SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / blocked account and cant pay back debt

Dubai, ZA
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Help please!

I left Dubai over 5 years ago and I have very slowly been transferring money every month whilst living in South Africa to pay back all of my Credit Card debt.

All of a sudden about 4 months ago the monthly transfers were bouncing back and I was unable to make payments.

I have hugely frustrated as I have tried everything to pay the full amount outstanding and close the account. I have been on the phone for hours talking to someone in Customer Support who cannot help me, I have tried complaining through the online service and I get stupid replies saying please come into the bank and update your Emirates ID Card. DO they not read the emails? I do not LIVE in Dubai and I cannot just walk in.

I managed to ask my boss in the UK to send a colleague to the bank as they were traveling to Dubai for work. So this person I have never met went into the bank to make the payment and they said the same thing to her. The account is blocked and we cannot accept the money.

So Dubai keeps complaining that people run away from their debt and now I know why- they make it impossible to pay it!

I am an honest person and want this resolved as I don't want to get banned from Dubai. Can anyone give me advice on who I can contact in HSBC to get this sorted.



Mar 10, 2017

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