Hungry Jack'scomedy of errors - but not funny!!

Worst HJs experience ever! I was served by "Karua", and ordered two burgers and upgraded to a large order so we could try the new "overloaded" fries and asked for $20 cash out.

I went in to sit down while my partner waited and I remembered she'd forgotten to give me the money. I had to queue again to ask for it. I mentioned the TV was incredibly loud and asked if she could please turn it down.

It took ten minutes to get the food. My partner brought it to the table - she'd given us the wrong size drink. We opened the fries and were repulsed... sloppy chips covered in brown sludge with a ton of melted cheese on top. I went back to the counter and asked her again to turn down the TV. Then I asked her to swap the small drink for the large I had ordered. Then I showed her the fries and asked her to please compare them to the ones in the picture - and said we felt they'd been grossly misrepresented.

She said they looked fine. I said but they're covered in cheese --- where was the cheese in the photo on the wall. She went to great lengths (using a makeshift pointer (!)) to show me how wrong I was and pointed out the two places there was cheese. I explained to her that you couldn't see that from where I was standing when I ordered because the coffee machine was in the way. I told her we wouldn't eat them and asked for the usual chips that would come with the meal and a refund for the $3.

She eventually brought out a bag and when I asked about the refund she said she'd given me two lots of chips instead. I asked what I was supposed to do with two lots and she walked away.

I returned to my cold hamburger and still couldn't chat because of the loud TV. We threw the chips in the paper bag (she hadn't bothered to give us a tray), threw the lot in the bin, gave up and left - down $21.50, but a lot wiser.
The assistant was a pleasant enough girl, but her mistakes and arguing over the chips showed a complete lack of customer service skills. We are long term HJ customers and have been to this store in particular, regularly - and this was an all time low.

I don't think we'll be back.

Jan 09, 2017

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