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ICICI NRI Banking - Money2India / money2india: read this before you use the service!

1 Gibraltar Review updated:

I think everyone who is using or planning to use money2india service and the people responsible for running/ensuring service for this organization should read this.

I issued a check for an amount of GBP 1500 on 12 sep 07 from my Barclay's bank, Gibraltar to have the funds transferred to my bank account in india. The tracking number is M2L60306729. Everything worked well, funds were credited within a weeks time and amount debited from my Barclays bank.

As i was assuming or was under the illusion of icici being one of the professional financial institutions present in india and talking about the same to my friends in europe, they gave me a surprise. Funds withdrawn from my bank account in india on 16 october 2007 ( after almost a month )for an equivalent amount of GBP 1500 with the reason "refer to drawer". When i called up Barclays bank, nobody seems to have a clue. Now to this day, i have called up atleast more than a dozen agents, couple of supervisors and spoken to a manager in hyderabad (wahab ) who doesnt know where the funds are. Ultimately i am loosing GBP 1500 and willing to approach a legal authority in london unless they return the money either to my bank account in Barclay's or credit the funds back to my bank account in india. I have enough proof of the funds taken from barclays bank on 19th sep and no return till date. The document/bank statement updated till 1st oct has been forwarded to these guys on 16th oct.

They have assured to look into my case and asked for 24 hrs ( again, this story started 16th oct). I will keep this complaint updated and would notify everyone reading this forum. Till then i would suggest anyone using this service to make a decision based on my experience.

If i have a resolution soon, i will post my comments.


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  • Ra
      21st of Jan, 2007
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    ICICI Lombard - ICICI Lombard holds money for a cancelled policy

    I cancelled my ICICI Lombard Loan Care Policy for my home loan. The policy (4043/0000002/ICICI/HL/0000605) got canceled on 30th Oct 2006 but I haven’t received the cheque till now. I called ICICI Phone Banking more than 20 times since then. Every time they ask me to wait for 2 more working days. Sometimes I get a different & more promising reply – ‘this time we are forwarding to customer care on priority’. One officer tells me cheque has been dispatched to my address. Another officer tells me it’s dispatched to Hyderabad’s office. The address they have is correct & I’m receiving my ICICI Lombard vehicle insurance related documents & others. I don’t understand why only the cheque is not deliverable. I appreciate if a higher official of ICICI Lombard looks into the matter for faster resolution.

  • Jo
      24th of Jan, 2007
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    ICICI - Lombard Policy - Deducted money in name of Lombard Policy

    I have credit card of ICICI bank, which i was using for almost 2years. Once i got a call from ICICI Lombard and explained very nicely and attractively presented about their accident policy and was saying that you don't have to pay anything for this... etc. Me also was feeling good and asked them to send the policy documents. They started charging the EMI without sending any documents. Then i started calling ICICI helpline and they for few months i remember it was not reflecting in the bills and it skipped from my mind. But after sometime they have started charging again. Again i made call to customer care credit card and ICICI Lombard for the same. They assured that will cancel but next month they have stopped deducting the EMI and deducted some 7500 straight away from my account. Then i started writing mails they have agreed to reverse some but it was only some hundreds, and refused to pay. Which comes a huge amount now in my account. They have automatically debiting from my bank account, then i had no choice to stop keeping any money in that but i have lost some money cause i had some other insurance policies which was going well. I had to stop all this cause i feel cant trust them anymore and don't know how to get out of this. If somebody can advise please. Thanks.

  • Wa
      5th of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    ICICI lombard is nothing but a legal thief!

  • Mu
      28th of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    My father in law had taken home loan from ICICI BANK . One of the clause in the Loan Policy was " WITH THE FINAL DISBURSEMENT OF THIS LOAN FREE PERSONAL ACCIDENTAL INSURANCE COVER will be given to the first applicant of this loan to the extent of Principal Amount. Unfortunately My Father in Law died in an accident.

    I log the claim of insurance in ICICI LOMBARD as guided by Official of ICICI BANK.

