Humana / medicare services

In December of 2015 I contacted Humana about clarifying my preferred provider (Dr Ma). The operator assured me that Dr Ma (my primary care doctor) was on the approved list but for some reason she was unable to have her indicated as my primary doctor.

Between then and now I have spent countless (maybe 12-15 hours) on the phone with 4 operators and 2 supervisors, to no avail. I was told (somewhere along the line) that the problem was that my doctor had changed her tax ID # and it had to be corrected by the contracts dept.

Each person I spoke with assured me that they would clarify the situation and that they would call me back. No one did.

I have had scheduled surgery interrupted for over a month because Humana cannot straighten this out. I have travelled to see a Hematologist and been refused service because I was in the wrong "Group" in the Hematologist's computer.

I need to have Humana correct their records so I can proceed with the scheduled surgery.

Paula Shapiro
Humana ID # H45352200

Feb 23, 2016

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