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electricity charges

I as a loyal customer was not eligible for the new customer rates, so in order to get the best deal we...

electricity provider

Regarding account number [protected] 1. On or about 8/21/18, I initiated electricity request with Cirro...

electric service

On July 7th a storm came through Dallas and knocked out all of the Power I had just went grocery shopping on...


While building my new home I had a temp pole and temp service through Cirro. Centerpoint removed the temp line in Jan 2019. I continued getting billed I called Cirro to question the billing for a removed temp pole (in January 2019). They called and confirmed with Centerpoint that the line had been removed yet did not reverse charges for the period of no service to a pole that was not there.

account # [protected] 2803 lake point dr temp

Service address -

Glen Blanchard
2803 Lake Point Dr
San Leon, Tx. 77539

I would like a charges reversed for the period of no service.

simple name change

My husband died over a year ago. I have been paying the Cirro Bill. All I want is a simple name change to mine. My husband is dead. Just change the first name to mine. I have had no problems with the rest of my bills being changed.

Cirro wants my drivers license. I am 75 years old, I don't lie just change the name.


It seems to me that not one person can do anything. What happened to CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you can't get it done give this to someone who can.

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this company treats customer like inhuman

I have been with Cirro Energy for years and today I came home finding that no electricity in my house, can't open garage, can't charge phone, can't cook. I thought there is a power shortage and called the company but was told that the service was disconnected because no payment. I had payment auto draft set up from very beginning, never had issue. Asked them checking and found that the credit card expired.

Disconnecting service seriously affects people's life, a customer-caring company should at least communicate the issue with the customer and give sometime to Cirro's policymaker's eye, there is only money, no people.

Customer Service

I contacted Cirro customer service about 2-$10 charges they wanted on top of a late charge for a late payment. I spoke with a representative that explained that when I am late on a payment and they send out a late payment notice, I not only have to pay a late fee but also a $10 charge for the notice itself. I asked if they could refund me the 2-$10 charges and was told that they could not. I asked for a supervisor and she agreed to refund 1-$10 charge but not the other. I have been a Cirro customer for at least 10years and was recently laid off from work and have had a cash flow issue. Their customer service used to be outstanding until they changed ownership. I have been in the customer service industry for over 40 years and by far Cirro's customer service rates LOW LOW LOW. I will change providers when I am out of contract with them. They don't care about me, so I have a choice. Bye Bye Cirro.

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    LaShenda Smith Oct 28, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have received a disconnection noticed in the mail. I have contacted the company to let them know when my next pay date will be, and that I am not able to pay the amount that is currently due, until I get paid. However, I have signed paperwork with this company concerning my asthma. This paperwork was on file, up until your company changed companies. With this being said, due to my asthma, under no circumstances should my electricity be disconnected. The agent told me that there was nothing that he could no at this time, and for me to contact 211. Really? Your company was the one who lost my paperwork. So, the customer service is very poor. Something should be done about poor customer service. My electricity should continue to be on, since I have asthma, and so does my child.

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Changing Payment DUE Dates

Been a customer with Cirro Energy for over 4 years have the same Payment Due Date for years. I have paid early or on time since becoming a customer. However, without my permission or any notification to me, Cirro has moved UP my Payment Due date 2 times within 2 months. I called them after the first statement, and given false hope that they would change my date. The second payment they moved the date UP another 2 days! The due date went from the 10th to the 2nd! a week's difference (a pay check difference) I contacted them twice and I was told they could not help me. I was told by the supervisor my request was not approved because I did not pay a deposit when I signed up. Deposits are paid for high risk customers. Since I have excellent credit, a deposit was not required. Yet they say I'm not eligible for the Pick Your Due Date program ?? I did not even know they had a program. I want to change by Payment Due Date back to the 8th but I'm not allowed ? The WORST customer service ever. I don't like surprises on my bill and I don't like being misinformed. Needless to say, I will be finding another energy service company by using my Power to choose option!

Unauthorized Charges

I was trying to make a payment for a pass due amount on 10/11, but thay entered the passed and current amount...

late fees

is very abusive that i call on 8/13 to let them know i have not received he bill on the mail, the first...

Billing/ Lack of Customer service

Some idiot from Cirro accidentally put my address up for a disconnect as if I was moving had to call and straighten this out then it screwed my bill up completely and spoke to a Moses today and not once did he apologize to me for all of this mess all he did was remove the late fees. I even said to him not one person has had enough customer service skills to say I am so sorry this happened to you and he still did not say anything. CIRRO ENERGY SUCKS!!! I would not recommend them to anyone.

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    Warren E Aug 17, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I had same experience, billing issues, their fault, no apology. Apparently it is against company policy to apologize to custemors. Just plain stupid policy!

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This company does not honor contracts

I renewed my contract with Kinetic Energy on 1/25/12 and have e-mail confirmation. On 2/10/12, billing wa...


We've had Cirro Energy for over 6 months now. We've never let our power get turned off, and the...

Wrongful disconnection of service

I've had an account with Simple Power for the past 2 years as well as automatic bill pay from my bank. Apparently last month Simple Power went out of business and transfered all accounts to Cirro Energy. On Saturday, July 28th we returned from an out-of-country vacation to a temperature of 105, disconnected electricity, no alarm system, and a fridge and freezer filled with melted/rotten food.

