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Last sunday, the 7th, I waited for my food for almost an hour. It was a chicken fajita omelette. It was cold but I was with other people so I didn't complain. The chicken was dry and disgusting. I was sick for almost a week after.
Today, may 13th, even though I told myself I wouldn't eat at ihop again, a friend told me to meet her there. I tried to get plain french toast because I didn't think I could stomach anymore and a plain iced coffee. I made sure to say nothing in the coffee and nothing on the french toast. The waitress didn't acknowledge it at all. The host was in pajamas and the waitress was wearing a neon pink jacket. She refilled my water once and put down the check way before I finished eating, charging me even though she acknowledged that she messed up my coffee and that I obviously didn't like it. I can't drink dairy and it was loaded with milk. She gave us our checks when we'd barely started eating. Then we went up to pay and had to wait for everyone to finish their smoke break. I wasn't even gonna tip her but 50 cent but she was staring pointedly so I just left her a couple bucks. Doesn't end there the absolutely vacant parking lot next to waffle house, there was a big puddle, and I made sure to slow down in the actual waffle house parking lot. My friend and I were gonna ride around and go through it one more time (Safely!) just to live a little. And then the host, in her pajamas, on probably her fifth smoke break in just the time i'd been there, felt the need to scream at us and tell us that she didn't know what was going on but we were going to hit the vacant parking lot. At two in the morning.
Anyways, those two don't need to be working in customer service. And i'd like my money back. It was an iced coffee that I didn't drink and french toast tonight. Last sunday it was the chicken fajita omelette and a coffee. Throwing in a few dollars for grievances for the food poisoning would be nice too.

May 13, 2017
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      13th of May, 2017

    What the heck did I just read? You claim to have gotten food poisoning and were sick for a week, yet went right back there, and at 2am in the morning!! You didn't like your coffee, yet apparently didn't ask for another cup. You and your friend wanted to live a little so you drove around the parking lot, so you could keep driving through a big puddle. Had you two been drinking? Newsflash: people who drive around parking lots at 2am, trying to hit the puddles, don't get to criticize staff attire!!! Next, despite the fact you have ZERO proof the food from IHOP is what made you sick, you are requesting your money back PLUS extra money on top of that!! Get outta here with that noise. Neatdude is right, go to a soup kitchen!

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