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Ikea USA Fort Lauderdale / customer service

1 Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States Review updated:

I received the worst customer service ever at Ikea in Fort Lauderdale. Several customers were trying to exchange unused items in a open original box, and the young lady on the return register stated to all of them, one by one, in a very rude manner, that they were used and no exchange would be done. When the customers started to ask for the manager, they were told that the manager is in a meeting, and will come. However, the manager never came, some 11/2 hours later. Then one customer asked again for a time to speak to the manager. My husband asked another staff in a yellow Ikea shirt with the name Thomas, if he is in a management position. This guy said: "Yes, that's right, and she told you you all cannot return. So leave the f... this store." He actually said this word in front of my children. He almost jumped over the counter, rolling his eyes and balling his fists. I called the police, who arrived and stated, that they have a problem with Ikea employees and that this is not the first time they came out. He talked to customers, who overheard this horrible statement and were also very upset, that a store in the USA have staff working that is completely unprofessional and actually abusive. Finally, the manager came and she reported that this Thomas is loss prevention. The Front Line Managers name is Bernita B. Amarota (, I received her card. The policemen actually told her that a guy like Thomas is inappropriate for the job.
For the return policy: I don't know, but it's funny. I returned open and used stuff in the past and had no problems. My husband tried to return new stuff and had problems. I arrived and they exchanged. I saw this several times at Ikea. Maybe I should mention that I'm caucasion and my husband black american.
For me, there is a type of conspiracy going on. I leave it to your imagination, what it could be...
I asked to reach another manager in charge to file a complaint, she stated, the only way to complain is by calling the customer complaint hotline [protected]. I asked for the General Manager's name, and she stated that it is Peter Steinweg.
So if you want to be treat badly, go to Ikea. Indeed that's only the case at the Sunrise location. I shopped for years in Europe's Ikeas, and had only great experiences, even at the return stations.
Sad, sad.

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  • Ma
      15th of Sep, 2008
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    want to laugh? tom still works there...not laughing?? i am.

    it always comes back to race...not surprised that this is the route you have decided to take.
    it couldnt possibly be that you weren't following the return policy was it??
    things to ponder

  • Li
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    i love your race card's even funnier that bernita and thomas are also black americans...i feel sorry for the people at ikea who have to deal with people like you...

  • Th
      4th of Oct, 2008
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    I have worked in the retail industry. I ususally find that when the police are involved it is usually an issue with the conduct, threats or verbiage used by the customer. Employers will handle internal issues on their own. Also the return policy at IKEA is no different than any other retailer. I love IKEA.
    The interpretation and misuse by the consumer is usually the issue. Large retailers continue to go out of business or change their return policies to be less flexible due to the overwhelming amount of returns and people taking advantage of it. (ie. Target, Old Navy - changed their policies, K-Mart sold out and Linen's n Things went out of business trying to take everything back, other companies prices are so high they can afford to take things back since the markup is already so high) Which makes it harder on the honest shopper who simply purchace things as they need or want them and only return them for what ever reason but when they are unused or due to a malfunction.
    In addition, the race card...the name Camarota is an italian name. If Bernita is black her husband is more than likely caucasion as well. The staff there is also very diverse.
    If consumers would just read the return policy before purchasing items that they want to return would help. If you knew the return policy, what was really the issue with the return??? Saying no is not rude, it's usually the return is outside of the policy and it is just another situation where customers decide it dosen't matter what the policy is, they just want what they want regardless. Sounds like alot of exageration went into your interpretation of the events.

  • Jo
      11th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    My husband and I, both seniors, were treated very badly at Ikea Ft. Lauderdale today. Every member of the staff that we talked to or asked for help was rude and arrogant. We were even told we had to pull out heavy furniture from the shelves ourselves, and were very rude when we asked for help to pull the furniture. We felt so abused that we left everything and left the store without buying anything. They will never see us there again. Customer service with a a bad attitude - not a good idea in this economy, when every retailer needs every customer they can get.

  • Sh
      6th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Really, you thought playing the race card was going to ge empathy towards your situation? The company is extremely diverse so for one to play the race card is just plain sad. Noone cares what race you or your husband are...the reason you were treated the way you were was more than likely the return policy changing.*gasp* sure it may have been unprofessional which would have been a validated arguement but not your race. Yes in the past they were accepting all returns but after it not working out they decided to go a different route.

    As for the peple that went shopping at Ikea and are complaining about none wanting to get their packages down for's not an American based company. The employees are there to clean up after the messy customers, make sure things are in stock etc. The workers there are not there to be your personal shoppers and get packages for you hence the flat shopping carts and it being called "self service." I highly doubt a worker refused to help you get a package..everytime I've gone shopping there I've always seen a worker getting a package if it's on the havier side.

  • Wi
      10th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Obviously you know how the store should be run, so start your own store and run it right... Lots of people like you who are sharp enough to appreciate fine service will be shopping there!

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