I called and was told that I couldn't speak to anyone regarding the problem until Monday. As a result, we also incurred hotel bills. There was a 10 day notification letter from Cirro Energy in our mailbox dated July 26, 2011 stating that we had 10 days to pay our bill or the electricity would be turned off on August 5, 2011. HOWEVER, we can tell from our online account for our security system that it was deactivated when our power was turned off on July 23, before the mandatory 10 day notification letter was even typed. The TDU verified that the disconnection was received over a week ago. No efforts were made to contact us regarding their error in billing, and the "supervisor" who I was told would contact me ASAP regarding the problem still has not returned my 5 phone calls. I spoke with a Public Utility Commission representative and was told that Cirro/Simple Point is definitely at fault because 1)the automatic bill pay should have been seemless and 2)the requirement of a ten day notice of service disconnect was not followed. I'd like reimbursement for all expenses.

It is the worst company I have ever seen

I started using Cirro Energy service from July 2009. I used auto pay service for my payment every month. At beginning of Jan 2010, I changed the new credit card from their website. After updating, I check several times from their website. It showed auto pay with the new card information. On February statement showed: Your Draftmatic auto bank draft service is now in effect. Do not remit payment. But on the March 1st, my power was cut off. I call them and they said I did not pay my payment. I told them I had updated the new card and statement & website had already showed auto pay was set up. I even faxed the statement to them at once. They told me statement and website all gave me the wrong information. Their system did not set up yet. It was confused me. I did not know which one was true. Because of their problem, I was asked to must pay the all the cost (disconnecting fee, reconnecting fee and later fee) with very rude attitude. It is ridicules. I call their supervisor several times and left the message. Finally they call me back on March 30. They still refused to agree their mistake. I am really angry with their terrible service. They do not care customer because the contract will hold their business. I must tell everyone NEVER EVER USE CIRRO ENERGY!!! It is the worst company I have ever seen.I used cirro service from last July. I always use autopay for my payment.


My credit card expired, I activated the new one.
On my profile it did not update. When I paid my bill online, there was no indication that the payment was not received or failed.
Cirro turned off my power before my next bill was even due. Their customer service is grossly incompetent, they had no explanation for why it happened. They did not contact me by any media to let me know the online payment did not go thru. I paid the entire balance last night.
Now it is Veterans Day, they are closed and have scheduled my reconnect out 2 more days for some reason. I cannot reach any voice from Cirro, only a answering service with not authority or clue what to do.

Bad Customer Service

I have been a customer with Cirro Energy for over two years. I called them more than 24 hours ago to have a letter of credit faxed to my new energy company. When I talked to someone yesterday( I have her name but of course noone there has ever heard the name) I was told the letter would be sent within 24 hours. It hasn't I just called and spoke to someone else and was told that they have no record of my call yesterday and he would send another letter. I asked to speak to that department and he said I couldn't, they could only email them. I asked for a supervisor and was told she was busy. When I insisted that I speak to her I was transferred and conveniently hung up on. I have never been late on a payment and I'm not surprised about how they treat customers. For the last year customer service sucks. DON'T USE THEM. IT MAY BE CHEAPER (BUT NOT REALLY) BUT THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU. JUST THEIR MONEY

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    Cirro5uck5 Jul 19, 2011

    I agree. I just received a "service disconnection notice" for an account that is paid-up. They purchased my account from simplepower, but could not seem to ever give me the correct amount for my bill either on the website - over the phone, or via mail. I paid the $50 they stated I owed last month, which was obviously at least $100 low, and was told (when I mentioned this could not be correct) that they don't expect me to pay the full amount yet. I expected to pay more this month, and I did finally get the bill with caught up amount. The day after, I get a disconnection notice. They seem to be clueless and rely on their automated systems too much. So when the contract is up, I'm dropping them asap. They seem to be just as eager to drop me, evidently!

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Resolved Lies, lies, lies

I had a 1 yr contract at set price; they did not notify me at the end of contract to see if I wanted to renew; more than doubled my rates without notice and now want $600.00 over and above the contract price.

When called about it, they said they would renew my contract and rescind the overage; LIED, LIED, LIED!

They are scamming Texans and should be kicked out of Texas Electricity Market.

  • Co
    coast2co Oct 31, 2009

    I also switched our church account to Cirro. (We are a small church with 2 - 5ton AC units. They quoted .066 KW plus AEP line charges. Which was projected via the phone around .08-10 KW I understand. AEP line charge is .28 kw plus. Cirro said Because when we turn on the 2 AC units within 2 mintues of each other and the lights it creates a demand that AEP says you are a high demand user thus .28KW line charge. My bill says I paid 38.53 cents a kw. So am I scammed or are they right. I was better off with CPL. They never charged us like this.

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  • Co
    coast2co Oct 31, 2009

    I have the same usage practices when I was with CPL (Direct Energy) I never paid more than .23 kw in June 2009 I had a bill around $275.00 in the heat, I awitch to CIRRO and my bill for September/October @ 440 KW used is $169.00 plus tax. Either CPL(Direct Energy) is in Collusion with AEP on Line Rate Charges or CIRRO Energy is pocketing the difference. What do you think...

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    KJJ1 Feb 11, 2010


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    Shannon Mugrage Jul 15, 2011

    I have a $30 charge on my credit report because of these people. When I called in, I was treated like a little kid by some guy that sounded like he was 15. That was by far, the most unprofessional dealing I have ever had with a supposed "company."

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