Hungry Jacks / I m complaining about the plastic that I got in my burger

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

So its monday 2:30am and i enter the drive thru of hungry jacks to order two extra long in a voucher with peri peri sauce. They had given me extra long without peri peri sauce, so i had gone again and they replace it with peri peri sauce. The burger was delicious, but finishing the burger i found something in my mouth and that was the plastic, so i went to manager and ask them what the hell is this you are gona kill me..? They replied sorry to hear that but this is a ketup plastic and we are not using ketchup in making and they said i cant do anything..! Is this a answer i was expecting.? What if anything happen to my health..? Who is responsible.?

Hungry Jacks
Hungry Jacks

Jun 11, 2017

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