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Hydro One Networks / Prices

1 Canada

What needs to be seen and heard here is how the customer views the issues of hydro in Ontario. I am a retired pensioner, I only earn enough to live off my monthly income. Hydro One, nor the liberal government can understand our plight because they themselves live on income that we could only dream of having. Call them the One per centers, the sunshine list, or the wealthy if you will.
For many in Ontario, they live in financial misery. We have people on our road who have been cut off from hydro, and I have an aunt in Sault Ste Marie who lives in a one heated room in her house because she does not have enough money to convert to gas from electric heat. The price for hydro goes up constantly.
The old fridges do use more electricity than the new ones, but upon doing the math it would take about 15 years of electricity savings for a new fridge to pay for itself, so it makes no sense to purchase a new fridge for the sole reason of saving electricity. I bought a new fridge for accessibility reasons.
TOU is a pain and a scam. I certainly will not shift my electricity use, and I see no need to do so except for an obese provincial government addicted to spending, constantly looking for quick cash any way they can get it. Why would I wash my cloths at night? They don't dry well on the line at night, and on peak times I need that power plain and simple. No government is going to make me change my lifestyle to fit their greedy short sighted agenda. I'll run my gas generator if I have to!
A government that is serious about helping people should be able to provide off peak pricing for residential customers at mealtimes, and when demand is highest. Generators run efficiently at high load.
We need to end residential TOU particularly in summer during heat waves. People die in the heat; those who are elderly or sick during heat waves because they are too scared to use the airconditioner due to cost. At the very least offer off peak pricing during heatwaves, and make them heard with public statements.
As for global warming/climate change. There is not enough evidence to support that human activity is the sole reason for it. We simply do not know and current data is being cherry picked making for bad science.
An effort should be made to provide electricity at cost. Hydro One is run by the provincial government and is as much responsible for the electricity mess as is the party in power who designed it. There was nothing wrong with coal fired generation and the mechanical meters we had. They were paid for and reliable. I suggest that we return to what does work because the present system is both corrupt and broken.
Legally is there any way that we in Ontario can launch a class action lawsuit against the province for raising prices for an essential service (electricity) to the point that it is a financial burden for many including those who can least afford it?

Feb 22, 2015

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