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I don't know how to put this in words, but how the manager works her employees is just ridiculous. She has them working shifts almost back to back, she is barely there half the time, and there is this policy that family can't be up there unless they are buying something. I went there and ordered some food and was going to stay there for a while, but my husband told me that wouldn't fly with her; so I had to leave. New employees quit shortly after getting hired and some are threatening to quit because of her bullying. The on the job evaluations do not guarantee employment, despite what the workers are saying and she has a short fuse. Someone needs to get this woman fired and get a manager who can keep employees, set reasonable hours for all workers, and does not "forget" to pay her employee while remembering to pay everyone else.

Dec 21, 2014
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      Dec 21, 2014

    Grow up, keep your nose on your own face. The only way you know what might be going on there is gossip, plain and simple. You only know whatever your kid that works there tells you and apparently your don't realize that when something happens that a kid doesn't like it gets really exaggerated. More than likely the new hires that quit do so because they had applied someplace else and decided they wanted to work there because the pay was higher or whatever. I would also be willing to bet that the only employee there that works 12 hour days or longer is the manager. If your poor little baby doesn't like working there why doesn't he/she quit?

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