Huntington National Bank / refinance rip-off

Parma, OH, United States

Was told by Huntington Bank mortgage officer that our application for a refinance was "approved"-paid for appraisal-submitted all paperwork. For 5 months loan officer assured us it was ok. After the 1st 90 days we had to "resign" papers as we were told the government changed the application. That was when I saw the "closing costs" had climbed to $8000 on a $135, 000 loan! Huntington had me open a checking account to "direct pay" the loan. I never signed papers or put money into the account but they charged me $100 "overdraft"-they called my homeowners insurance company and cx my policy and said they "now hold the note' but they never did-I had to pay late fee to re-instate the insurance. I have repeatedly requested the appraisal that I paid for but they will not give it to me or answer my calls or letters.
They turned me down for being "30 days late" when it was a"pass a payment" at their bank and THEY APPROVED IT!
Stay away-so unprofessional. The title company doing the work called me after 60 days and told me the loan officer "forgot to order the appraisal" after I gave them $300. The appraiser was a close friend of the loan officer-bank teller who opened checking was a friend and the insurance company was associated with them also. It is a shame our government gives these banks our money and they hoard it-may they "rot in hell"!

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