Huffman Koos / sectional

Freehold, NJ, United States

This was the worst purchasing and customer service I have ever encountered. First they denied my credit I think due to error inputting application. After insisting this was a mistake they redid it and of course I was approved. Then it took almost 2 hours to check out because the system was not working properly so they say. I think it was likely continued incompetence. Then after calling the store twice (which was not easy because you often couldn't get through or were left on hold for long periods of time) to confirm my products were in the warehouse and ready for delivery we got rid of our previous living room set. Only to be told the next day by the way your entire sectional is not actually in the warehouse. The delivery for what they had was scheduled so we didn't have to sit on the floor. Next we have our second delivery where we were informed at delivery that we were still missing a piece. It is incomprehensible how this continued to happen. Then we were told different things from everyone we spoke to about where the final piece was and when it could get delivered. After 3 deliveries (which the last one was delivered without us knowing it was being delivered but luckily we were home), many phone calls, speaking tongue store, corporate, and the warehouse we continued to be given misinformation and felt lied to. To top it off you can't even make a complaint or request a discount for your troubles. We were told this had to be done online without clear information about how to do so. I am still waiting for an actual call to address these concerns and to learn how we will be compensated for our troubles.

Dec 19, 2015

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