IKEApoor quality of kitchen planning

I used IKEA's in store kitchen planners and their approved installer-planner ( They only have one) for an extra charge. When I explained the challenges of my small space and when he actually saw it, he drew up plans that did not reflect the actual space. When I asked for actual measurements, he agreed to revise the plans. Because I wanted to get the 20% discount on a substantial order, I needed to get the revised plan and check it out. A week before the deadline he said he had mailed it; he hadn't, and I ended up in the the store where he had faxed an order at the last minute and I placed the order. When I checked through everything later that day, several items were not in stock and missing.

I have slowly gotten the missing items but needed to get them home on my own or for an extra charge.

During the weeks that followed, I tried to give feedback at the store and was promised return calls that never happened. Their 30" cook top does not fit in their 30" base cabinet. A downdraft vent does not fit behind their oven. Their planner never mentioned this. When I asked if he even had a contractors license, they said yes, but when I asked for a number, he didn't have one!

The planner's order included butcher block counter tops which I never ordered. And I have a dented refrigerator that I called about 6 days in a row. Since you are routed to an East Coast call center and not the store when you call in and since they do not answer the 1451 customer service number when you call the actual store number, it is almost impossible to resolve any problem. I finally went in and Stephen (the person I was promised would call me back) happened to be there. He said he got no messages and that it would be another week or two till they got the refrigerator, but that they would call me.

Hopefully, that will actually happen.

Fortunately, I have someone doing the work for me who has been able to work through the problems. But "Kitchen Planning Center" and their "official consultant" are a joke.


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