Hungry Jacks Elizabeth / hygiene

Evanston Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

My parents and I went to Hungry Jacks at elizabeth for lunch on Thursday 8th of January 2015. My mum and I went to find a table while dad waited for the food. All the tables and chairs were dirty, we had to clean them before we could sit down. The floor was so slippery that both myself and my mum slipped multiple times.
once we had our food, I had to get them to remake the burger as it looked disgusting, the bacon was raw and there was only half a dozen tiny bits of lettuce. When they did remake it the guy serving had to talk the cook how to make it without messing it out. Disgraceful!
We all know that when you eat at fast food to expect a certain amount of sloppiness but this over all experience was just disgusting.

Jan 7, 2015

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