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Called to find out why multiple line items were denied for duplicate when they were not duplicates. The first initial call was with a Yuri Y. And I had already done the research and she confirmed it was a duplicate in error, HCPC were completely different, she asked me to submit medical records I then asked to speak to a supervisor. She said fine and hung up the phone.

I called back and straight asked to a supervisor but a Rio stated that he would connect me to a supervisor but first he needed pt info. I gave it to him and he proceeded to put me on hold.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Antonio, TX I assumed he was gathering information to put me thou with a supervisor, instead he returned and stated he agreed that they were denied in error and HCPC's were in fact not the same. He still wanted me to submit medical records. I asked again to speak with a supervisor and he said please hold. They did not put me on hold. He straight just disconnected the call.

Called again x2 but could not get thou. on the 3rd attempt a Dominic answered and connected me with a Jeff/ Supervisor. I have been on hold for 1 claim, 35 minutes now while he is review our contract. This is ridiculous. I have told him I have more line items that were denied in error and he said he understood but needed to review the provider contract. At this rate it is taking way too much of my time and theirs. This is why HUMANA has a bad rep with its customers and providers.

Jan 17, 2017

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