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A year ago I moved to Pennsylvania and was looking for a new bank. Since Huntington has a location in the town I moved to I decided to go with them. I had an accountant that was supposed to be taking care of my bank statements, but apparently was not. Over the last year I have made tons of purchases through Google play and recently discovered that $31, 115.45 in charges that were not mine. These charges started in May 2016 and suddenly stopped in December 2016. I contacted Google and was advised that I would have to dispute the charges with my bank. So, I spent an entire day printing out bank statements for that time period, going through my Google purchases, and matching my purchases with those from my bank account. I have waited three days for a response from Huntington only to be told that any activity older than 60 days they will not dispute. I am at a total loss!! I have never had a bank that was not on the side of their customer. Rather than attempting to help me resolve this matter, the customer service representative wanted to lecture me about balancing my bank statements regardless of who was supposed to be handling them. The representative told me I would have to sue Google to get my money back and that the bank would not help, even though the evidence was in black and white. I am appalled at the lack of concern when it comes to personal accounts with this bank. I do not have the money to hire an attorney to get this money back. I am going to pull my money from this bank and take my business elsewhere. I have friends that have commercial accounts that will be closing their accounts and moving elsewhere as well.

Thanks for nothing Huntington Bank!!

May 15, 2017

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