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[Resolved] ICICI Lombard / insurance medical check up not done yet - full chat details

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The tricky answer read carefully... sorry i am just pleading with them for my money ...

Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'parag'

Chat InformationPlease wait while I transfer the chat to 'lucky'.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'lucky'

lucky: Good Morning

lucky: you have reached ICICI Lombard 24x7,

lucky: how can I help you?

PANCRAS GOMEZ: lucky .. parag

PANCRAS GOMEZ: transfered me


PANCRAS GOMEZ: he didnt deliver what he promised me

lucky: May i know your query related to the policy ?

PANCRAS GOMEZ: its been 12 days my parents havnt got the call for their medical check up

PANCRAS GOMEZ: the promises made by u guys just keeps expiring

PANCRAS GOMEZ: so i request u guyst o return my money if u dont want to take the insurance policy

PANCRAS GOMEZ: for my parents

lucky: I Apologize for the inconvenience caused to you

PANCRAS GOMEZ: instead of making me run around the bush like this

PANCRAS GOMEZ: u r the fourth person to apologize u know

PANCRAS GOMEZ: i can very well fight a legal battle .. but i just dont want to get into that because our system is not that easy to get thru

PANCRAS GOMEZ: so i am still here to ask u guys to resolve my query

PANCRAS GOMEZ: rather return my money

lucky: Please help me with your policy number.


lucky: sure

PANCRAS GOMEZ: 4034/RIS/W-278030/00/000

PANCRAS GOMEZ: please cancel the request and return my money

PANCRAS GOMEZ: i cant wait any longer for this

PANCRAS GOMEZ: i really dont want something that does not have a good service ... this is about life u know

PANCRAS GOMEZ: u guys just cant play with my parents lifes

lucky: I Apologize for the inconvenience caused to you

lucky: kindly be on line while i am checking the details


lucky: Your patience is appreciated.

lucky: As your request was forwarded on 30 july

lucky: you will received the letter for are end within more two days

PANCRAS GOMEZ: ok ... correct me if i am wrong lucky ok?

PANCRAS GOMEZ: i bought the policy and paid in full for the policy on the 21st of July

PANCRAS GOMEZ: within 7 days ur guys are suppose to call me right?

PANCRAS GOMEZ: just please correct me if am wrong anywher


lucky: right

PANCRAS GOMEZ: its been 12 days ... and i had to call u guys to get my policy pushed forward

PANCRAS GOMEZ: is this how it will be done?

PANCRAS GOMEZ: if yes... i am ready to accept.. but if that is a mistake ...

PANCRAS GOMEZ: i am being unreasonably held up right ...

PANCRAS GOMEZ: if it is a loan ok lucky.. if it is a credit ok ... but this is my parents

PANCRAS GOMEZ: i live overseas i cant see them but i can only make sure they have the right support

PANCRAS GOMEZ: that is why i chose icici lombard

PANCRAS GOMEZ: the amount of stress u guys put me thru is just unreasonable

PANCRAS GOMEZ: if u guys really cant by the time u say u will please return my money i will get a different insurance...

PANCRAS GOMEZ: i am not saying u guys are not doing ur job

PANCRAS GOMEZ: just that its not fast enough by the bank ...

lucky: As your details are already forward and you need not worry you will surely received the letter from our end within 2 days


PANCRAS GOMEZ: so the 2 days will be monday or tuesday?

lucky: yes

PANCRAS GOMEZ: which day monday or tuesday ... so that i can tell my parents to be ready to go the hospital

lucky: yes

lucky: i have already forwarded you details

PANCRAS GOMEZ: hmmmm .. i am not convinced .. nevermind ... u have a good day


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      19th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    This is my worst experience with the ICICI lombard and ICICI bank.

    I have taken a policy in month of dec 2008 on credit card. Its fine...
    Later after one month I see my icici credit card statement... I just shocked...
    They converted my payment to EMI without prior intimation and asking me to pay extra intrest amount on EMI.. which comes to be RS. 2000/- per 2 years for just premium amount of 10000/-.
    I called ICICI lombard and said my grievance...
    On my request they converted from EMI to upfront.. Asking me to talk with bank that the payment to be changed to upfront...
    Then starts my bad days...
    When i called bank they said they are not responsible for converting EMI to upfront.. Call Lombard and ask them to convert and said they have not received any request from lombard...
    This game kept on continued for more than a month...
    ..., , ,
    No solution...
    I am really out of proportionate the way they respond to my problem..
    Helpless, finally I made the EMI to upfront by paying extra money for the wrong thing I have done 'taking a icici policy'
    Here on, I request every one not take any policy that link with icici which they will end up only in trouble..
    Don't trouble yourselves talking any policy from icici

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