Hyundaihyundai I 20 automatic no stopper onn gearbox

Good day,

Just to inform you, my wife is driving a hyaudi i 20 automatic, and to me the car is very unsafe, the model of the car is 2015.

The problem with this car and i asume its with every automatic, when you park the car and you forget to put it in drive, you can remove the key from your ignition, meening that that this is the very first car in auto that you can take your
Key out, if it it not in park, other cars you will not be able to remove the key unless you put it in park and then remove your key.

And why i say its unsafe if you park your car and forget to put it in park and your children, or grand children is in the cat and one can loosen the handbrake, the car will run away or crash into another car.

I also went to one of your hyandai, dealers and the newest model, is axacly the same, there was no changes made,

I want one of your directors, or technical people explain this to me cause this nto me is very dangerous and could cause injury, or even death.

Please i need somebody to give me feedback before 7 days otherwise i put this on hello peter, and hear the response of all other clients


Adriaan oosthusen.


Jan 24, 2017

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