IHOP / ihop 4770 vista wood blvd dallas, tx 75232 united states

Dallas, TX, United States
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Somebody please need to stop this madness, worst experience ever, worst customer service, lack of manager responsibility, wrong orders every time, very bad attitude throwing plates at customers " personal experience", manager not even awknowledgedbmy complaint, not even asking why I didn't want to eat anymore, didn't care, didn't ask about why I decided to leave or what happened, I think lack of a good management and good customer service makes this location one of the worst places to eat, " good management= know what is being order by your waiters, supervise good customer service given by the employees to the customer, excessive waiting time, why is it that every time the wrong order is given to the customer, ie almost all the reviews in yelp talk about the same... people in corporate offices please send someone to this location and see what is going on here please !!! Send someone like a regional manager perhaps to fix and supervise or maybe teach them or the manager how to run this location.

Apr 28, 2017

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