Humanahealth insurance from marketplace exchange

My sister-in-law has Humana from Exchange. She enrolled 12/19/2016 and paid her premium. We also have a confirmation letter stating the details of her plan yet, she is still not recognized in their system. She has multiple health needs medications. So far we have had to pay out of pocket for her appointments. I have spent at minimum, 17 hours on the phone with Humana and the Exchange since 1/1/17 and each time I am told "the problem is fixed, but it will take 24-48 Hours for the Upload to take effect". We wait the requested time, and nothing is fixed.

She is scheduled for cataract surgery this coming Wednesday, which we cannot afford to pay out of pocket for.

However, Humana was able to find her in the system to generate her next premium bill, which is due 2/1/17. Yet she is still not able to be found in the system by her doctors so that she can have her medical expenses covered. I have filed a complaint with the National Insurance Commission. We are desperate for Humana to fix this problem. We do not know what else to do.

We thought others might be having a similar problem. Just another big problem with ObamaCare.

Jan 28, 2017

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