    I have already submitted all documents duly certified and notarized required by the ICICI LOMBARD norms on 27/02/2003, but still settlement of claim is pending. I can't understand the reason of UNUSUAL DELAY IN SETTLEMENT OF CLAIM. I resorted to phone banking service and contacted your call centre but i feel sorry to say that ICICI LOMBARD customer call centre is REALLY USELESS. None contacted me from ICICI LOMBARD customer care.

  • Al
      24th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    I too had an ICICI credit card. They promised me a free insurance cover. Then after settling all the dues january 2006. I cancelled the card, cutting it to pieces and sending to them. But they kept on sending statements. Finally they cancelled the policy but now they chase me to my home to get some payment. They showed me that they have cancelled my policy but not my wife and son who were nominees. Therefore they want to settle the case with Rs. 3500/- instead of 10,415/-. Is this joke? or a process of extracting money like a money lender.

  • De
      9th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes
    ICICI Lombard General Insurance co. Ltd. - Poor private car vehicle policy renewal!

    I gave a cheque dated 29/06/07 for Rs. 3860/-(vide cheque no.000007)drawn on Bank of India payable to ICICI Lombard General Insurance co. Ltd. for renewal of my Private Car Vehicle policy no.3001/1523496/00/000 to their executive Ashwani k sharma(Mobile: 9990454627)) but till date I haven't even received the cover note for the same. My policy expires on 10 July,2007(i.e. Today) and my vehicle is still not insured for the current year. when I called up Ashwani he told me that he's left the job and gave me his bosses contact details. I also spoke with his boss, Saurabh Goswami(Mobile No: 9873573621)who assured me that he'll get the policy delivered at the earliest but I have yet to get the policy. I need to know as to who will be held reponsible if my vehicle gets stolen tomorrow. Does ICICI Lombard give a damn to check if the policy/cover note has been delivered to the customer after their executive collect the cheque. Why make such tall claims in the co. ads when you can't deliver.

    I would like to caution the gullible customers against such fraudulent practices by company's like ICICI Lombard. Pl do think twice before buying any kind of policies from them.

  • Vi
      4th of Aug, 2007
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    ICICI Banking / Personal Loans - Unwanted marketing calls

    First my complaint " Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 5:59 PM"
    Customer Service ICICI

    Sub:- Irritating marketing calls from your Tele callers.

    I am Vipan Deep Singh Chowdhury, one of the customers with ICICI Banking section, Credit Card and I purchased a new connection with TATA INDICOM on Saturday 14th July 2007, and around 5pm in the evening the connection got active. And the worst part of the story is on Monday Noon at 12:18 pm I get a Marketing call from ICICI Personal Loan rep from 92502 19849.

    My Account No:- 0087 0000 0035
    Credit Card No:- 5100 0000 0000 0035
    D Mat Account No:- 850 000 0060

    Can u imagine it is not even 48hrs in complete that u people started giving marketing calls. So Sick Yaar, I get marketing calls on my other Airtel number 98700 00096 that is fine I understand you use it for business, but again it is not correct, But it is my mistake that I have used the number in my banking records with you people, but this brand new number never ever in service earlier, and a marketing call within 48hrs of activation.

    Hardly 3-4 STD calls have been done so far, and no local call at all, so that no one can get this number at least for marketing purposes. But still a sick marketing call again. The number from which I got call is 92502 19849. I have formally launched a complaint with TATA INDICOM with a complaint number 78972569 on 07/16/2007 at 12:59. If you can initiate an inquiry that is fine, I am still going to approach TRAI for a formal complaint against this. If you can respond in 48 hrs of this mail, I can still consider my decision.

    Hope to read soon from you, before things go worse.

    From A Irate Customer
    Vipan Deep Singh Chowdhury
    Reply received on " Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 5:59 PM "

    Dear Sir,

    Your name and contact number have been updated in DNC(16/07/2007). TAT of 15 days required for dnc to get active.

    Thanks & Regards,
    DNCR Team
    Next again " Sat, 4 Aug 2007 17:17:18 -0700 (PDT) " another mail sent reply still expected... Really don't know what they have to say this time...

