Humana Insurance / price/prescription approval, etc

Louisville, KY, United States
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My husband and I have worked for the state of Ky. for 13 years (for me) and 14 for him. He was also a member of the Army Reserves for this entire time. He recently retired instead of rejoining for 4 more year until he is 60. When I was working we cross referenced and our payments were maybe the most expensive was 40.oo a month for both of us and our daughter and son. I never had a complaint, NEVER until just the last couple of months. We had Tri care and of course I was not out anything for surgeries, medications that were prescribed we 3.oo and no more than 22 if they werent formulary. I want to get in touch with the head executive of the comany and find out what I need to do in order to make this affordable. 400+ dollars for my husband and myself is totally unrealistic.
I went to get my effexor refilled. I have been taking this medication for 6 years. I have never had to pay anymore than 29.00 for this medication, My husband went to have his Cozaar refilled, same story, the insurance company has to decide if this is the right thing medication for the doctor to prescribe for us, so it needed to be preapproved before we could get it. Okay it was approved and it was something like 165.00 WITH the insurance. Now let's add a minute. I am paying 400+ a month. I am now paying premiums at the doctors office anywhere from 10-20 for that. I have no other insurance such a dental or optical with it, just strictly medical. My husband's blood pressure was in the stroke range, and the drug store could and would not give him enough meds to get him by to see his doc to have them changed. So I have wound up in the emergency room, I have had to see a gastronologist and he would not even treat me for the other things that need to be treated because without the Effexor, my abdominal problems would not respond well to the medication. so I have been down in the dumps. I have isolated myself from all my family and friends, they get on my nerves, and I can't stand myself so I just dont want to bring them down with me. I want the CEO headquaters comepany, I also want to bring this to thier attention. I will be mailing out several letters to senators, and other folks who think they are much more important because they do not have to worry about insurance when they are older. Just to let you in o n what has been going on since we had no medication while waiting on Humana to say it is okay to have them or not, My husband has had a blood pressure of 157/116, I cried, been to the emergency room because my stomach was cramping, so, i still thought what a waste of time I am spending in an emergency room taking up space that others with life threatning injuries may need, simply because it is easier than waiting on my physician to get into his office, so he can order me something that my 450.00 a month premium insurance is not going to pay for supporting people in Ky who have no health insurance, but I think it is unfair when we pay that kind of money, and the welfare system gets better care than we do. Prison life is good for insurance.I worked there for 13 years, I KNOW beyond a doubt if something is NON FORMULARY for the inmates, a stroke of a pen when it is presented to our Dept of Corrections Medical Director of the state who by the way is a Mental Health Doctor a bona fide Psychriaist who used to work at the Ky State Reformatory as an on staff Psych MD. I will be submitting letters to everyone that I can get through to, this is highway robbery, this is why people cannot afford insurance and go on welfare so their kids can be covered, but what happens when that parent becomes so sick he can no longer take care of his/her children, because he cannot afford the insurance for himself, or the medication for himself. I would appreciate if you could send me other addresses, so I may get this out there. I f not that is fine I will find them on my own. I know this is going to be a long drawn out process, but I can be a patient person when I beleive in something.

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