Hungry Jack's Australiano breakfast menu available to select from in toowoomba

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Hi. at 830 this morning i took a disable client to breakfast at hungry jacks. toowoomba. alderley st. Normally we just point to a breastfast menu on your boatd above us. but thier was no written or picture menu available and we were told thier broad was broken. So we adked to see a written menu but was told this was also not available. we said the previous time we got a meal deal for about $750 which included 2 hash browns. coffee and a muffin BUT the afican young staff member looked puzzled. went off for a minute to speak to someone. game back. and just stated indiviul breakfast muffins we could order. I stated I was amased we could be shown a paper menu at least and departed for mcdonalds. As customors. I feel it is not much to ask to be at least shown a paper menu. many have a budget when ordering and also like to select within thier budget off a menu.


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      Oct 19, 2017

    They were having technical difficulties. It happens and you should be more understanding. Additionally not all restaurants have paper menus, and if they do, they usually include braille for blind customers.

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