo credits. And then when I go to buy items with this amount, I find I can only buy one or two things as everything is priced ridiculously high!

    Another problem with IMVU in my case is that I have created a couple of accounts on IMVU and when you go to sign up and go through account registration and stuff, on my first account at the end of the registration (on the page where it says "Install IMVU now and receive this room and extra items!") I find that I've only earned 1, 500 credits.
    Whereas, when I created my second account and did the same process, at the end of it I found I'd earned 3, 500 credits.
    Now at first I was chuffed to know I'd earned that much than on my first account, but when I went to shop for clothes for my avatar I found some items that I had bought on my first account were priced twice as much as they were when I bought them on my other account, and they were the exact same item by the exact same developer. So what's up with that?

    Also, this is more of a question, not a complaint.. but does anyone know why I'm unable to try on bundles in the shop but yet I can buy them ?
    Everytime I go to try on a bundle, it says it can't be worn by my avatar. Can only VIP accounts wear bundles? If so, why are non-VIP accounts still able to buy them if they can't wear them?
    Is it just IMVU trying to scam us? :/
    Thanks for reading and I appreciate your help!

  • Di
      15th of Aug, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I've been using IMVU for nearly a year, I experienced one single problem with them and that was I couldn't play any mixes and I bough alot of music so I was upset.I sent them a message and they said to uninstall and reinstall and I did and my mixes still didnt work so i updated my ticket and a few days later it worked again! I was so happy, Imvu in no way interferes with my social life or my school work and anyone who lets IMVU do that is a complete imbecile..People are rude on IMVU and not only there in rl too so when people say they wont go there cause the people are rude it makes me wonder if people aren't rude all over.People need to buy their [censor] and stop being so cheap and if you can't afford it, just dont play!! Simple as that.To be honest the graphics aren't [censor] either, its really nice and a friend told me its nicer than any online chat she ever played including second life etc..Someone reported me on IMVU and they sent me a message but I was never disabled and IMVU is a business and like any business the most important goal is to actually make money so yes they have some steps in place to make sure that they do, Is that a crime!! Stop being so cheap and play of don't..IMVU must be really important for you all to be here making complaints, me on the other hand just a lil bored and had a good laugh reading all this crap :)

  • Im
      18th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Yes, I totally agree with everyone who's been posting comments imvu is a total rip off, The people are very disrespectfull especially the vips (no offense) But yes the vips are extremely rude to newbies i mysellf am not a newbie i am a vip and have a good status in imvu. But when i am in chatrooms the most vips cuss at the one's who just joined up for being a slutty noob or something like that... Thats just plain rude also when i click on chat now Almost every person i talk to begins cussing, swearing, hating, asking cyber sex on/from me.
    Once i had buyed alot of clothing and skins and the next week i logged in i got a message that the skins and clothing were inaproppiate or something like that...The message also stated that i would get a refund and get my 4000 credits back... I never got them back in other words i spent 4000 credits for nothing and i never got them back. I messaged the imvu inc? who took away my clothes and skins about this and i messaged her saying that i never got my credits back. She never responed. And i also never got them back, I was extremely pissed off. I used to be a guest_ And i am going to be honest to play on imvu you gotta pay else its really no fun i remeber when i used to be a guest_ i got constantly called a noob and always got disrespected i was always banned from imvu chatrooms for being a Guest_. When your a guest_ you only get about 3000-4000 creditts? And when you do surveys to get credits they never give you the credits. Then i payed for my vip card i have to admit it is very nice when you are a vip but the people still suck. In imvu i think they have worms in imvu program and viruses because i have noticed after i installed imvu about a 3 weeks later my pc started going extremely slow rograms wouldent open programs would get stuck. When someone's spamming or doing anything that should get the person banned from imvu imvu just allows it 9000 people can report him imvu doesent do [censor] about it. I advice not playing imvu 1.The people are extremly disrespectfull and rude 2.imvu is a total rip off and steals your money 3.When you pay for credits or cards or bundles you have 65 percent chance that you will not get what you paid for or will not get ANYTHING. 4.To play you need to pay. 5.Imvu workers don't do anything about problems they dont respond to people who messaged them about things they dident get or problems they have 6.Imvu never gives a refund. And last: IMVU IS A SCAM ITS FULL OF WORMS AND VIRUSSES ITS A TOTAL RIP OFF AND THE [censor]ING IMVU WORKERS CANT WORK FOR [censor] OR COUNT THEY RIP YOU OFF AND THEIR GODDAMN MONEY WOLFES DONT INSTALL IT [censor]ING REPORT OR SUE THEIR [censor]!!

  • La
      3rd of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    @ImvuIsATotalScam you can't SUE IMVU. Because that will be a waste of time. IMVU will not care.

  • Sk
      18th of Aug, 2010
    +2 Votes

    ._. Some people are trolling ... well on imvu's behalf i will say this Two camels in a tiny car, kay? you dun like imvu then dun play the stupid game, you must have done something bad to get disabled or get reported alot by your haters. really why troll over this.. me i spent over 400$ on imvu when i think anout yuh it was a waste.. yet i still keep buying credits. SO shut your trolling mouth and don't pay for games you might get disabled on or just be a good person and not be such a troll all the time no wonder people dun like you on the game

  • Sa
      22nd of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    i hate imvu! they are liars ! i bought some credits and they told me my order was pending then they sent me a message and said they gave me a refund but when i checked my credit card they didnt send a refund! i waited for days and still no refund! [censor] imvu!! dont buy credits from the website. if u want to buy credits u should buy from or best cheap credits and delivers the credits immediatly

  • Yo
      23rd of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    i [censor]in hate this game. the people on their are so childish and immature regardless of their age. they think they are better than you in so many ways and act all tough on it. Seriouolsy i quit this game game because it is a waste of time and money

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