Humanawrong coverage info given, unorganized, duplication of information

Everyone I have talked to has been polite and respectful.

1) When I purchased the policy 008 PPO beginning 1-1-17, I was originally told tier 3 drugs have no co-pay. Wrong. Tier 3 has co-pay. Book I received after 1-20-17 shows a co-pay. I called, they can't tell me why. I have all of the notes and name of person who told me no co-pay, Ashley. We went over each and every medication I take, and only 2 Tier 4 should have a co-pay. Now I am stuck.

2) 1/1917 I tried to fill out their online NEW prescription info to get started on my meds. Not only does it not make sense, and has bad grammar, it does not work. I called to ask what one of the questions means and spent 1 hr 20 min on the phone, passed around 4 times, and no one could answer the question. I must say, #3 Deardra, was awesome and stayed on the phone with me through the conversation with #4. #4 had poor English skills, and was not understanding Deardra's questions. She too was frustrated because no one could answer my question. #4 said it was an IT issue, and referred me to them. #3 Deardra IS with IT! Deardra asked for a supervisor and was never put through. I had to disconnect because I had an appointment. I went on line and put in a request for someone to call me on Monday.
Deardra gave me a # for complaints. Called it, is a contact lens place.

1/23 Received a call back. She was wonderful, and I cannot find my notes with her name on it. It seems you CANNOT enter NEW prescriptions on line when you are a new customer. Website needs to say that. You have to do it over the phone. All of my prescriptions were given over the phone, they send to my Dr's for approval. Wonderful. But this took another 59 minutes on the phone. Glad I am retired. I gave her my c/c # because my one prescription was going to cost me. No shock there! See 1)

2) 1/25 Received an e-mail asking me to confirm my ship to address and need c/c info. Um, c/c info was right there in the e-mail, I just confirmed my c/c # and my ship to address.

3) 1/26 Received an automated phone call, woke me up, stating that they needed my c/c # to pre-pay for a prescription before they could ship. I hung up. Now I am getting upset. They called me again later, and I talked to John. Very nice. He said needed my c/c#, oops, yes, he sees it on my account. They need permission to ship. I already did that. He fixed it. He does not know why my on line entry did not fix it. We went over info again, and I should only get the e-mail if needed.

4) Looked in my book about the co-pay. Says no co pay for Tier 3. Called pharmacy and got Angela. My book shows 2 different things, and I have to pay the co-pay. She was very polite too. I asked for complaint #, she came back after a 4 minute hold and told me they only take letters, and gave me address in Cincinnati. I told her I received a phone # from Deardra, but I must have written down a digit wrong. She said she was told they only take letters. Another 15 minutes of my life I can't get back.

I am done! I won't renew with Humana next year.

I hope the medical side is better. Have not used it yet.

When looking for a complaint # online, I found this site. Would love someone to contact me.

Jan 26, 2017

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