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So I recently moved to Ohio from another state, and was in a car crash my first week. I received a settlement check, but my bank does not have locations here. I decided I would try to open a Huntington account because there was a bank by my work. I went in on my lunch break, explained to my banker that I only have my rental car until the end of the week (it was a Tuesday) and I needed to create an account so I could buy a car that weekend. The banker said sense the checks I was depositing were not personal, the funds should be available in 1-2 days. Fast forward to Saturday (the day after I had to drop off the rental car) I receive a letter stating about $1, 000 was going to be on hold until the next week because it's a new account. Normally I would understand something like this, but I directly told the banker I needed these funds by the weekend so I could have transportation to work the next week. The letter that was sent told me to call [protected]. I called explained the situation and the first person I spoke too would not even go into my account. I was just told there's nothing they could do and got the standards can I help you with anything else. I asked to speak to the supervisor, then I retold the supervisor the story emphasizing that I needed the funds to purchase a car because I was currently without transportation, the branch I opened the account at with is an hour away, and that I was told by the banker that these funds would be available this weekend. The supervisor told me to go back to the branch. I reiterated that it was an hour away and I don't have a vehicle, and she repeated I would have to go back to that branch (which turns out is closed on weekends) so when I asked if I Uber out there what can they do for me, she rudely informed me that "they can tell you why they said that" when I brought up the why doesn't matter, Huntington told me something, so Huntington needs to resolve it the SUPERVISOR informed me "oh I don't actually work for Huntington they contract with us, and I wasn't there". And then told me the only thing she could to was transfer me to the local branch. I asked her to call for me and I could wait on hold, she repeated she could transfer me. So I asked if she was just trying to get me off the phone, I was met with silence until I hung up. I immediately went on google to look up the branches number, and I was met with the information "closed now"... not only was the conversation unprofessional (I still can't get over the "they contract us" you obviously don't care about your brand if that's who you contract) but the entire solution was going to be cold transfer me to a dead line... I can't say for sure what I'm going to do about the car, but I can say the second those funds are available that account is getting closed.

Mar 18, 2017

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