    Customer Service ICICI

    Sub:- Irritating marketing calls from your Tele callers.

    After the E- Mail sent by me below, I soon got a call from you people assuring that I will not be getting any more call from your callers. That was really appreciated and expected from ICICI. The rep promised that ICICI needs 15 day as Turn Around Time for removing me from any of the calling lists(Banking, Credit Card, Loans,Insurance etc).

    I said fine I can bear this inconvenience for another couple of days(15 days) and assured that after that no more calls. But I know that was a FALSE PROMISE/ COMMITMENT he is making. And after 15 day was over by 01 Aug 2007, soon I got another marketing call from your Personal Loan Dept. again, asking for my requirement in terms of Personal Loan. And that is sick again.

    This time call was made from 011- 6469 8141 at my number 98700 00096 on 3rd Aug 2007 at 1.31pm. NOW DO YOU HAVE ANY THING TO SAY ...??? Any more Promises or Any more Commitments to be given ...???

    Do you realize I soon started reducing my services with you people. Instantly I have have closed my D-Mat Account Services with ICICI Bank. And if this is not taken seriously then I do not mind closing my Banking & Credit Card services with you people. Do not think me as a helpless customer. Definition of Customer has changed now. It is you people who need us for your business, we are not at mercy of you people for services. There are many other Banking Institutes ready to offer better services Minus harassments. But I know that ICICI values customers and their problems, so


    I work in Night Shift with a leading BPO for US services. It means that is very important for me to sleep in the day time, when these sick Tele-marketing people call. If you check the time time difference between US and India you would find a difference of whooping 10.30 Hrs, means a core night shift for me. I am not asking any sympathy from your people as this is my job, but on the other hand I do not want any harassment from you people as this is your responsibility, as they use your brand when they call. Now that is why I have mentioned number they call from so that I have some base to talk about, because this is what you people need first to investigate the problem.

    I will be waiting for your call before any formal complaint with concerned Authorities and ask for compensation and Breach in service (Do Not Disturb service) is made against you people. As you people you clearly this is against the guideline of Honorable Supreme Court. Please that this a Serious Warning.

    (Reps do not Reply to this E- Mail, want a Responsible Senior Manager)

    Vipan Deep Singh Chowdhury

  • As
      8th of Aug, 2007
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    ICICI Bank - Credit Cards - Disputed account with ICICI Bank Credit Cards

    type business location and detailed complaint

    Type : The disputed account with ICICI Bank Credit Cards.

    I am Ashwani Malhotra. R/O A -43 Asha Park, Jail Road, New Delhi - 18. I was using a card with ICICI Credit Card which was issued to me on the 1st August 2005, I registered a complaint in their Call Center for 03 Transaction (Disputed Amount Rs.45000) which i was not aware of, But instead of helping me to get rid of the problem they started adding Late fees and finance charges to it. I again called up the Customer care to get help regarding the same and they simply refused me by saying that you have exceeded the dispute time so now you cannot dispute regarding the same now and you will have to pay the amount. I have been making all the payments in time and the intentions are very clear to pay but i will not be able to pay the disputed amount and charges leaved on the same if any purchases left can be paid .I am now looking for a solution or you can say a help from you to resolve this issue in the presence of Honorable Ombudsman as they are harassing me now everyday by sending their executives who simply ask for money and not ready to listen and are abusive.

    Also i want my name to be removed from the Negative database as i am not a defaulter its the bank who has declared the same and because of their fault i dont want to suffer.

    On 25th April 2006 they sent their executive to my place who simply collected the amount which i owed to them for the transactions that i made which was a sum of 11300/-

    In 26th July 2006 they again sent their executive with a new dispute form a collected a sum of Rs. 11310/-. What the executive told me that the dispute has been taken care of don't worry as soon as you fill up the dispute form we will investigate and take care of it.

    Now they have started giving me threatening calls and harassing me while work. Beware!

  • Ch
      16th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes
    ICICI Bank - Two Wheeler Loan Division - Waste of time & energy

    It is ridiculous and unbelievable that reputed banks such as ICICI has worst service.

    Firstly, I fail to understand the kind of staff they recruit whose communication skills are worse to the core. Secondly, I am surprised if they not undergone any customer service trainings. It is now for 15 days that I have submitted my documents to ICICI bank for purchasing a two wheeler. As of now the first of all even the telephonic verification is not yet done. Every time I contact the ICICI personnel, it is the simplest answer I get "I shall call you madam" you wait for that call, I need to wait for ever. 15 days have passed no status update on the loan at all. You call the icici bank directly, he puts the blame on another person and again the answer is simple, give me two more days time. HOW LONG IS IT GOING TO CONTINUE, I DONT UNDERSTAND.


  • Ma
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    ICICI Credit Card - Overbilling without purchase

    I am a credit card holder of ICICI Bank also get the same under life time free offer. But ever month i got some charges of insurance premium which i have never applied. I don't know about Insurance Charges and all. At the time when I apply this card your Sales Executive told me this is life time free credit card he do not told me any other policy which automatic attach this card. So why should i pay to this Insurance Charges why??... Why??... Why???..

    I called to your customer care several times to correct the billing amount and all the times they promised me to do that, but again there were no results. So, last time I called again to your customer care with the same request on 12.01.2008 and they took a new request no.13010898 and promised me to correct the billing amount.

    So I request you please refund all the balance amount and please close this Insurance Policy as soon as Possible.

    Credit Card No. : 5176 5300 8673 (2008)

    with kind regards,

  • Ra
      23rd of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes


    Your problem with ICICI Bank, solved or not, if not, please send your written details to me by email, so that I can advice you, that how you can solve this problem.

    Pl treat this most urgent, and as a human being.


    Rameshwar Rai

  • Go
      23rd of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    i see in my jan. statement you charged interest & service tax Rs.159.66. why it is charged? please explain me. **************telecaller executive not responding*********

  • Sl
      30th of Apr, 2008
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    ICICI Petro Card - Waive of Latefees & Service tax
    ICICI Bank
    76,Shiva Colony, Imliwala Phatak,Jaipur.302015
    United States
    Phone: 9413200288

    I am having your petro card since last four years approx.and no. of card is 5177 1940 1922 4010 and custo. ID No.1745726.Usually I got banks statement in the first week of the month. But in the last month I did not got any statement so I could not deposit the required amount in time. After long waiting I deposited a cheque of Rs.2000/-.without knowing any exact amount. Today I got last months statement and surprise that a latefees of Rs.350/- + Rs.43.26 as service tax has been charged while I am not at fault. A number of times I have requesated and worte the bank that MY MOBILE NUMBER IS NOW 9413200288 but bank never intimate on this phone.Since I bacame a petro card member of your bank I deposited the required amount before due date. Kindly confirm from your office that when you send the statement in the last month, and also confirm about the receipt of the statement.
    I am not in habit the pay after due date by late fees. I am requesting you to kindly waiveoff the latefees + service tax charges and intimate as earliest possible otherwise I would not be in position to contiue your petro card.Regards, S.L.Jain

  • Dd
      13th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes
    ICICI NRI Services - NRI's beware
    United States

    ICICI is preying on the NRI's to make some quick money from their accounts.
    First they require you to have a Debit card for online access and then charge you yearly fee for the debit card. Generally the debit card is useless for NRI's as you visit home once a while and in most places it cannot be used as a credit card (i.e. airline ticket etc).
    The second way of making money is to cancel your online banking password if you did not access it for 6-months. Most NRI's do not look into the online banking account until a trip to India is planned. Once the password is reset then you cannot get it back by email or other ways except direct mail. They charge you Rs450+ for sending the new password to your US address (claiming as shipping cost).
    BTW if you did not access your account for two years then your account is probably frozen as it was dorment for two years. ICICI Bank will send you all kind of junk emails for all the other products and services but will not send you reminder email before the account is frozen or the password is reset. Why will they send as they end up making money on top of the low interest they pay for your account.

  • An
      22nd of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Shame on them. Even i am facing similar problem.

  • Ja
      10th of Aug, 2008
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    ICICI Credit Card - where is my money

    i mr.janak p shah is not satisfied with your phone banking service because problem are not solved for last two to three months so please help can check my transaction record of my payments i have not paid any of my due payments partly.
    my credit card number is 4477 4663 4121 2008 issue in 11/4 and my birthdate is 16/08/40 this is my veryfication
    now i request you to solve this problem. in month of may transaction date 29/05/08 payment done for mtnl mobile (bill desk) mumbai ind amount rs.1198.00 was done by me online as i did not get clear reply by mistake i had entered the enter key 4 times and same was debited from my account.for this i had concerned the respected officers mr.gagan and mr.kaupin they said that your all entries will b reversed.confirming that we recieved bill amount of 5, 228.70.after receiving the bill we concerned with the above phone banking people, they said that your amount of rs2396 was by mistake printed, so ignore it and pay rest of the v paid v have received the new next transaction bill of rs4545.24 in which the above amount of rs 2396 has been included with interest charges rs312.64 & service tax 38.64, which v are not liable to pay.the same mater was talked on phone with the above mentioned two people & in reply they said that two transactions of your r in u r favour & two transactions r in banks favour so u will have to pay the full amount .please solve the mater because for this we went at andheri branch & they said that u mail this mater to customercare they will surely solve u r please solve the mater &if needed to whom should v meet for the same. please do the needful & oblidge.

    thanking you,
    janak p shah

  • Ks
      19th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    my credit card a|c no.9401270070520007.

    reg. this transection iam sending cheque amount Rs-11378/- dt.27.5.08 in indian bank cheque chennai 58. this cheque has been recived in your anna nagar br.dt.27.5.08.but this cheque has not been presented ur account. i got this messege on next month only.but ur bank is sending statment with late payment fee and all aditionel charges with out any reson.mean time i met ur anna nagar branch manager and discus with this matter .they want a request letter and iam sending this same .but the next month ur statment also the same problum continued and till date this problum has not been solved.hence i request u to revice all the aditionel charges and sent to me the correct statment.otherwise i will stop the payment from this month on wards.
    sincerly .k. sasikumar

  • Be
      17th of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am facing lot of problems with my money transfer through money2india. No body seems to be responsible or helpful at the customer care. Each time it is a different person who responds to my mail and they have no idea what has happened before. Each person keeps asking the same information that I have already provided earlier. I do not recommend this service to anyone. Just keep away from ICICI.

  • Am
      24th of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    ICICI Money2India is one of the most unprofessional service offered by any bank in UK. ICICI's customer service is known to be the MOST APPALLING and i have already had a number of such incidents where they have shown 'i dont give a damn, it will be done whenever we want it to' attitude! In fact, they are the most obnoxious when it comes to transfer as they hoard the sender's money and then wait for a few days before deciding the lowest rate within those days to do the transfer.

    When it comes to customer service, you definitely cannot get anything done unless you know someone who works in ICICI. On one previous occassion, i had my funds blocked with them for 15 days without getting transferred. I could only manage to get them back, through a friend's friend who works at ICICI. That was about a year ago. And now again for some reason my funds have been blocked with them for over 8 days. I have already crossed across number of agents, n number of service request and ICICI care numbers, and nothing has happened. I just wonder how such organisations are able to exist in today's world! This is probably going to be the last time i will deal with ICICI, after which its long good bye to the ###ing idiots!

  • Xa
      31st of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I usually dont post comments on random sites but on this case, I've to agree with the popular opinion about ICICI's customer service. They are abysmal! I've had a lot of disputes with this bank both on my Savings account and Credit card transactions. While I agree that disputes and security breaches can happen to any bank, I'd rate ICICI as 1 on a scale from 1-5 for the way these issues are being handled. The bank has no accountability and the grievance addressing process is ineffective with no one taking ownership... I'm not talking about call center executives or bank representative officers but Account managers and Zonal Managers.

    To summarize, Please refrain from trusting this bank with your hard earned money and go with some other bank with a good track record.

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